Exploring Boat of the Year 2022: The Hylas H57

Cruising World Magazine 2022 Boat of the Year Winner
Cruising World Magazine 2022 Boat of the Year Winner

By Jamie Gilman

Apr 18, 2022

Known for superior performance and build quality, Hylas has once again delivered a spectacular yacht that is earning awards and accolades the world over. Their newest bluewater cruiser, the H57, has recently been named Boat of the Year 2022 by Cruising World magazine, and it’s not hard to see why.

Boasting an innovative design, modern technology, and luxurious accommodations, the H57 was the standout among its peers at the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland.

Here, we’ll dive deeper into the H57 to uncover how the world cruiser sailed away with the year’s top victory.

Marrying Innovative Design with Easy Handling

Designed by award-winning designer Bill Dixon, it is no surprise that the Hylas H57 is a beauty on the water. A sleek and modern hull design lends to an overall elegant profile complemented by the distinctive styling of the Hylas wraparound salon windows and the powerful transom with a full 17’ beam.

And while the spacious 3-cabin interior is also aesthetically pleasing with top-of-the-line materials made for comfort, the innovative design and extraordinary ease of use anchors the H57 as the year’s best in yachting.

Twin rudders and helms, a long waterline for hull speed, and a powerful solent rig with hydraulic furling and electric winches make for vastly improved performance and handling. Combining the latest in technology with top-of-the-line power management systems and cruising amenities, the Hylas H57 is a yacht that is purpose-built for putting miles under the keel. And because of the simplified nature of the boat’s handling, robust nature of the systems, and attention to ergonomics on deck, a couple can easily handle this yacht for either a day trip or an extended getaway to whatever horizon beckons.

“This is a beautiful boat that can take you anywhere you want to go,” says Josh McLean, President of David Walters Yachts. “You’ll be comfortable on board, and the handling is far from intimidating.”

Set Sail with David Walters Yachts

The H57 marks a new era of innovation and elegance for Hylas. With prizes including Cruising World’s Best Full-size Cruiser (Over 45’) and Overall Boat of the Year 2022 already under its belt, it’s easy to understand why yachtsmen and women trust the H57 to be an all-around ideal vessel that delivers in every way.

If you’re looking for an incredible world cruiser with both ease of use and luxury in mind, look no further than the Hylas H57. Reach out to us at David Walters Yachts to speak to an expert about coming aboard an H57 today.