Ritchard made the buying of a boat easier than going to Costco. From our first meeting to the catamaran delivery, the experience was simple, pleasant, and filled with laughter. Mille mercies Ritchard! His work did not finish at the delivery, he follows up regularly; from insurance to port clearance, part supplier and everything about boat life. He even offered his sewing skills for a costume tender’s chap project! Ritchard is the favorite ‘Yacht Broker” on the island according to the marine professionals here! David Walters Yachts is well represented, and we are lucky to have such a great reference in Sint Maarten

- Lagoon 39 - Buyer

Working with Ritchard Findlay at David Walters Yachts was easy & stress free. Even in a volatile & unpredictable market, he was always prompt to handle any situation, and provided professional, competent advice and guidance. He sold our catamaran as promised, without drama, and in a reasonable amount of time. We feel satisfied with the deal and happy with the new owners. We recommend Ritchard's services 100%. 

- Lagoon 39 - Sellers

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Randy Greenfield at David Walters Yachts. First off, Randy is very responsive. He answered my questions, addressed my concerns, and got back to me promptly (even with a three hours difference in time zones) with information. Randy is a knowledgeable and personable guy, providing education as well as sound advice. He also went above and beyond on numerous occassions to accommodate me and make the sales process run smoothly. Randy is a good guy and I recommend him highly to represent anyone on either end of the sale. Thank you, Randy!

- Beneteau 40 - Buyer Kevin L.

John Osetek was great to work with. Personable, knowledgeable, upfront, trustworthy. 


- Hanse 575 - Buyer Charles W.

I am pleased to write this testimonial about Erik, as he has been an exceptional yacht broker who went above and beyond to assist me in finding the perfect boat. I initially contacted Erik about a boat that was already sold, and I was surprised when he reached out to me a couple of months later with information on two Hylas 54's that were coming onto the market.

From the moment I started working with Erik, he was always available and willing to help, even late in the evening. He provided me with invaluable insights into the boats I was considering and was extremely helpful throughout the survey process. He was patient, knowledgeable, and professional in all of our interactions.

What really stood out to me about Erik was his willingness to continue to provide support and assistance, even after the sale was complete. He has been available to answer any questions that I have had and has provided me with valuable advice and assistance as I continue to make upgrades and modifications to my boat.

Overall, I would highly recommend Erik to anyone in the market for a yacht or looking to sell their boat. His expertise, dedication, and commitment to providing exceptional customer service are truly unmatched, and I have no doubt that he will continue to be a valuable resource for me for years to come.

- Hylas 54 - Buyer David B.

George was great to work with. He is extremely knowledgable about Hylas yachts, was deliberate in his communications with me, and ensured that my needs as a buyer were front of mind as we moved towards closing on the boat. I truly felt that George was in my corner and not just trying to sell a boat. I highly recommend working with George Eberhard and David Walters Yachts. If you are looking for a Hylas yacht, David Walters Yachts is the only place to go. They know the boats, they know the yard, they know the market and you will find the right boat.

- Hylas 46 - Buyer John W.

Excelling. Larry handled several challenges calmly and with integrity. He made me feel like I had equal attention he would have provided on a $2 million boat!

- Pursuit 30 - Buyer Peter H.

Erik was excellent to work with. From our first conversation throughout the process to close, Erik was available, conscientious, and knowledgeable. He couldn't have been more helpful in answering my questions and bringing resources to the table. Erik followed up appropriately throughout the process, and beyond the transfer of ownership. I feel like I made a friend along the way and would look to Erik first when selling my existing boat or purchasing the next one. He is definitely service and detail oriented, striving to meet or exceed customer expectations.

- Italia Yachts 9.98 - Buyer C.Stormes

Marty was excellent, enjoyed time with him and he was spot on with all his estimations and advice.

- Freedom 45 - Buyer C.Ogden

In addition to being very responsive to questions, Erik is very knowledgeable on both the product, sailboats and sailboat racing.

- Italia Yachts 11.98 - Buyer T.Eslinger

I selected Drew because he was the broker who sold another Hylas 45.5 and because he was located near my boat. Within a few days I realized I had chosen the right person to assist me in selling my boat. Drew was always on time, had an open mind about my needs and made a very good impression with all potential buyers. Drew had a great attitude and was pleasant to work with in the one month it took to secure an offer.

Everything went well and met the schedule I had in mind. Overall a super great job. I would also like to leave a very good comment about Amanda who greatly assisted in the final steps of the sale. Great job by both Drew and Amanda.

- Hylas 45.5 - Seller S.Pineault

Bernie is Excellent!

- Freedom 45 - Seller R.Thompson

Josh helped me buy and sell the boat. He's been a true friend and confidante all through the process.

- Mike McShea - Seller of Hylas 54

Erik made the process seamless.

- Mitch Rieder - Buyer of Hylas 54

Derek worked very hard to pull a difficult sale together.

- Jim McDonald - Seller of Bristol 45.5

Marty is dedicated, knowledgeable, customer oriented, will do anything to help without being over bearing.

- James Rampe - Seller of Hunter 40.5

Derek was extremely professional. He was always available. His correspondence was always timely. He effectively communicated via texts, calls and emails. Derek was extremely helpful and fair to me as the buyer and equally fair to the seller.

- John Drumm - Buyer of Davidson 44

George is experienced, knowledgeable, thorough, careful, fair and very nice. We enjoyed working with him, and would work with him again.

- Shiela & Tom Boyce - Buyers of Cabo Rico 42

Josh went above and beyond the call of duty to help sell our yacht, flying out to the Great Lakes to take pictures and help me deliver her to a marina. He was attentive when it counted and gave sound advice along the way! We are very pleased with our result and his service!

- Taylor Davis - Seller of Shannon 43

John Osetek is great. I've known him in passing for many years but this was the first time I needed him professionally. I decided to sell my boat in the fall and I called him wondering if we should try now or wait until the spring. He gave me the old "nothing ventured nothing gained" pep talk and we decided to list the boat. We had a full bid offer within 18 hours. John took the lead in arranging visits and a survey with a haul out I really had to do nothing other than operate the boat one day for a sea trial. He made the entire process easy and stress free. Getting an offer in a day didn't hurt!

- Paul Koch - Seller of Freedom 35

Lori was awesome! She is an outstanding person and a very knowledgeable and professional broker. Lori helped us every step of the way and was unfailingly kind, thoughtful, thorough and patient.

- Deborah Read Belguendouz - Buyer of Sundeer 64

Derek was everything you would want in a broker. He was like David Walters in how he treated me. Service oriented, responsive, anticipatory to future needs.

- Bob deVeer - Seller of Stellar 52

Transaction was 100% as promised couldn’t ask for anything more in a large transaction such as this. Exceeded Expectations. -Tom Eslinger

- Tom Eslinger - Seller of Jeanneau 45 "Sea Rose"

We have worked with John on 4 transactions. He is the best at getting deals done in the most professional and delightful way. I highly recommend John.

- Jake Jacobsen - Buyer of Alerion 28

John Osetek is a nice person. To some that is not so important, but to me, there is no quality more important.

- George MacGown - Seller of Hylas 45.5

Larry Pringle was very helpful from day 1. He made suggestions on what would help the boat sell. He kept me in the loop regarding where we were at with offers and the final sale. He is also a captain and took good care of my boat taking it to trials for me in my absence. I would definitely use Larry again - awesome job!

- Paul Baker - Seller of Mainship 390

Very professional, responsive, good common sense & knowledgeable about sailboats.

- Richard Dallett - Seller of Block Island 40

Bernie - thank you SO MUCH for helping me making a dream come true. I literally choked up a little bit when the notification came through that the deal was done and I now owned this gorgeous boat! I really appreciate your guidance and brotherly advice." Robb Hudson

- Robb Hudson - Buyer of Morris 46 MOON REACH

In a word "Terrific". 

- Frank Davenport - Seller of Hylas 49

Erik ran a US Sale and International Purchase and shipping that was second to none. He created relationships with everyone involved in the process so they felt compelled to make it all work!

- Dailey Tipton - Buyer of Mochi Craft 44

George was efficient, truthful, did a good job for both the buyer and seller

- Breach Kauffman - Buyer of Symbol 47

I would like to express my gratitude for the services of Captain Derek Jarvis during the recent trip from Georgetown in Bahamas to Linton Bay Marina in Panama. Captain Derek got us through safely. He immediately organized the crew so everyone knew what he/she was supposed to do. He was great in pointing out the shortcomings of our trip preparation like improper fastening of things on deck etc. We have learned a lot about handling the boat and different sailing techniques.  He was on call 24hrs a day during the trip. Whenever we were not sure what to do we could always ask him and he would come up with the correct answer. It was like having a 'guardian angel' on the trip.  

We wish to sail with captain Derek again.

Thanks a lot

Mario and Jadzia - Buyers of Morgan 51 

- Mario & Jadiza - Buyers of Morgan 51

Drew was great! He put a lot of effort into selling our boat - was very responsive to our needs, always pleasant, and lent a helping hand when needed.

- Seller of Pacific Seacraft 37

Of all the many brokers I've dealt with both buying and selling, Larry's the only one I've trusted more than once.

- JC Veen - Seller of Cobia 28

Bernie is extremely knowledgeable and a real resource regarding the BCC I was interested in. He went out of his way to help me get the boat of my dreams. Very honest and hard working.

- Michael Pietro - Seller of Bristol Channel Cutter 28

Knowledgeable, friendly, welling to search for options to close a deal, follows up after sale, true true profesional.

- Oscar Valdes - Buyer of 2020 Italia Yachts 9.98

Extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. It was clear from the beginning that Erik had done His research not only on the vessels we were exploring but also on the needs of our family and how we would use the boat. I wouldn’t want to work with any other broker.

- Prescott Nicholas - Buyer of Tiara 35

We are repeat customers with Randy - which probably says it all. We greatly respect his knowledge and experience in the boat industry. His endearing quality is that he really cares and makes that clear to us. We sincerely believe that his is looking out for what's best for us, not trying to sell us a boat.

- Mike Kuperberg - Seller of Nordic Tugs 32

We were extremely pleased with how John managed our boat listing and sale from the very beginning. He had excellent communication with us,  the buyers and followed through with issues immediately. We were particularly pleased with how he handled the negotiations and how supportive he was with us as sellers. I highly recommend John and will be contacting him in the future if we are in the position to buy another boat. 

- Giga & Skip Smith - Sellers of Gulfstar 44 Motor Yacht

"We would like to record our heartfelt thanks for the assistance Randy has given to make this happen. With COVID restrictions making it very difficult for us to give the normal assistance to Randy, as a broker, with regards to ensuring Nychea was at her best, the whole exercise would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, was it not for Randy’s willingness to go above and beyond what might reasonably be expected.  So, whilst many sellers may feel the brokerage fee was not fully earned, we feel Randy earned every cent!"

- Tony & Jill Cunningham - Sellers of Hylas 46 NYCHEA

Marty helped us buy our first yacht and made the process fun, educational and easy. He helped us figure out what we needed based on what we were looking to do. I still call Marty with questions or seeking advice.

- Craig Moyer - Buyer of Sabre 38

Derek was fantastic. We were soooo lucky, we got seller who was honest and a gentleman and we got Derek who was very professional, efficient and honest broker !!!! Despite the fact that he was representing seller, he was very balanced.

- Mario Cezary Pyzik - Buyer of Morgan 51

It has been my good fortune to have met Derek Jarvis a bit over two years ago . I was then in the process of looking to purchase a sailboat and had been looking for several months. I called Denison Yachts and shortly thereafter met Derek at the boat ,which was located in Ft Lauderdale. I liked the boat and found Derek to be very knowledgeable about the boat and it’s systems. There was a co listing agent who I met on a second visit. I did not find this agent to be as knowledgeable about the boat. On a third visit I met again with Derek who had the boat cleaned and looking good.

While the second sales agent was my contact through the purchasing process. I can say she was not the person who sold me the boat. Derek thorough explanations and professionalism were what sold me the boat. I felt I was in good hands with Derek and trusted his opinions and judgement. Derek captained the boat through the survey. His knowledge of sailing and boats in general were very evident. On several occasions after the purchase he came to the boat on his own time help me out with a few minor issues. He even helped out with a few mechanical issues. I wanted to pay him,but he refused. I always knew if I had a question about repairs, I could call him. .

About a year later, I decided to sell the boat. I also decided I was going to move it out of the Ft Lauderdale area, which was 60 plus miles away from my home. I listed the boat with a new broker who lived near me and the area where I was going to move the boat. Unfortunately, I could not find an affordable slip and ended up keeping the boat in Ft Lauderdale. My new broker was also knowledgeable about sailing and sailboats. However, over the course of the next year my experiences with this salesperson were very disappointing. In over a year of listing with this broker I had only one offer on the boat and that was a low ball offer. I found my new broker to have little knowledge about the boat. I felt he was not a go getter and seemed to lack enthusiasm about actively trying to sell the boat.. Shortly after the summer,I decided to let the broker go. I immediately called Derek to see if he would take the listing. He said yes. We met at the boat and he was very optimistic about selling it. He even said “I’ll sell this boat by January.” I was very encouraged with Dereks positive attitude. Immediately, more people began looking at the boat.

By mid December -just about a month after he took the listing he got an offer and helped negotiate a workable price. During the purchase process I had a few issues with the boat. Once again Derek went above and beyond to help me resolve the problems.

I can’t tell you how fortunate I was to have worked with Derek again .He is a top shelf sales person, who has extensive knowledge of boats. I later found out Derek has been around the world sailing. He is professional, very positive and enthusiastic. He is reliable and very trustworthy. He is a kind and humble man.

- Chris Tracey - Seller of Beneteau 461

I was most impressed by his always responding promptly. But more fundamentally, he listened and went the extra mile to ensure that our needs were being met. He understood the obstacles we as buyers faced. He was genuine and direct in his communications. I felt that he did a great job supporting and balancing the needs of the boat, the sellers, and the buyers. I just hope that at the time we must conclude our sailing adventures that Erik is still there at David Walters Yachts.

- Mark Hoefnagel - Buyer of Hylas 54

Awesome, knows his subject matter, was friendly, answered questions straight up. Larry followed thru with everything he say he would do. He sure can handle a single screw boat!!! Thank you for the great service! 

- Joe Timney - Buyer of Pursuit 2600

Derek was fabulous as a buyers broker and I highly recommend him to others. As a salty sailor, I appreciated his opinion and also appreciated the help he gave us after purchase to find a dock and get some work done. He also helped us move our boat from Miami to Fort Lauderdale.

- George & Barbara Leonard - Buyers of Jeanneau 37

George is extremely conscientious and will go the extra mile for you. He is knowledgeable and experienced.

- Lane Jacobs - Buyer of Custom Bristol 57

In the past I have dealt with bad brokers. People who missed appointments, lied, etc. John is a real gem. Honest, friendly and a great source of knowledge.

- Paul March - Seller of Silverton 40

For over two years my daughter and I looked for a blue water boat in the $75k-$100K price range. As you can imagine, it's hard to find a decent vessel with such a low budget. We looked at dozens of boats on the west coast and one boat in Florida - put deposits on two (but backed out after surveys revealed extensive problems)

Finally, in November, we happened upon Eos which was being represented by your brokerage, (though well over our price range), however, somehow Bernie Jakits brought the sellers and us to an agreement and Eos is now ours. We are thrilled.

Bernie was obviously an old hand at brokerage and handling details - and coming from Seattle we really appreciated his driving us everywhere, finding us a hotel, taking us to dinner, and even driving us back to the airport! With Covid19 ramping up, we especially liked keeping contacts with others to a minimum.

In addition, Bernie hooked us up with marine surveyor Robert Noyce who was just a delight to work with and made us feel much more comfortable buying this custom yacht, plus yard worker George to reseal the keel and winterize the boat until we can come out next Spring.

I'd met with a lot of brokers during our travels and Bernie was just the best of the best. I am so glad we happened to get him!


Eric and Mattie Morris

SV Eos

- Eric & Mattie Morris buyers of FD12 Custom 52

We just wanted to give Bernie Jakits the kudos he deserves for selling our sailboat Eos, a custom FD-12. He was very up front with us on the difficulty of finding a buyer for a one-off, owner completed boat. Because of that difficulty we had her moved to Annapolis where he oversaw her haul-out and storage and maintenance. 

He did, in fact, to our surprise find a buyer within 5 months of her arrival in Annapolis. The buyer is from Seattle and Bernie worked to make sure all things relative to the viewing and sale were arranged for and taken care of in spite of the difficulties in the current COVID environment. 

We appreciate all that he did for us and will certainly recommend him and your company in the future. 

Appreciative clients,

Sylvia and Bill Mueller

- Sylvia & Bill Mueller - Seller of Custom FD12

Bernie is the broker who sold us our Gozzard 37 and most recently, Bernie served as our delivery captain when we moved our sailboat from Deale, MD to Oriental, NC.  Bernie is an exceptionally experienced professional mariner and sailor; he is knowledgeable in virtually every area of sailing from navigation to maintenance/repairs to sail trim and more.  From the day we met Bernie, we felt that he was honest and fair.  He has excellent customer service skills and genuinely cares about his clients.  We could not have asked for a better delivery captain.  We felt safe and confident with Bernie and also learned a tremendous amount during our 6 days together.  We feel extremely fortunate to know Bernie and would recommend him to anyone considering a boat purchase or delivery.  Thanks Bernie!

- Jeff

- Jeff buyer of Gozzard 37

John is not your typical yacht broker. He makes you feel as if you are his only client. John treats you like family. He is extremely knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. John goes the extra mile, or should I say miles!! He was with us every step of the way and he doesn't disappear after the sale. I know we made a great friend for life!! Love this guy!

We were lucky to find John Barbaro. He went far beyond our expectations. John’s professionalism and knowledge were key to helping us find the right boat. John made our experience the best it could be and we would highly recommend him.

- Chris and Antonella Nester - Buyers of Endeavour 42

John helped me realize what I most needed in a yacht and gave quality advice through the entire purchasing process. I'd work with him again and have recommended him to my friends.

- Joshua from Annapolis - Buyer of Catalina 42

Larry had the perfect temperament, experience and integrity. A win-win combination.

- Scott Thomas - Seller of Island Packet 485 "Rula Bula"

I wanted to recognize the outstanding service that Bernie Jakits provided (and still is providing).  The term “service” doesn’t justify or explain how Bernie engages with us.  

From the first moment we inquired about a listing, to the last drop of water off her hull for the seasonal haulout of our new boat, Bernie was there.  Any question or concern, Bernie was there.  Day or night, Bernie was there.  

When the complex logistics of delivering our boat seemed to always change, Bernie adapted his schedule to meet ours.  When the inevitable problems occurred no matter how big or small, Bernie gave us sound advice, and went to bat for us when we needed it.

His relentless energy and positive attitude is definitely contagoius.  With Bernie, nothing can’t be overcome.  Without him, we would have been lost in a process that I now know would swallow up many people looking to enter the sailing world.

- Jim & Heather Barrett - Buyers of Valiant 42

Laura and I love our passionately cared for Sabre 38 which John guided us to.  Purchasing a used sailboat was both exciting and frightening but John sailed us through the process and expertly steered us to the perfect boat.  After understanding the boat we were searching for, John led us to this hidden gem which turned out to be the perfect boat.

- Tim & Laura Nelson - Buyers of Sabre 38 "Magic Bus"

Dear Bernie & Diane:

Many thanks to you for helping us locate & purchase our beautiful Hylas 44, formerly known as "First Edition". You both helped make sure the process was easy & right for us. We are very excited to enjoy our new adventures on the Chesapeake & beyond. If you see us & "Unfurled" on the Bay, give us a wave! 

All the best,

Jim & Denise

- Jim Bertlett & Denise Elliot - Buyers of Hylas 44

Bernie: Thank You. You are incredibly good at what you do. This is very hard for me (Lynn). We took such good care of her. Hoping the new owners get he joy from her that she gave us. We are appreciative of the speedy sale where hopefully everyone feels thay got a fair deal. We certainly do. - Peter & Lynn

- Lynn & Peter Forgosh - Sellers of Hylas 44 "First Edition"

John is a very knowledgeable guy. I can’t talk about his powerboat knowledge but he sure knows sailboats from stem to stern.
John knows how to talk at the right times and, when necessary, to keep his own counsel. He’s a good guy!
Many thanks, John.

- Bill Cote - Seller of Catalina 42 "Sail la Vie"

George was a tremendous asset in the sale of my boat and in the purchase of my new boat. As a knowledgeable broker, he was able to explain the process and gave realistic advice.

- Gary Nackman - Seller of Bristol 43.3 "Blue Note"

Just wanted you to know that Jeanne and I are loving our Nordic tug. We motored up the Chester River today to a cool little place called Kennersley Point Marina. It’s a throw-back to 1960.

We’ve been out every weekend this season and love it. A mix of marinas and anchorages. All systems are working fine. George (former owner) is a good friend and valued advisor.
Jeanne keeps looking at bigger boats (think Nordic Tug 42), but we have lots to learn from Karisma.

Thank you again for being our “boat whisperer” - we think and talk about you often.

- Mike Kuperberg- Buyer of Nordic Tug 32

George is the ultimate yacht broker with a passion for creating deals that satisfy both the seller and buyer. COVID-19 was a never-before obstacle that George navigated with ease. Thank you!

- Lane DeCoster - Seller of Hunter 50 "KeiLani"

Bernie helped us clarify our needs, and found us a boat that meets them perfectly. He pre-screened the boat himself before we ever saw it, and he got it just right. We also relied on his advice at every step in the process as we completely trust his judgement and expertise. We couldn't be happier with our new boat. Thanks Bernie!

- Richard Joklik - Buyer of Tartan 40

Erik is exceptionally knowledgeable and really know the boat well. He maintained excellent communication through the process, made somewhat challenging by COVID-19. It was a pleasure to deal with Erik and I'll certainly go straight back to him for any future sailboat transactions. I also dealt with Diane Ilg and Amanda Noon who were both pleasant and efficient. 

- Russell Hill - Buyer of Bristol 38.8 "Serendipity"


I am the one to be thanking you.  You're a good man and have worked hard to make this happen.  You've been very helpful and I couldn't have done it without you.

- David Rogers - Seller of Bristol Channel Cutter 28 "Loon"

Erik was very knowledgeable and objective about the issues related to selling our boat. From our first exposure to him, he identified needs in a very professional manner and maintained that manner throughout the relationship. His advice was always spot on and he was very communicative and supportive. He did an excellent job.

- Jeff Sherwood seller of Hylas 54 "Sirius"

Thank you for your work on this closing Amanda, and George...you really did a wonderful job as a broker and consultant during this whole process. Your insights and work to ensure our boat Second Star presented well and was taken care of, and your work with buyers and other agents has been exceptional and very much appreciated, even more so given the way our personal circumstances changed over the past year plus. It may be presumptuous, but from my seat, from the little that I knew him, David would be proud; you and Amanda are a credit to the David Walters name. 

- Brian Coyle - Seller of Beneteau 49 "Second Star"


Ann and I wish to thank you for all your efforts, time and devotion that you put into selling our Bristol 51’ sailboat. As you know the first two sales fell through. However you stayed with us all the way with guidance and encouragement.
When we start looking for that next boat you will be the first call we make.

Thank you,
Jim and Ann Dugan

- Jim and Ann Dugan - Sellers of Bristol 51

We write to share our past and recent experience with Mr. Randy Greenfield, Senior Yacht Broker, and express our highest regard for his handling of the sale last week of “WineR”, 55’ power catamaran. We first met Randy nearly five years ago as we began our search for “the boat” to cruise The Great Loop. Randy was our broker for the purchase of “WineR” four years ago. The process from start to finish proceeded flawlessly under Randy’s direction and oversight, from initial offer, through negotiations, sea trials and closing in December 2016. Randy’s obvious knowledge of the brokerage process and his attention to detail, as well as his decades of boating experience with all kinds of boats, helped calm our nerves surrounding this major luxury purchase, a first for us of this size and complexity of vessel.

With the completion of The Loop (on January 5, 2020) in sight we sought out Randy to broker the sale of “WineR”. Our experience with him and his obvious knowledge of “the business” had instilled in us the confidence that “WineR” would be in the best of hands for sale. And she was! From Randy’s suggestions of how best to prepare “WineR” to show her strengths, cruising with us for two days from Ft. Myers to Stuart to personally experience and be able to attest to her ride and handling, to immediate notification of an offer (while in Taiwan) and continual communication through acceptance and culmination of the sale, his outstanding broker skills were apparent.

We signed the official listing agreement on December 6, 2019, had the first showing to the buyers’ broker on January 3, and closed on February 7, 2020. We don’t know if this is a record for time between listing and close or not, but clearly Randy’s dogging of the process and clear and timely communication played a major role in the speedy and successful outcome of the sale.
There is no question that Randy’s extensive knowledge and expertise, his ability to read people and understand and respond to their needs (both the buyers’ and the sellers’), his own personal well-honed boating skills, and his attention to crossing every t and dotting every i assure that his clients are well served. He kept us, the buyers, four years ago and the sellers these past few weeks, focused on the critical path toward success and the process moving forward. Randy is simply the best! David Walters Yachts is fortunate to have him representing the company!

It has truly been our pleasure to know Randy and have him represent us, both as buyers and sellers. We highly recommend him to others, and should we be in the market for another boat in the future will, of course, seek him out.

- William Andrews and Vicky Carwein - Sellers of Malcolm Tennant 55

The best testimonial I have for George is that we will be using him as a buyers agent for our next boat. Very professional.

- John Crispin - Seller of Cabo Rico 38 "Perspective"

I chose Bernie Jakits and his support staff in Annapolis to represent me when I bought a Nordic Tug and then returned to Bernie again when life's surprises unexpectedly made me have to sell her a few years later.

If you are looking for a broker who does what he says he will do, does it honestly and fairly, immediately returns calls, has years of ocean/coastal/local and life experience your choice is Bernie Jakits because he backs up his words with action and results.

Bernie's support staff in Annapolis is a definite plus too. Diane Ilg manages all of the details, and with her comprehensive knowledge of brokerage operations nothing is left to chance.

- Jon Edwards - Seller of Nordic Tug 34

Very pleased to have stumbled across Marty during our visit to the boat show. Very friendly and knowledgeable, and if there was something he didn’t know, he very quickly had an answer for us. He was aware that we were very inexperienced, and did not take advantage of that. He was very good explaining things in a way that we could understand, given our limited knowledge. I don’t know how he could have made things any easier for us going through this process. He went above and beyond. We consider him a friend now, as much as we do a broker. Would strongly recommend to anyone needing the services of a good broker.

- Anthony Wetmore buyer of Amel 46

John Osetek did a fantastic job on a deal he didn't receive a very large commission on. He clearly has his heart in seeing deals work out that result in positive outcomes for all parties. A real gentleman whose actions reflect very highly on your company and the industry as a whole. It was a joy to have him on this sale, and I can't think of any broker I've ever known coming anywhere close to his level of service.

- Buyer of Frers 45

The biggest reason that I had David Walters Yachts involved is the level of professionalism that John Osetek showed me in going through this process. He helped me to explore other similar boat and also was patient with me through the whole process. I do not believe the process would have been this effortless if he were not involved.

- Daniel MacDonald - Buyer of Formula 41

This is the fourth vessel I've purchased over the years and I will say that Steve was a pleasure to work with. His knowledge and personality are absolutely the best. They made the entire process painless.


- Todd Balsley - Buyer of Wellington 44

I had been looking at Grand Banks boats for several years, and ultimately saw the boat that I wanted at the right time. I reached out to DWY, and was referred to John Osetek. He was great, asking good questions about what I was interested in, as well as providing some insight about the whole process. John did a great job representing both buyer and seller and navigating the process from end-to-end. I believe we first talked in early May, and closed on July 2. We love our new boat.

- Matthew Barnum buyer of Grand Banks 42

Just wanted to take the opportunity to pass on my deep appreciation for a job well done.  I know Ohana was a tough boat to sell and though I tried to keep her maintained as best I could from a distance, I believe all the attention to detail that you and Stuart brought to bear had much to do with her finding a new owner.  I'm sure the new owner will have many wonderful adventures with her...and yes, it is bittersweet, but I'd rather see her on the water and doing what she was built for!

I did enjoy working with you and your "can do" attitude.  In many ways, it was a good match since I'm the same way.  When you have a job to do, you do whatever it takes to get it done and done right.  As an old CMSGT once told me many, MANY years ago... "Just stay out of my way, boy, and you'll be amazed at the results."

- Mike Miravalle- Seller of Shannon 53 HPS

Dear Bernie,

Thank you for helping us find our Nordic Tug "Mystic," and especially for mentoring us in support of our boating adventures after the sale. From the moment of our first conversation, we knew that we were in expert, capable hands. You listened to our “wish list” and “needs list” while adding valuable insight and advice. You took the time to understand how we planned to use our boat, and your enthusiasm and encouragement were invaluable. Bernie, you valued our time by not showing us boats that were out of our price range, and you vetted every boat you suggested, saving us time and heartbreak by steering us away from boats that would have been unsuitable. 

Throughout the buying process, you negotiated on our behalf, arranged for an amazing surveyor, and scheduled a thorough sea trial in the dead of winter; all we had to do was show up. Every aspect of the sale was professionally handled, the process was stress-free, and your office staff was detailed and knowledgeable in preparing our documentation.

The biggest surprise for us though came after the sale when your extensive cruising experience was put to the test as you helped us deliver our boat from Connecticut to our home port in Maryland. You helped us provision, rig, navigate, dock, and completely enjoy our first voyage, graciously answering every question with patience and zeal.

Every day our boating journey gets better! 

Thank you, Bernie, for starting us on the adventure of a lifetime.

- Carolyn and John Sabol - Buyers of Nordic Tug 37

George was awesome. He really helped us find the right boat and took charge of getting surveyors and helping us through the purchase process.

- Lori Snelling- Buyer of Transpac 48

I have purchased two sailboats through John and I have experienced excellent professional service on both occasions. The first time a used Hunter 320 in 2006 and more recently a new 2019 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 419. John was incredibly helpful with navigating the options prior to placing the orderand kept me informed during the long building process. His knowledge of sailing and of my own sailing preferences was instrumental in the delivery of a boat that meets my needs for San Francisco Bay and the California Coast. He made himself available after the delivery to help with a variety of issues that will inevitably arise for any sailor becoming acquainted with their new boat. John is very detail oriented and he will identify issues that many would overlook.

John Kuony has my highest recommendation as a knowledgable and trustworthy yacht salesman and fellow sailor. You will find no one better at their profession than him.

Timothy A Carlton MD, FACC

- Tim and Toni Carlton - Owners of Jeanneau 419

I met John Kuony in 2007 in San Francisco as I started my search for my first sailboat. I knew nothing other than the basics learned in 3 sailing certifications at a local sailing school. I feel extremely fortunate to have benefited from John’s many decades of sailing experience. John held my hand (metaphorically) through the entire process from selecting new vs used, make, length and features. We ended up with the perfect boat for a beginner a new 2007 Jeanneau 39i. Purchasing the boat was only the beginning, John continued to provide constant support after the sale. John actually spent hours with me at West Marine to help select every item I would need to outfit the boat and start sailing. John frequently organized trips to Santa Cruz and was “always” available to answer sailing questions. John also helped me sell the boat 4 years later and remains a friend today and I expect for many years to come. I “may” be getting the sailing bug again and would NEVER consider reaching out to anyone other than John for help.

- Don Ellis - Owner of Jeanneau 391

George was very personal but with professionalism. He was knowledgeable on all types of boats. He helped us decide what we needed and found the boat for us. - Louann

George, is the consumate boat broker. He is so knowledgable about the boating industry and the marketplace which makes the process of buying so easy. His personal passion for boating comes thru when working with George . It was a pleasure working with George to find our dream boat. -Bob

- Bob and Louann Palmer Buyer of Carver 56

Purchasing a boat is more than a financial transaction, it’s also involves emotion. One of those emotions is trust. John developed that with us through communication, diligence & honest concern for what we wanted.

- Mike and Val Gerhart - Owners of Caliber 40 LRC Red Sky

Extremely knowledgeable and super helpful. I would definitely use him again in the future. We have already told friends and family about Derek and David Walters Yachts. Will definitely be my first call when time to sell and move up!

- Chris Harrell - Buyer of Morgan 60

My wife and I decided we wanted to spend time in our retirement cruising.  We knew we were not interested in sailing andwere looking for something large enough for my wife to live on during the last years of her employment in the San Francisco Bay area.  We also wanted the ability to take our grownkids on weekend trips.  Therefore, it didn’t take us long to realize that what we were looking for would be around 50 ft.  We wanted 3 staterooms; baths with separate enclosed showers; duel engines; a functional engine room; and a hull design I can take out the Gate not just up the Delta.

We spent two years researching, and looking for a boat that fit our demands, tasteand budget.  The first day we walked on to our Navigator 51, we were in love.  Theopen layout with the great visibility and functional design fit ourneeds/tastes perfectly. We had seen poorer workmanship on many higher pricedboats. It took me an hour to get my wife off the boat the first time.  This is when we first met John Kuony of Cruising Yachts, Inc.

We found John to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and sincere throughout the buying and delivery process.  We took off shore delivery at buoy 8 and I took the boat up to the Puget Sound Area to save the sales tax.  In addition, this was a big step for us, moving from outboards on lakes into a 51ft  twin engine cruiser.  I doubt most sales people would have ever provided us as good as service, guidance and friendship as we received from John.

After bringing the boat back to the San Francisco Bay area, my wife spent several years living on the boat.  During that time we accompanied John on several cruise out around San Francisco Bay, Half Moon Bay, Sacramento delta, and Petaluma.

We found that even after the sale John was always a pleasure to be around and willing to spend time with us.  Anytime we needed information or help, John always went out of his way to be there.  

After LaRae retired, we moved to the Puget Sound and live on Whidbey Island, WA.  One of the few regrets we had at moving to the Pacific North West was not being able to cruise with John anymore.  

I had a friend up here in Washington who was looking for a boat and he found a boat on-line in the San Francisco Bay area that looked interesting.  I phoned John and asked him if he could checkthe boat out before my friend spent the time and effort to travel to the Bay Area.  John, knowing there was no sale for him, checked out the boat and reported his findings directly with my friend.

John has a knack for building and maintaining strong, enduring friendships and we consider him a friend and we are so thankful for all his help over the years.  We have always said that if we should decide to upgrade the first person we will call will be John.

Now that John has moved to the East coast, we sincerely hope our paths will cross again.

- Bruce and LaRae Brown - Owners of Navigator 51

Erik was extremely responsive, courteous and professional! His knowledge of the market, pricing and what to expect was exceptional and his advice was priceless!! Would highly recommend and use Erik again and again!

- Mike Firetti- Seller of Jeanneau NC 895

When I was looking for a blue-water cruising sailboat, I saw a lot of boats and talked to a number of brokers. Bernie really stood out from the other yacht brokers I encountered. He's experienced, knowledgeable, straightforward, enjoyable to work with, and genuinely committed to his clients and the boats he sells. Several similar Valiants and competing boats were on the market when I was looking, but I bought Morning Stars through Bernie in large part because he is such an enthusiastic owner of a Valiant himself, and it was reassuring to buy a boat from someone who knows the boat intimately and who I had confidence would stick with me after the sale to help with upgrades and gaining experience with the boat. I wasn't wrong. After buying Morning Stars, he stayed in touch and made himself available to help me bring the boat up to its new home in Portland, Maine from Cape Cod. I also appreciated the back office support from the staff at David Walters Yachts. They are a great team to work with. Thank you!

- David Hartwell- Buyer of Valiant 42

They are what I like to call "go getters" and get the job done.

- Margaret Gwaltney- Seller of Celestial 50 "Merdeka"

Erik Haaland was the selling broker for the boat I was interested in, I came in as a buyer without a broker. Erik was completely honest and straightforward, and EXTREMELY hardworking throughout my dealings with him. The listed boat had a few physical issues to work through, and I likely would not have made the purchase if it weren't for the hours of work that Erik put in to dealing with those issues.

- James Chase- Buyer of Celestial 50

I've had other deals with Bernie and count on his knowledge and honesty. 

- Sargent Goodchild- Buyer of Jarvis Newman 32

Erik Haaland is the reason I purchased and sold through David Walters. Erik is fantastic.

- Dailey Tipton- Seller of Farr 30 "Blofish"

Erik Haaland is a straight shooter. Advised me on all Farr 30's available and had knowledge of these boats. He helped my surveyor and also did the winterizing of the boat's motor as it is coming to MN. I would recommend him and use him again.

- George Johns - Buyer of Farr 30 Blowfish

Josh Mclean bends over backward to satisfy both the buyer and the seller. He went out of his way to resolve issues with his own hands, on his free time, despite a pregnant wife waiting for him at home with a warm cooked meal because the buyer requested it. He is also a competent captain and knowledgeable pertaining yachts, navigation, repairs, financing and much more. You wouldn't regret giving him the opportunity to serve you.

- Pierre Holstein - Seller of Island Packet 31 Charity

Bernie - There are no words to thank you for all you have done for us in acquiring Lone Star! Your willingness to help has been invaluable and we are greatful for it all! You are a wealth of knowledge and experience... thanks for sharing.

Here's to new adventures!

Gayle & Dan

- Gayle & Dan Grant - Buyers of Passport 470 'Lone Star'

So you want some comments on our experience in working with you:

Well, first and foremost, you're a gentleman. You listen, and you are thoughtful and polite and you treat the wife with the same respect as the husband. Not all boat brokers can say that. But even better, you're a real person with common sense and the willingness to share. Not only do you know your stuff, but you are candid and thorough and most helpful. In addition, you provide the best service. Not only do you arrange all the purchase and sales details, but you follow up afterwards. When I forgot to do my bottom job, or to change a zinc, or to replace a worn fitting that the surveyor warned about, you were on it. You watched over me and my boat and kept us both in good shape. But above all else; you've got deal brain.That's the quality that's possessed only by the rare few who actually make the overwhelming majority of all the sales. The rest don't count. When we made an offer on a boat with multiple owners who couldn't agree, you pursued it until you made the deal. When it came time to sell, you conscientiously helped us get the price right, and bingo, the deal was done in days. We worked with many brokers, and we've never been happier than when we worked with you!

So there. Put that in your pipe and smoke it; and best of luck to you in your new passage in life. Regards, Merle

- Merle and Bonnie Hall - Owners of Jeanneau 49DS

George Eberhard is an exceedingly experienced broker with great depth of knowledge. I would recommend him without hesitation for any sailboat transaction.


- Stuart Bass - Seller of Shannon 50 'Fascination'

"Dear Kate & Bernie - Thank you for showering us with gifts in honor of our wedding! Every boat needs a bosun's chair! We had a lovely month long honeymoon on Cadence. Thank you for helping us with her!"

Best - Marcie & Rob


- Marcia & Rob Brown - Buyers of Able Apogee 50 'Cadence'

"For the past several years my wife Laura and I have been searching for a ‘new-to-us’ family cruising sailboat.  We wanted to upsize from our current Tartan 37 to a somewhat larger vessel that will safely and comfortably take us through the Caribbean, the South Pacific and points beyond.  We are experienced blue-water sailors and had spent many days and thousands of driving miles looking at yachts along the east coast.

Last July we met Bernie Jakits at his office in Annapolis.  Unlike every other yacht broker we have talked with Bernie started out by asking a lot of questions and listening to us very carefully.  After several hours of discussion and a lot of time on Yachworld he strongly recommended a Norseman 447 laying in Seattle, WA and encouraged us to place a sight-unseen but highly contingent offer on the boat.  We were highly skeptical of this approach but trusted Bernie’s judgment.  Bernie walked us through the offer process and within a few days we were planning our trip to Seattle.

A week later Bernie joined us for three days in Seattle at his own expense.  We spent the first day with Bernie aboard Maaji Re.  Literally within the first few minutes Laura and I had decided to make the purchase.  This Norseman 447 is truly a perfect boat for us and she is in almost new condition.  Bernie then arranged to fly an outstanding marine surveyor in from Annapolis to survey the boat on our third day in Seattle.  So the survey began late in the afternoon on the second day and continued on during the third day.  We completed a successful sea-trial with the previous owners and a haul-out to complete the survey that Bernie had arranged.

Bernie treated us to dinner that evening where we worked out the final details for our purchase of Maaji Re.  During the next week Bernie was a great help making arrangements for me to decommission the vessel for trucking back east.

Our experience with Bernie was outstanding and very enjoyable!  While a bit unorthodox he went out of his way to listen to us and worked hard to find a boat that meets our needs and was within our budget.  He made the entire process easy and went well beyond my expectations, even spending three days with us in Seattle.  He continues to be very helpful with details and questions that we have."


- John Sterrett Buyer of Norseman 447

"Stephen’s communication was outstanding during the entire sales process. That and his professionalism, I believe, were important keys in the sale of our boat. Thanks Stephen!"


- David Hollinger Seller of Pacific Seacraft 31

"Outstanding service, honest, and very knowledgeable. Broker George Eberhard acted as our buyers' broker dealing with another seller with whom we were not "comfortable" dealing with, he was always available to answer questions and quickly resolve our concerns with the seller's broker. He also connected us with an outstanding surveyor and mechanic to help with a short notice delivery. Owner Josh McLean impressed us with his commitment to customers and running a first class operation. Highly Recommended."


- Rich Inman Buyer of Brewer 50

"John Osetek is the perfect broker, full of knowledge and advice worth listening to. He is a joy to work with and did a wonderful job in finding the right buyer and in preparing the boat both before and during the sale. John is a 10!"


- Jake Jacobsen Seller of Maxi Dolphin Cross Current 33

"Erik Haaland was great to work with. He drove hundreds of miles to show me many sail boats, and was happy to do so. Thanks again Erik!"


- William Greene Buyer of Beneteau 41

"Erik is a great broker, very knowledgeable and helpful."


- Elizabeth Beyer Seller of Camano Trawler 31

"I've known Bernie and Kate for quite some time. They're both fun to work with and make buying a boat a fun experience. They know their stuff and most gratifying is that long after the sale they still help out with advice and any type of help needed."


- Ian Blake Buyer of Valiant 42

"Stephen was extremely knowledgeable, accommodating with our needs in finding the right boat, and very personal and friendly in the process."


- Philip Cook Buyer of Hylas 45.5

"Stephen was exceptionally helpful and went out of his way to provide us with service and recommendations beyond what would normally be involved in a purchase"


- Jane Almond Buyer of Hylas 49

"Erik goes out of his way to understand what you are looking for in a boat and then finds the best fit. In my case, I was buying my first powerboat after many years of owning cruising sailboats. His support in helping me assess the boat, the survey, and the sea trial was just the right balance of being there for consultation and assessment. He works in your interest and doesn't just try to close the deal for his own benefit. He's a great partner and I would highly recommend him for your search."

- Bob DeFilipo Buyer of Grand Banks 43 HX

"This was our first major boat purchase and it can be a daunting process to say the least. Bernie's industry experience and sailing knowledge gave us the confidence to navigate through the boat buying process with ease. He was there for us day and night to answer questions, and we felt like he made our interest his own. He worked relentlessly to find us exactly the boat we wanted and secured a great deal on it. We couldn't be happier with the outcome! David Walters Yachts also has a very knowledgeable and efficient staff. If you are considering purchasing a boat, look no further. Thanks Bernie!"


- Dan & Kiersten Broughton Buyers of Hylas 49

"Bernie Jakits is like no other person we’ve ever met. We explained what type boat we were interested in and our price range, that was about all we needed to do. He was like a blood hound on a search, and didn’t stop until he found it. Only took him a couple of weeks. Once we decided to buy the boat, DWY did everything necessary to complete the deal. Thank you for what you do."


- Jimmy & Tillie Parker Buyers of Hunter Helsen 47

"Stephen Reverand was outstanding in representing my boat. He was always available and as this was my first selling experience, he offered great advice and direction. He was totally professional and very honest. I would not think twice about using his services again."


- James Giannella Seller of Silverton 33

John Kuony helped to guide us in the purchase of our 50’ sloop. Our first read of him being a trustworthy individual was spot on. He proved his worth in helping us to realize and achieve our cruising dream. This mans knowledge and word is to be trusted. When business is done he is still a pleasant fellow to know. 

Were commend him highly. 5 stars.

- Dan and Heather Rhodes - Owners of Hunter 50

"I am writing to thank George for the time and energy devoted to the sale of True North. Your knowledge of the market and thoughtful advice throughout the process were critical. Although the marketing effort took longer than I initially expected, I was very confident at all times that the outcome would be excellent, as it was."

- Sam Ross Seller of Island Packet 37

In early 2018 my wife and I worked with John as our buyers broker to purchase a Hylas 54.  John had been recommended to us by amutual friend and previous client of John's, and it turned out to be a verygood recommendation. 

My wife and I are lifelong sailors, but we had limited cruising experience, and we were purchasing a sailboat with the intent of cruising Canada, the US West Coast and Mexico.  John was extremely helpful guiding us through the purchase process, and helping us evaluate the pros and cons of the various boats we were considering.  John has a wealth of cruising experience, and we found his insights into boat design features quite useful.  Once we settled on the boat, he was excellent helping us negotiate a good deal. John is a good communicator, and his calm demeanor helped us to comfortably move through what can be a stressful andemotional process.  We always felt John was working in our best interests,and we never felt pressured. 

We enjoyed working with John on the purchase of our boat, and have continued to stay in contact with him to solicit his advice on various issues.  We are enjoying our boat, and after spending two summers cruising in the San Juan's and Gulf Islands we've moved her to San Francisco and are preparing to head to Mexico in 2020. 

Our experience using John as our broker was very positive, and we would recommend him to others who are in the market for a good boat.  

- Bill and Sally Andrew - Owners of Hylas 54

We bought our first sale boat from John. We had only sailed a few times and fell in love with being on the water. We test drove many boats but John helped us select the right size for us and our travels. Being completely new at this, John showed us how to work everything. He went to the store with us to select our supplies for the boat. He knew of a amazing sailor who we hired to teach us how to sail around the bay. Anytime we had a question or concern John always answered his phone and walked us through it or sent someone to help us fix or adjust the boat. John set us up to succeed and enjoy our new boat. We consider John a great salesperson and a wonderful friend and person.

- Jeff and Shelby Fautt - Owners of Jeanneau 409
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