Seeking a Podium Finish? Which Italia Yacht is Right For You?

Which Italia Is Right For You?
Which Italia Is Right For You?

By Erik Haaland

Jun 18, 2022

Optimal Options: The Italia 9.98 or 11.98?

Each part of the 9.98 and 11.98 is meticulously crafted for optimal performance and ease of handling. However, there are a few differences that will appeal to different sailors.

Two of Italia Yachts’ most popular models are the 9.98 and 11.98, both crafted for speed on the Mediterranean racing circuit and ideal for sailors seeking high performance capabilities. 

While these boats share key similarities, they have several unique characteristics that set them apart. Here, we’ll dive into some of the top features of both the 9.98 and 11.98 models to see which is the right fit for you.

Dynamic Stability & Racing Performance

Designed by Matteo Polli, both the 9.98 and 11.98 are constructed with performance top of mind. Both luxury yachts are fast on the water with slender waterlines, beveled edges, and minimized wind resistance, lending to an aggressive look that turns heads and wins races. 

While both boast minimal drag thanks to an advanced hull design that has little wetted surface in light winds, the 9.98 is an overall slimmer, sportier design. The newer 11.98 features more interior room with a surprisingly spacious hull and aesthetic luxury—all without sacrificing speed.

When it comes to stability, both the Italia 9.98 and 11.98 are top of the line. The hull topsides are designed with optimal weight balance to withstand high angles of heel, making for very easy handling. The difference here lies in conditions: the Italia 11.98 is ideal for coastal and offshore racing, whereas the 9.98 dominates in coastal waters and is more suited for a smaller crew.

Speak with an Italia Expert

The sailor who craves speed and performance handling can’t go wrong with either the Italia 9.98 or 11.98; it all depends on personal preferences for interior space and sailing conditions.

“The 9.98 and 11.98 are perfect for those looking more for performance than family cruising,” says Erik Haaland, Italia Sales Director at David Walters Yachts. “Both are very manageable, comfortable boats with proven racing potential.”

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