Boarncruiser Yachts, a prestigious name in the yacht-building industry, hails from the heart of the Netherlands. Located in the picturesque region of Jirnsum, this family-owned shipyard has been synonymous with Dutch quality and craftsmanship since 1964. Boarncruiser Yachts, built in the Boarnstream Shipyard, specializes in creating world-class aluminum and steel semi-custom motor yachts.

Boarncruiser Yachts is proudly represented in North America by David Walters Yachts, which offers the Ocean, Traveller, and Elegance Series yachts to the American market:


  • Ocean Series: Designed for extensive cruising, the Ocean Series offers spacious layouts and a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience. These yachts are perfect for family cruising and long journeys, providing unmatched comfort and safety. The Ocean Series represents a pocket superyacht designed for extended and limitless exploration of the world's oceans within the size and functionality of an owner-operated vessel while leaving nothing to compromise with robust design, safety, and the strength of a metal-constructed hull.

  • Traveller Series: The Boarncruiser Traveller Series is for those seeking a trawler for long-distance voyaging who value robust construction, customization, innovative features, and unmatched quality. These yachts are built for safety and reliability and are designed to conquer a wide range of sea conditions, making them ideal for extensive journeys and exploration. With modern aesthetics and multifunctional spaces, these yachts cater to those seeking adventure and comfort on the water.

  • Elegance Series: The Boarncruiser Elegance Series epitomizes luxury and sophistication, featuring sleek designs and opulent interiors. These yachts are crafted for those who appreciate high-end finishes and spacious living areas, providing the ultimate in comfort and style. With refined aesthetics and a focus on luxury, the Elegance Series is perfect for social gatherings and leisurely cruises, ensuring an unparalleled yachting experience.

Boarncruiser's commitment to quality and innovation has earned it a reputation as a leader in the motor yacht industry. Its dedication to customer satisfaction and ability to customize yachts to meet specific needs sets it apart from the competition.


History and Heritage of Boarncruiser Yachts

Boarncruiser Yachts has a rich history that spans over six decades. Established in 1964, this family-owned shipyard has grown to become a world leader in metal construction yachts. The pride and quality of Dutch shipbuilding are evident in every yacht they produce. Boarncruiser is known for its innovative designs and commitment to pushing the boundaries of yacht construction.

The shipyard's success is built on a foundation of skilled craftsmanship and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As a family business, Boarncruiser places a high degree of emphasis on customer satisfaction. Their dedication to building solid and lasting relationships with their clients is reflected in the loyalty and trust they have earned over the years.



When selecting a yacht, especially for trawlers and exploration yachts under 80 feet, opting for metal construction—either steel or aluminum—offers significant advantages over traditional fiberglass.

Strength and Durability: Both steel and aluminum are far more durable than fiberglass. Steel provides unmatched robustness and can withstand harsh marine environments and impacts, ensuring a longer lifespan and greater safety in rough seas​. Aluminum, while lighter, still offers excellent strength and is particularly resistant to corrosion in saltwater environments, further enhancing its durability​.

Maintenance and Repair: Metal yachts are easier to maintain and repair than fiberglass yachts. Steel, in particular, is widely available and easier to repair globally due to the abundance of skilled labor and materials. This accessibility reduces downtime and maintenance costs, ensuring your yacht remains seaworthy. Aluminum requires specific maintenance to prevent galvanic corrosion, but its resistance to rust makes it a low-maintenance option overall​​.

Performance and Efficiency: Aluminum's lightweight nature enhances fuel efficiency and allows for higher speeds, making it ideal for performance-oriented yachts. Steel, due to its heavier weight, provides greater stability and a smoother ride, which is beneficial for long-distance cruising​.

Customization Flexibility: Metal construction allows for greater customization due to the fewer structural bulkheads required than fiberglass. This flexibility enables you to design and tailor the yacht to your unique specifications, creating unique layouts and features that suit your personal preferences and cruising needs​.

Safety: Metal yachts, particularly those made of steel, offer enhanced safety features due to their robust construction. Steel's superior impact resistance provides excellent protection in the event of a collision or grounding, which is crucial for long-distance exploration​.

Choosing metal construction for your Boarncruiser yacht ensures a durable, safe, and customizable vessel that meets the highest performance and efficiency standards. Whether you prioritize steel's strength and stability or aluminum's lightweight efficiency, metal construction offers significant benefits over traditional fiberglass, making it the superior choice for discerning yacht owners.



At David Walters Yachts, we are proud to partner with Boarncruiser Yachts, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of exploration yachts and trawlers. This partnership was born from our commitment to offering high-quality, innovative, and customizable yachts that meet the exacting standards of our discerning clients.

Recognizing Market Demand: We identified a growing demand for easy-to-handle, safe, and comfortable owner-operated exploration yachts. Many yacht owners are looking for vessels that not only provide exceptional performance but also offer unique customization options to reflect their personal tastes and cruising needs. Boarncruiser Yachts perfectly meets these demands with their robust, versatile, and elegantly designed yachts that can be tailored to the owner's desires.

Transition from Sail to Power: We also saw a need to cater to sailors transitioning from sail to power. The Boarncruiser line of motor yachts offers an ideal solution for these individuals, combining the reliability and comfort of a motor yacht with the craftsmanship and attention to detail that sailors appreciate. These yachts are designed to provide a seamless transition, offering the stability and performance needed for long-distance cruising.

Customization and Craftsmanship: Boarncruiser's approach to yacht building perfectly embodies our specialization in semi-custom yachts. Each Boarncruiser yacht can be customized and hand-crafted to the owner's exact specifications, ensuring a unique and personalized vessel. From layout adjustments to interior design, Boarncruiser offers extensive customization options that allow owners to create the yacht of their dreams.

Popularity of Dutch-Built Yachts: The growing popularity of Dutch-built yachts in the US market underscores the demand for quality and craftsmanship that Boarncruiser delivers. Dutch shipbuilders are renowned for their meticulous attention to detail, innovative design, and superior construction techniques. Boarncruiser Yachts, with their Dutch heritage, embody these qualities, making them highly sought after by American yacht enthusiasts.

Quality and Innovation: When we met with Boarncruiser at Boot Dusseldorf 2024, we were incredibly impressed by their boats and the passion of their team. Boarncruiser's willingness to customize yachts to the customer's exact specifications aligns perfectly with our mission to provide personalized and exceptional yacht experiences. Their commitment to innovation and modern construction techniques ensures that every Boarncruiser yacht is built to the highest quality and performance standards.



Innovation and Modern Construction

Boarncruiser Yachts are at the forefront of innovation and modern construction. Their state-of-the-art shipyard is equipped with the latest technology and machinery, ensuring every yacht is built to the highest standards. The combination of advanced design techniques and skilled craftsmanship results in yachts that are not only beautiful but also highly functional and reliable. Boarncruiser's continuous investment in research and development keeps them ahead of industry trends and allows them to introduce groundbreaking features in their yachts.

Completely in Control - Customize Your Way

At Boarncruiser, customization is critical. Customers have the unique opportunity to tailor their yacht to their exact preferences, from the overall layout to the smallest design details. Boarncruiser's team works closely with each client to bring their vision to life, offering a level of personalization that few other shipyards can match. When you choose David Walters Yachts for your Boarncruiser project, our team will guide you through every step of the customization process. We arrange visits to the shipyard, ensuring you are involved and informed throughout the entire build.

Quality and History of Dutch Shipbuilding

Dutch shipbuilding is renowned worldwide for its quality and craftsmanship, particularly in metal construction. The Netherlands has a long history of maritime excellence, with shipyards like Boarncruiser leading the way in innovation and design. Dutch builders have perfected the art of constructing durable, seaworthy vessels that stand the test of time. The meticulous attention to detail and commitment to using only the finest materials ensure that Dutch-built yachts are among the best in the world.


Safety is a top priority for Boarncruiser Yachts. Metal construction offers several safety benefits, including enhanced structural integrity and impact resistance. Steel yachts are particularly strong, providing excellent protection in the event of a collision or grounding. Aluminum yachts, while lighter, still offer robust protection and are engineered to meet stringent safety standards. Both materials contribute to a safer cruising experience, giving you peace of mind while exploring the open seas.



Ready to embark on your yachting adventure? Contact David Walters Yachts today to learn more about our customizable Boarncruiser Yachts. Our team is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring you find the perfect yacht tailored to your exact specifications. Whether you're transitioning from sail to power or seeking a robust, owner-operated exploration yacht, Boarncruiser Yachts offer unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Reach out to us now and start your journey towards owning a bespoke luxury yacht designed just for you.




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