Exploring Italia Yachts: Introducing the 14.98

By Erik Haaland

Apr 26, 2022

In the yachting world, one often is faced with choosing between modernity and comfort, racing and cruising. However, Italia's new 14.98 delivers all of the above for a yachting experience that delivers the best of both worlds. 

Built by the high-end Italian yacht manufacturer Italia Yachts, the 14.98 represents an elite new breed of luxury performance sailing yacht that provides comfort and ease of use in addition to racing performance and design aesthetics. The stunning exterior of this sailing yacht makes it an ideal choice for sailors who want to be noticed, while the state-of-the-art technical and interior features make it ideal for both a getaway with the family or a distance race.

Let's take a closer look at what makes the new Italia 14.98 so special.


A Design for Both Cruising & Racing

When designing and building a yacht, there are two main factors that yachting companies have to take into account: speed and comfort. Instead of achieving both factors, most yachts focus on one or the other: racing speed is achieved at the expense of comfortable cruising, or vice versa.

This is not the case with the new Italia 14.98.

In this vessel, Italia has created a design that achieves a perfect balance between speed and comfort; it's fast enough for distance racing but also comfortable enough for a cruise with the family.

"It's a unique concept where we have a boat that can do both very high-performance racing and full-on cruising, or a mix of both," says Erik Haaland, Italia Yachts Sales Director at David Walters Yachts. "The 14.98 is a true evolution of design."


A Step Above in Luxury

One of the newest and most innovative designs, the 14.98 is a top-of-the-line yacht that offers every possible option for a thrilling yet comfortable boating experience. Every 14.98 comes fully equipped with spacious, modern interiors created by Italian designer Mirko Arbore, all with further customization options.

"Unlike most other manufacturers, Italia will partner with you to fully customize and build your dream yacht," says Haaland. "What you want of this boat, we can make happen."

So while sailors will enjoy the racing capabilities brought by an optional carbon-fiber rig, easily maneuverable cockpit ergonomics, and sleek Italian hull design, the 14.98's superior interior design also makes for a luxurious home for cruises of any distance.

"Ultimately, the 14.98 is all-encompassing in the sailing realm. It is truly something you can go out as a family and operate or race," Haaland says. "There's not a steep learning curve. They're fast boats, and they're beautiful on the water."


Get On Board with David Walters Yachts

True to the Italia Yachts philosophy, the 14.98 is the ideal vessel to "sail your dream". By combining unmatched beauty, impressive speed, and easy sailing, Italia has achieved a technological marvel that sailors can enjoy with family or in a competitive setting.

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