The Unbeatable Quality of the Italia 12.98

Italia 12.98
Italia 12.98

By Erik Haaland

May 19, 2022

The Unbeatable Quality of the Italia 12.98

As Italia releases its remodel of the perennially popular 12.98, we explore what makes this boat a fan favorite and the key differences you can expect in the new version.

The Italia 12.98 is one of the most popular yachts on the market today. With the release of a new-and-improved version, sailors can anticipate more of the excellence they’ve come to expect from this famed Italian brand.

Featuring a stunning design by Maurizio Cossutti and advanced technologies that yield speed and agility, the 12.98 yacht boasts undeniable quality. But what can you expect from the new 12.98 remodel?

Here, we’ll detail the innovation and comfort that made the original 12.98 so popular and how the remodel differs. Ultimately, both versions of this luxury yacht are guaranteed to satisfy and impress even the most discerning sailor.

Speed, Style, and Safety

The 12.98 is among a line of luxury yachts from Italia that has established itself as a true favorite among sailors. This model initially debuted in the summer of 2015 and, since that time, has earned a loyal following and racked up its share of awards, including a nomination for European Yacht of the Year. 

The Italia 12.98 luxury yacht is a surprisingly fast, easily maneuverable boat that provides safe, comfortable living space for all on board. Thanks to its careful weight distribution and ergonomic layout, pitching on the 12.98 is as limited as possible. At the same time, a state-of-the-art hull, sail plan, and rig result in an outstanding performance in any wind condition.

Moreover, because the deck plan and cockpit are specifically configured for shorthanded sailing, a couple can easily enjoy the 12.98 for a long-distance cruise, as could a larger family or gathering of friends. 

Original vs. Remodel Differences

Although the 2015 and 2022 versions of the Italia 12.98 share the same name, there are key changes that make for vastly different boats. Due to the dissimilarities, yachtsmen and women might as well consider the classic and remodeled designs to be completely separate and distinct vessels.

“There’s the classic 12.98 and the brand-new version, which is a whole new model,” says Erik Haaland, Italia Sales Director at David Walters Yachts. “Italia kept the name, but it’s a very updated design.”

While both versions boast speed, ease of use, and a lavish design, the remodel has a handful of new features that boost its overall performance. These upgrades include a more extended, redesigned hull by Maurizio Cossutti; an increased sail area; and an interior by the award-winning Mirko Arbore. 

Compared side by side, both Italia 12.98 versions are unbeatable in quality and design. However, the redesign proves to be a more competitive vessel for racing.

“The 12.98 is a very popular boat that’s ideal for both performance and cruising,” says Haaland. “Plus, it’s in that midpoint price segment, which adds to its overall appeal.”

The remodeled Italia 12.98 luxury yacht comes available for order in May 2022. To learn more, contact us at David Walters Yachts, the exclusive North American dealer of Italia Yachts.

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