Preferred Partners

At David Walters Yachts we prioritize maintaining relationships with the most knowledgeable names in the marine industry, and we are proud to support several businesses and organizations that have built excellent reputations. Whether you are looking for a sailmaker, an expert rigging company, or a network of cruisers who share our passion for bluewater sailing, we can connect you to the best. We encourage you to take a look at some of our preferred industry partners & resources.

North Sails

High-quality equipment helps create a high-quality cruising experience, which is why more cruising sailors rely on North Sails than on any other sailmaker in the world. With North Sails, your boat will sail with less heel, less helm, and less leeway, making the sailing faster and more fun for you and your crew. Advances in sail materials and technology have reduced the weight of cruising sails without sacrificing durability. Well-engineered sails hold their shape longer and extend a sail's usable lifespan.

Every North cruising sail is custom-designed for your boat and sailing style. Well-engineered sails from refined materials mean better furling and flaking, smoother tacking and jibing, and more efficient sail handling and storage. A properly designed cruising sail will provide the widest possible steering and trimming range, allowing you to cruise with confidence. Whether you are leaving the land behind or simply sharing leisure time with friends and family, North cruising sails can take you where you want to go. North Sails can help you take your cruising experience to the next level.

Quantum Sails

Quantum Sails is an industry leader in sail design and technology. With lofts located around the globe, Quantum has a sail expert to assist with any offshore cruising or racing need. The proprietary iQ sail technology is a game changer for any serious sailor.

M Yacht Services & M Rigging

M Yacht Services & M Rigging is a premier rigging and service company founded by Steve Madden, and co-owned and operated by Marc Mayo. M Yacht Services is based in Annapolis, Maryland at Bert Jabin's Yacht Yard. With over 25 years of experience in the marine industry, M Yachts has the expertise necessary to meet the unique challenges that many boat owners will face in their lifetimes. M Yacht Services provides expert solutions for onboard systems and provides ABYC certified technical assistance.

Salty Dawg Sailing Association

The Salty Dawg Sailing Association (SDSA) is a nonprofit educational and charitable organization that conducts seminars, rallies and rendezvous to help sailors realize their long-distance cruising dreams. The Association strives to transfer knowledge and skills from veteran "Salty Dawgs" to less experienced cruisers, enabling independent decision-making and offshore confidence. The SDSA is a flexible close-knit collection of like-minded people with a passion for ocean sailing and the camaraderie of cruising life. The activities are made possible through the combined efforts of members, volunteers, sponsors and contributors. Memberships in the Association are available for anyone interested in passage making or long-distance cruising. Salty Dawg burgees are found on vessels around the world.

Pam Wall Sailing

A critical resource for all bluewater sailors. Pam Wall's wealth of knowledge has something to offer for every sailor, at every experience level. Learn from Pam Wall and her families' experiences while sailing across the oceans. Her expert knowledge will help anyone learn the essentials of blue water cruising. Pam gives knowledgeable and practical ideas on how to make your boat easier to handle, safer, and more fun to sail!

Billy Black - Photographer for Sail

David Walters Yachts is proud to partner with professional photographer Billy Black on a variety of different projects.