The Perfect Fusion of Speed and Comfort


Inspired by Italia Yachts designer Matteo Polli in collaboration with hull designer Matteo Ledri of Cape Horn Engineering. The concept for the Italia 9.98 was to create a pure racing machine that is both powerful yet comfortable and enjoyable at the helm. The performance objective was to create a yacht with an ideal balance between upwind and downwind capabilities in various wind conditions.
Kristian Macchiut of KMD Design designed the interior to maintain a performance edge without sacrificing comfort and style. The Italian influence is evident in the selection of teak trim, elegant stainless steel finishes, and sleek styling.

The Italia Yachts 9.98 boasts back-to-back victories in the ORC World Championships. Crafted by Italia Yachts, the innovative design of the 9.98 delivers both performance and ease, offering an optimal balance between upwind and downwind performance in light air and strong winds. For the discerning sailor seeking exhilarating performance and regatta-winning results, the IY 9.98 does not disappoint. Available in two options, the Fuoriserie (Sport and Bellissima, owners can choose and customize their mix of comfort and speed. There is also the choice of steering by tiller or twin helm wheels.

Built for the Pure Exhilaration of Sailing


The Sport variant of the Italia Yachts 9.98 is a pure racer at heart, designed for speed and efficiency thanks to the rigorous engineering, fluid design and analysis, and performance forecasting optimized for ORC and IRC. The hull, keel, and rudder of the Italia 9.98 were designed using an extensive computational fluid dynamic design and modeling to maximize performance by utilizing velocity prediction programs (VVP). The design, analysis, and the team's many years of competitive racing resulted in a slender waterline to optimize performance downwind. When the heeling angle increases on the upwind, the waterline gets much fuller and, when combined with the powerful transom, delivers superior stability while remaining symmetrical and balanced. Interiors are designed for maximum durability and lighter weight appointments for best performance.

A Sporty Soul with Refined Finishes


Borrowing heavily from the Sport design while incorporating subtle adjustments for a more comfortable cruising experience, the Italia Yachts 9.98 Bellissima is ideal for the performance sailor seeking to race or cruise. Featuring double-wheel steering, an extended bow with an integrated dolphin striker, and teak detailing in the cockpit, the 9.98 Bellissima enhances both functionality and aesthetics on deck. Below, the Bellissima incorporates a more finished and comfortable interior better suited for distance cruising and extended voyages including additional cabinetry and nicely trimmed furniture.

998 Keel 998 Keel
The Secret is Below the Waterline


With years of racing and world-class competition experience between them, the design team relied upon their knowledge of what makes for a fast yacht and combined it with the utilization of the most modern computational fluid dynamic design tools available. The result is a keel, bulb, and rudder that is perfectly balanced for performance and handling.

The all-lead fin keel incorporates a torpedo-style bulb, accounts for 40% of the yacht's displacement, and is built to ensure a precise level of hydrodynamic efficiency. The foil sections produce minimal drag and excellent flow stability in all conditions, while the long chord reduces leeway. The generous rudder area and high aspect ratio result in superb maneuverability and a helm that is exceptionally responsive and well-balanced.

Designed for Performance


Every component used in constructing the Italia Yachts 9.98 meets the highest quality standards to deliver the customer a robust, high-performance, safe, and enduring sailing yacht. The hull and deck feature GRP laminates with a variable-density PVC foam core. The outer laminates utilize a combination of biaxial and unidirectional glass fibers impregnated with vinylester resins and carbon fiber structures for optimal strength and protection against osmosis. The single structure frame is bonded internally to reinforce the hull and ensure even mast, keel, and rigging load distribution. Gelcoat finishes off the hull and deck, while the cockpit and side decks incorporate a nonskid surface.

Italia Yachts 9.98

Naval Architect Matteo Polli / Italia Yachts Design Team
Interior Design Kristian Macchiut (KMD)
Exterior Design Kristian Macchiut (KMD)
Engineering Matteo Polli / Italia Yachts Design Team
Length Overall - LOA 33' 10" w/o bowsprit / 37' 1" w/bowsprit
Hull Length 32' 8"
Waterline Length - LWL 30' 6"
Beam 11' 7"
Standard Draft 6' 2" - ORC Torpedo
Optional Draft 6' 11" - IRC Fin
Displacement 9,920 lbs
Ballast 3,968 lbs
Air Draft (not including Windex) 58' 5"
Mainsail Area 409 sq. ft.
Jib Area 344 sq. ft.
Spinnaker Area 969 sq. ft.
Asymmetric Spinnaker Area 1,131 sq. ft.
Standard Engine Volvo D1-20 HP / 130S Saildrive w/folding two blade propeller
Optional Engine Volvo D1-30 HP / 130S Saildrive w/folding two blade propeller
Fuel Capacity 16 gal
Water Capacity 29 gal
Certification CE Category A - Ocean
ORC APH 552 - 567 sec/m
IRC TCC 1.015 - 1.025


Explore the Italia Yachts 9.98 Bellissima with a 3D virtual tour. Step through the yacht as if you were on board. For a genuinely immersive experience, view the tour with virtual reality glasses available at all David Walters Yachts Offices.

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