Grebe | Valiant 40' 1975

Cruising The West Coat, USA

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Bernie Jakits & Kate Christensen

Hi, I'm Bernie Jakits. After 20 years of owning and running a successful brokerage in Annapolis, my partner Kate Christensen and I have merged our company with David Walters Yachts. We are happy and excited to be a part of something bigger and continue to live our passion that started long ago. When I was an engineer in the aerospace industry I had lots of time to read every sailboat review and follow every development in the industry. I dreamed of one day owning a distinctly different brokerage firm and it all came true when in 1997 I started RogueWave Yacht Sales It came out of a passion for the sea and love for the beautiful vessels that sail on her. My vision was to create a new kind of brokerage dedicated to honesty and integrity and desire to help people be successful and achieve their bluewater sailing vision. Kate Christensen joined me in 2001 to share that vision and bring her talents and expertise in business and marketing as well as her passion for sailing her Bristol Channel Cutter. Over 20 years, we built an incredible brokerage and consulting firm specializing in ocean going vessels and live aboard cruising sailboats. We have advised and guided over 800 Clients worldwide from as far away as Hong Kong, Brazil, Australia, Europe and everywhere between, so that they too can also achieve their dream of owning and cruising with a capable bluewater vessel to find and reach their own horizons. We have the experience and expertise required to really help people.

For over 45 years, I have sailed, delivered and worked on hundreds of different types of vessels. Representing many clients, I have sailed in the North Sea to Med, across the Atlantic, and in the South China Sea and the, Pacific, the Caribbean Islands and also both Coasts of the USA. Having owned and maintained over 3 million dollars worth of sailing vessels, I have vast experience with incredible sailing vessels from the Hallberg Rassy 53 or a Valiant 40 & 42, a Norseman 447, a PSC34, and a BCC28. I've sailed to many foreign ports and also lived aboard while raising a family. Kate and I have had the opportunity to have incredible sailing adventures aboard our boats from the amazing Bristol Channel Cutter to the Hallberg Rassy 53 and finally our Valiant 42 that we built new in 2008 when we were Valiant Dealers in Annapolis. We have sailed far and lived aboard; we have led the Caribbean 1500 to the Bahamas. We have raced to Bermuda. We have delivered boats from the North Sea to the Med and from Guatemala to Annapolis and of course from the Caribbean to Annapolis many times. Through that experience we can help cruising couples make the right decisions. I have decommissioned and shipped many vessels and put them back together again, for myself and also for our clients. I have upgraded each vessel we owned installing every system imaginable, and maintaining every boat properly. I have taught and advised clients so that they themselves will have a pleasant and rewarding experience. Being a fellow boat owner and having personally experienced both sides of being a buyer and a seller, I understand your concerns.

With these many years of experience I have come to know and appreciate what a truly high caliber blue water sailing yachts is and should be. As a licensed & bonded professional yacht broker, please give me the pleasure of helping you define your requirements and help choose your next passage making/offshore capable sailing or power yacht. My experience is gained from having had a 100 Ton USCG Master License, being a Captain on several ocean races, having been a Marine Surveyor, and of course my background as an MSME Mechanical Engineer. And most important of all, I have sailed over 100,000 offshore miles, on my own boats and delivering countless boats for client to about everywhere.

Now as the RogueWave Division of David Walters Yachts, Kate and I carry on the RogueWave traditions as Your Choice for Bluewater Boats! We continue to specialize in the bluewater boats we love; the vessels of quality, style, and substance. We are skilled in understanding the unique requirements of each individual to find them the right boat. Our mantra of Honesty, Integrity, Love for our Ocean, and Appreciation for the Beautiful Vessels that Sail on Her, remain the passions that we share with all of you. Sailing isn't a hobby to us, it's a lifestyle. And we remain your choice for bluewater boats.

We are very proud to be part of the unique and talented team of David Walters Yachts as the RogueWave Division in Annapolis MD the sailing capitol of the world. Please feel to reach out to me, anytime, I'm always available 24/7 on my cell 443-742-1792.

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Basic Info

Yacht Name: Grebe
Builder: Valiant
Model: 40
Year: 1975
Location: Cruising The West Coat, USA
Hull Material: Fiberglass

This is a great opportunity to own a Valiant 40 at an affordable price. This Valiant 40, Grebe, is one of two that I know of that have tiller steering and boom end sheeting. She has a completely rebuilt Perkins 4-107 40 hp engine, stainless steel arch, solar panels, Wavestopper hard dodger, Aires windvane steering system, Simrad plotter, Raytheon radar, and electric autopilot. She’s had a complete rigging inspection and now has a new mast step, new chain plates and new masthead sheaves. The white hull is pretty and practical as well! She has new bottom paint and she’s ready to go.

The Valiant 40 lives up to its reputation earned over 35 years! As the first “Performance Cruiser" the Valiant 40 was pretty radical in the 1970s. Nowadays Bob Perry’s long fin “cruising” keel and skeg hung rudder has become the definition of a stable fast ocean going sailboat! The Valiant 40 designed 35 years ago still provides something cruising boats just didn't have; the ability to sail fast and while she sails fast, she also sails safe. She is robust, rugged, solid, safe, capable cruising vessel that is also affordable!

Today the Valiant 40 remains one of the very best ocean sailing vessels you can buy and at a great price. This is an ocean sailing vessel that is incredibly built, with virtually no weaknesses in the build or the design. Proven over and over, tough and hardly, the Valiant remains a couples cruising vessel of choice as well as a favorite for solo sailors. She is your “all ocean SUV" of the sailing world. No frills. All function!

There is a reason that serious sailors choose a Valiant. The build quality is among the best there is. From the hand laid solid glass hull, to the hull deck joint is bolted and glued with 5200. The deck is built of a sandwich of fiberglass over marine ply coring with deck hardware is attached securely with robust backing plates. This Valiant 40 was built BEFORE the blister years!

Regarding the Valiant blister years, here is an excerpt from Mark Schrader’s review of the Valiant 40 in Cruising World 2002. Of course Mark made the Valiant famous with his success in the BOC round the world race of the early 80’s. He chose a Valiant 40 based on the impressive track records of several earlier Valiant successes in the OSTAR transatlantic races.

 Uniflite built 159 Valiant 40s from 1975 to 1984, when Rich Worstell, a Valiant owner and dealer, bought the molds. After producing some 40s in Washington, he eventually moved the operation to Texas. The first "Texas" Valiant 40 was hull number 267. Sometime during the Uniflite operation, between hull numbers 120 and 249, resin mixtures were changed to include a fire-retardant additive. Although conclusive proof was never established, there was a high correlation between the fire-retardant additive and the blisters that later developed on boats between those hull numbers. Blisters developed on most (but not all) of the boats produced between 1976 and 1981. Lots of those "blister" boats are out there with happy owners. Blistered boats represent great dollar value, but may also require costly repairs.”

Read the article by Mark Schrader at

Having owned and sailed a Valiant 40, we can safely say we love the boat. Grebe is a good boat, she is not new, but you can have a serious ocean going sailboat for not a lot of money! You can also buy the slip lease in Santa Barbara CA! Or better yet, just sail away!


Length: 40'
Beam: 12' 4
Draft: 6'
Engine Hours: Bernie & Kate