Sail With Us: The Hylas H57

Hylas H57
Hylas H57

By Jamie Gilman

Jul 5, 2022

Sail With Us: The Hylas H57

Join our crew as we navigate the sailing characteristics of the award-winning Hylas H57 bluewater cruiser.

No matter what level of sailor you are, you’ve probably heard of the Hylas H57 by now. This bluewater cruiser has been making waves in the yachting world since its introduction, winning award after award and even clinching Boat of the Year 2022 at this year’s Miami International Boat Show. 

But how does this high-performance luxury yacht actually sail? Come aboard with our DWY crew to learn what all the buzz is about on the Hylas H57.

Welcome Aboard

Built upon the nearly 40-year history of Hylas’ boat-building experience and the knowledge of world-class yacht designer Bill Dixon, the Hylas H57 was designed from its initial concept to be a comfortable and capable ocean-going yacht that is safe, fun, fast, and easy to sail with minimal crew.

The yacht carries a long waterline with a fairly plumb bow, a broad transom with a twin rudder design, and a beam that carries nearly all the way aft from midship. The modern design and vacuum-infused hull construction give the Hylas H57 its speed, strength, agility—and exhilarating performance. Let’s cast off.

Leaving the Dock

Maneuvering tight quarters at the slip can be a hair-raising experience. With mere inches to spare on either side of the hull, the eyes of every marina attendant and boat owner seemingly on you, and row after row of million-dollar yachts on either side of the tight fairway, it’s one of the most stressful situations when sailing shorthanded. Hylas has taken the stress out of the equation with the Hylas H57’s bow and retractable stern thruster, making getting in and out of marinas as easy and effortless as possible. 

Contending with stiff winds and strong currents is a much lighter job on the Hylas H57 than what most sailors have become accustomed to. Redundant controls at both helm stations and features like proportional thrust, dual joystick controls, and dock-assist mode make it feel like you’re handling a much smaller vessel.

Visibility from the helm stations is superb, with unrestricted sightlines along the length of the yacht. Optional camera arrays make maneuvering even easier with full-spectrum 360-degree visibility, with many owners opting for cameras on the spreaders, masthead, or hard top, which are all fully integrated with the yacht’s multifunction displays at the helm.

When it’s time to transition from leaving the dock to sailing, the Hylas H57’s exceptional deck storage and organization system makes putting everything away a breeze, with a place for everything and everything in its place. The massive sail locker forward and deep lazarettes port and starboard provide more than enough space for fenders, extra sails, and line storage. With the deck clear and the dock behind us, we’re ready to sail.


Just by looking at the Hylas H57, it’s plain to see that the deck and running rig is well-organized, uncluttered, and blissfully uncomplicated. Sheets each have an organizer on either side of the cockpit, and for the halyards, there is a large line locker underneath the cockpit sole. The German sheeting system and proximity of the primary and secondary winches to the helm stations keeps everything within reach. And again, sightlines and visibility are fantastic, both by line of sight and with the aid of the onboard cameras.

For her size as a medium displacement yacht, the Hylas H57 comes to life in relatively light winds, yet can easily handle stiffer breezes. The sail plan is both versatile and ideally configured for shorthanded sailing. Simply deploy the sails at the touch of a button: the Hylas H57 comes standard with Selden hydraulic furling systems for both head sails and the main. The solent rig includes a large 135% genoa forward and a smaller working jib with a self-tacking system aft. 

The real benefit of this configuration is the power you get in the genoa when ticking off the miles downwind, yet a very effective and easy-to-handle job when working upwind. And when it comes to maneuvering the yacht, the self-tacking system makes it nearly effortless. Maneuvering with minimal crew is made painless by the Hylas H57’s standard complete complement of electric winches ergonomically placed near the helms for maximum accessibility. 

Topping off the list of what makes the Hylas H57 so easy to use: the onboard systems. A fully integrated electronics package complete with all the necessities for making ocean passages comes standard, but can also be customized to suit your needs. Weather, wind, and water conditions are all at your fingertips from behind the helm.

Heading to Home Port

When the wind is calm or you just need to get somewhere in a hurry, the Volvo Penta D3-150 diesel engine with throttle controls at either helm gives you more than enough horsepower to get the yacht moving. And with 286 gallons of diesel in the tanks, you’ve got the range to cover a lot of water.

The Hylas design team paid extra attention to the small details: cleat size and positioning, wash-down spigots for both fresh and saltwater, the sensibility of handhold locations, and the size, substantial sense of security, and height of the lifelines. These careful considerations make the difference. You really feel confident and comfortable making your way around deck as the yacht moves through the water.

Arrival back in the slip is just as easy as departing. The bow and stern thruster, paired with the responsive throttles of the D3-150 make the Hylas H57 an easy yacht to dock. Once positioned laterally in the slip, and with the fenders deployed, the helmsman can activate the dock-assist mode to make setting the lines stress free. Once engaged, the bow and stern thruster work in concert to gently keep the yacht up against the pier and in a static position enabling the helmsman to leave the helm and set the bow, stern, and spring lines.

At anchor, mooring, or once back at the dock, chafe protection, stainless steel striker plates, and numerous other features help keep the yacht safe when landing on the tender, riding out rough weather, or offering some forgiveness as the result of a poorly tended dock line. 

After a trip out on the Hylas H57, it’s very apparent why this yacht has garnered so much attention: it’s fun, fast, safe, and exhilarating to sail.

Your search for the perfect yacht ends here.

Because we are the exclusive North American dealer of Hylas Yachts, we have Hylas professionals and experienced sailors on deck to help you navigate every question or concern you may have during your yacht-buying process. From your first visit to customization, delivery, and beyond, we’ll walk you through every step to ensure your boat meets your expectations.

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