CHANNELS the original DWY newsletter revived after 30 years

Channels Relaunch
Channels Relaunch

By Josh McLean

Jan 4, 2023

"My personal criteria for the ideal yacht has been strongly influenced by my age and experience as a sailor. In 1953, at the tender age of eleven, I thrilled to the sight of my 12' wooden dinghy, "Little Giant".
– The Next Generation of the Modern Proper Yacht, by Dave Walters

Those were the opening sentences to the first article published in the CHANNELS newsletter in the Spring of 1989 by Dave Walters, the first issue published by the fledgling yacht design and sales firm to which Dave had staked his name only a few years prior. Now, 34 years later, DWY is excited to announce that we will revive the CHANNELS newsletter in an exciting new mixed-media format.

The newly launched CHANNELS newsletter will feature a variety of mixed-media and original content pieces authored by leading industry experts, well-known authors, sailors, and yachtsmen and women out living the lifestyle. We'll also highlight the latest video tours and yacht reviews, the latest product developments by our partners, and event highlights from across the industry. Other topics will include travel and destination cruising guides and advice on subjects that matter most to you! CHANNELS will consist of a monthly digital newsletter emailed to our audience during the first week of each month and a quarterly print publication mailed out to those who choose to opt-in.

Our aim with CHANNELS is to provide engaging, informative, and ever-interesting content; therefore, your feedback matters! If there is a topic you would like us to explore, a destination you're planning to voyage to in the future, or a subject you'd like our opinion on, please feel welcome to pass your recommendations on to our team! You can submit your article suggestions to Or, if you have an original piece of content or a story, we'd love to share it!




Read the original issue of the CHANNELS Newsletter from the Spring of 1989 or check it out below:

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