The Design of the Italia Yachts 14.98


The Italia Yachts 14.98 embodies a design philosophy that prioritizes aesthetics and seaworthiness without compromise. This yacht is created to cater to the discerning sailor who is drawn to the allure of sporty sailing and holds an appreciation for meticulously crafted details and superior finishes. At its core, the Italia 14.98 synthesizes two contrasting souls: the elegance and luxury of cruising and the adrenaline-fueled racing excitement. The marriage of these elements is reflected in its exterior and interior design, harmoniously blending the highest quality of craftsmanship with robust functionality. The yacht sets a new standard, an evolution for the Italia Yachts brand, encapsulating a vision geared towards a unique target - those who demand the best of everything. Here, style meets substance in a yacht designed for the pleasure of the senses and the thrill of the sail.

Hull Design


The Italia 14.98 embodies an elegant and sleek design starting from its hull, characterized by its greyhound-like leanness. The yacht's fine entry and almost flat sheer lend to a low freeboard appearance, creating a smooth run aft that terminates in a subtly lifted, saucer-shaped, vertical transom. This aesthetically pleasing and purposeful design reduces slamming in headsea conditions, and the comparatively narrow stern sections decrease drag to enhance speed. The hull is a carefully crafted blend of fiberglass, carbon, and PVC core, ensuring a sturdy structure with minimal flex. This integration is carried out by bonding and laminating the deck inside the hull, forming a monolithic structure for increased strength and stability. This sophisticated and efficient hull design and the yacht's graceful profile underscore the Italia 14.98's focus on combining speed, beauty, and robustness.

Two Versions, One Soul


The Italia Yachts 14.98 offers two distinct variations to cater to individual preferences: the cruising-optimized Bellissima and the racing-oriented Fuoriserie. Both versions share the yacht's foundational design ethos but diverge in features to accommodate different sailing ambitions. The Bellissima is the quintessential cruising yacht, featuring a cockpit design that directs all lines aft beneath the deck, facilitating single-handed or short-handed sailing. It also boasts a self-tacking jib operating on an athwartships cabin top track. Contrarily, the Fuoriserie caters to the racing enthusiast with a six-winch layout for optimized adjustments and a full-length traveler on the cockpit sole for controlling the mainsail. Even though the primary design ethos of each variant differs – one leaning towards comfort and ease of use, the other towards performance and competitive edge – both versions do not compromise on the fundamental aspects of luxury, elegance, and seaworthiness intrinsic to Italia Yachts. It's also worth noting that the versatility of the design allows owners to combine elements from both versions, tailoring the 14.98 to their unique sailing needs and style.

The Bellissima


The Italia Yachts 14.98 Bellissima represents the ideal synthesis of comfort, elegance, and sailing performance. The Bellissima version stands as the epitome of luxury cruising, perfectly tailored for the discerning yachtsman who appreciates effortless sailing and an opulent onboard environment. This variant emphasizes easy handling and a tranquil sailing experience, with all lines leading aft beneath the deck, enabling shorthanded or single-handed sailing. It also features a self-tacking jib on an athwartship cabin top track, further simplifying maneuvers. But the true allure of the Bellissima lies in its plush, spacious interiors. Its staterooms are meticulously designed using high-quality materials, offering lavish amenities like a wine cellar and expansive wardrobes. The warm, diffused, continuous lighting creates an inviting atmosphere that makes you feel at home. The Bellissima is a testament to Italia Yachts' commitment to creating yachts that offer sophisticated design and functional convenience, making it an ideal choice for those wishing to embark on long cruises without compromising comfort or style.

The Sport


Engineered for the sailor with an adventurous spirit and a thirst for speed, the Italia Yachts 14.98 Sport, also known as Fuoriserie, embodies power and grace. This variant is optimized for competitive racing, offering a lean and agile design that is set to impress on the regatta circuit. The Sport is characterized by its lightweight, aerodynamic build and sleek, sporty exteriors. With six strategically positioned winches, rod rigging, and a high-efficiency profile mast, the Sport provides optimal sail control for high-level ORC and IRC racing. Its deck layout emphasizes accessibility and quick adjustment of all maneuvers, catering to the thrill of competitive sailing. The hull and rigging loads are connected, ensuring the yacht's structure can withstand the rigors of aggressive sailing. Despite its racing-oriented design, the Sport does not compromise on comfort. Its interiors mirror the quality and elegance of the Bellissima variant, ensuring a relaxing environment after an adrenaline-filled day on the water. The Italia Yachts 14.98 Sport is a perfect choice for the serious sailor who demands high performance without sacrificing the comfort and style of a luxury yacht.

Technology and Modern Design Elements


The creation of the Italia Yachts 14.98 results from meticulous design analysis and the use of state-of-the-art technology, striving to achieve the perfect balance between elegance, performance, and comfort. At the core of the design process is the intricate application of advanced aerodynamics studies and the optimization of hydrodynamics, both critical in achieving superior sailing performance and comfort in varied sea conditions.


Every line and curve has been painstakingly examined and refined, from the hull's fine entry to minimize slamming in a head sea to the narrow stern sections aimed at reducing drag. Using vacuum-infused vinylester in the hull and deck construction provides superior strength and reduced flex, resulting in a more responsive and resilient vessel.


Furthermore, the innovative use of GRP and carbon fiber in the structural grid ensures strength. At the same time, the careful choice of PVC densities in different parts of the boat provides necessary reinforcement. These advancements demonstrate the meticulous attention to detail and the extensive use of cutting-edge materials and techniques.


A notable feature is the design and placement of winches and the routing of the lines on deck, specially arranged to facilitate shorthanded or singlehanded sailing. This thoughtful touch is a testament to the rigorous design process, where user-friendly operation is essential to high-level performance. The technology and design influence behind the Italia Yachts 14.98 reflects a commitment to creating a sophisticated sailing yacht that satisfies discerning sailors' aesthetic and practical requirements.

Sailing Characteristics of the Italia Yachts 14.98


The Italia Yachts 14.98 redefines sailing experiences with its perfect balance between stability, speed, and maneuverability. Designed for cruising and racing, this vessel presents an optimal blend of performance and comfort. Its sleek hull design, featuring a fine entry forward and narrow stern sections, minimizes slamming in a head sea, reduces drag, and enhances speed. The keel-stepped mast stretching to 70 feet contributes to a lower center of gravity, boosting stability in various sailing conditions. The boat's twin helms control a single rudder, making it agile and responsive to steer. All the sailing maneuvers on the deck are designed to be easily controlled from the cockpit, keeping the deck free from ropes and equipment, thus simplifying sailing operations. Whether for a gentle cruise or a high-speed race, the Italia Yachts 14.98 is built to deliver an outstanding sailing performance.

Italian Influence and Design Elements


The Italia Yachts 14.98 is a testament to Italian design finesse, exhibiting an unmistakable blend of aesthetics and functionality. With its heritage deeply rooted in the "Made in Italy" philosophy, this yacht showcases the rich design tradition of Italian craftsmanship and ingenuity. The exterior bears the signature of Italian style - sporty and elegant, with a sleek, aerodynamic silhouette that perfectly integrates form and function. The yacht's stern transforms into a comfortable beach, and the large outdoor spaces echo Italian finesse and a love for the sea and socializing. Inside, the design leaps further, featuring high-quality materials, attention to detail, and warm, diffused lighting, creating a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere. The yacht's interior layout also exudes an Italian sense of elegance and functionality, with ample stowage space and commodious amenities. The Italia Yachts 14.98 embodies the spirit of Italian design - the pursuit of beauty without compromising performance.

Italia Yachts 14.98 Specifications

Naval Architect Cossutti Yacht Design
Interior Design Arbore & Partners / Emanuele Pillon
Exterior Design Cossutti Yacht Design
Engineering & Structural Cossutti Yacht Design
Length Overall 51' [Bellissima] / 53' 6" [Sport]
Hull Length 47' 8"
Length at Waterline 44' 3"
Beam 14' 3"
Standard Draft 8' 2"
Shoal Draft 6' 3"
Deep Draft 9' 10"
Displacement 25,350 lbs [Bellissima] / 23,150 lbs [Sport]
Mainsail Area 786 sq ft [Bellissima] / 818 sq ft [Sport]
Jib Area 645 sq ft [Bellissima] / 624 sq ft [Sport]
Spinnaker Area 2,153 sq ft
Gennaker Area 2,239 sq ft [Bellissima] / 2,498 sq ft [Sport]
Standard Engine 60 HP Volvo Penta (75 HP optional)
Fuel Capacity 86 gal
Water Capacity 135 gal
Certification RINA Category A
GPH ORC 520 (forecast)
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