Italia 12.98

True to the Italia Yachts heritage, the Italia 12.98 is a thoroughbred performance cruiser, designed to be effortlessly sailed with minimum crew. The Italia 12.98 is ideal for a cruising couple or family. The powerful rig and sail plan combine with the state of the art hull design, to deliver exhilarating performance and a sensation at the helm that can only be described as feather-light and remarkably responsive. Rock-solid and steady in heavy winds, yet light for the calm breezes, the Italia 12.98 strikes a perfect balance for sailing in a wide variety of conditions. A hallmark of any Italia Yacht. In addition to her speed, the bold styling and refined finishes make the Italia 12.98 unique among any yacht in its class. Distinctly Italian, the Italia 12.98 is bright, beautiful, and tailored for remarkable comfort and the enjoyment of all aboard. Sailing fast has never felt so good!

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Bellissima Series

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Sport Series

9.98 / 34 | 11.98 / 39

Designed to provide the performance-oriented sailor with a vessel that is not only deceptively fast but also exceptionally comfortable and safe. The Bellissima series features deck plans and cockpits configured for shorthanded sailing, ideal for a couple or a family, and refined interior designs with all the luxuries demanded long-distance cruising.

The Sport Series is Optimized for performance and built with a first-place finish as the primary design objective. Both the Italia 9.98 and the new 11.98 have claimed the title of ORC World Champion. There is nothing faster than an Italia Yacht in the hands of a capable sailor.


The hull and deck of the Italia 12.98 are built using a fiberglass sandwich construction incorporating a core material of variable density PVC foam. Along the centerline of the hull, the laminate is solid. This combination of solid and cored construction ensures a stable and stiff hull for serious offshore sailing while also reducing the weight of the yacht, enabling excellent light wind performance.

In areas of high compressive and tensile forces, such as around deck fittings and the rig, substantial backing plates are integrated into the laminate to ensure an even distribution of stress through the hull and deck. The structural grid, which carries the forces of the rig and keel, is built of carbon fiber and fiberglass, and as well as the bulkheads are bonded and laminated to the hull to create a single monolithic structure resulting in a stable, stiff, and responsive hull.

All laminates include the utilization of both unidirectional and biaxial E-glass piles which are bonded with vinyl ester resins and finished with isophthalic gelcoat to ensure superior protection against osmosis. The entire construction process, from start to finish is conducted in a state-of-the-art facility at the Italia Yachts Shipyard under strict environmental controls to ensure quality and an exacting level of consistency through every Italia Yacht that sails away from the yard.

Below the waterline

Several keel options are available to suit the individual's unique requirements based on their preferred style and the location in which they will sail, including the standard "T-Keel" and shoal draft bulb. The rudder blade is constructed of laminated fiberglass with a PVC foam core. The biconical rudder stock is built of 6082 anticorodal alloy aluminum and seated with self-aligning bearings.


Simple and uncomplicated were the primary design ambitions when configuring the deck of the Italia 12.98. Purposefully built to maximize the enjoyment of the family, the deck is wide and open, free of excess equipment, and sleek with flush mounted deck hatches, recessed headsail furling unit, and lines led cleverly through recesses and channels in the coach roof.

The cockpit is considerably large with twin helms, allowing unrestricted walk through access to the water level swim platform. Brining you right to the water's edge.

The cockpit is considerably large with long bench seats and excellent room for maneuvering behind the twin helm stations. Walk through access to the folding swim platform brings your right to the water's edge. Soak up the sun and sea, unwind, relax. Live.

Particular attention has been given to ensure the cockpit environment of the Italia 12.98 is ergonomic for comfort, functional to enable short-handed sailing, and spacious for the enjoyment of all aboard. While cruising, storage is a premium. So, as such, and to keep the cockpit clean and organized, the Italia 12.98 sports a large amount of storage space. With lockers inside the cockpit benches and beneath the cockpit floor, there is also a segmented chain locker at the bow. For comfort, benches are full and the seatbacks high, and as well as the flat surface of the foredeck, with its flush hatches, makes for a perfect lounge or area to soak in the sun.

Transitioning to and from the cockpit, as well as along the side decks, is safe and comfortable. The deck is uncluttered with lines running through channels under the coach roof to the cockpit, and standing rigging kept inboard and outboard, eliminating the need to duck between shrouds. The double lifelines are high, and the stanchions substantially backed and mounted to the bulwark.


Striking a proper balance between comfort and performance, the Italia 12.98 utilizes the fluid dynamic concepts developed for the Italia 9.98 Sport and mixes in an element of refinement and style to create the perfect mid-size performance cruising yacht. Astute eyes will notice the fore and aft rakes are more evident than on other models of the yard, which results in a smaller wetted surface to the benefit of light wind performance. The hull also has flared sections, with a narrow waist and a distinct V-shaped bow. This hull form creates a variable-length waterline, short in light wind to reduce drag, and longer in heavy conditions for speed and stability.


The Italia 12.98 has an edge toward performance yet encompasses the qualities and characteristics desired for leisure sailing and extended cruising. The high-performance fractional rig includes a silver anodized tapered aluminum mast and boom built by John Mast with two spreaders swept back at 20 degrees allowing for tighter pointing upwind. The boom has two double reefing lines, internal outhaul, and a telescoping vang. As an option, the spars are available in carbon fiber or with a variety of mainsail furling systems to include in-mast and in-boom.

The larger J-dimension, combined with the aggressive attack angle of the forestay, results in a very generous foretriangle, perfect for great sailing in rough conditions, the use of a Code-Zero, or other large downwind sails.

The standing rigging is high quality, discontinuous Navtec rod rigging with closed body turnbuckles. The V1 chainplate is located outboard at the sheerline, and the D1 is placed on the coach roof to ensure unrestricted movement along the side deck. Performance roller bearing blocks and shackles, hydraulic backstay, recessed jib furler, and Dyneema running rigging all come standard.


A unique blend of choice materials characterizes the interior. The teak joinery, with matched vertical grains and brushed satin finish, contrasts with the light undertones of the white headliner, as well as the exquisite Italian soft goods and polished stainless steel fixtures throughout the yacht. The edges throughout the interior are softly blended with gracious curves, adding not only to the aesthetics but to the safety at sea as well.

Below deck, you feel the quality of the materials such as hand-stitched and crafted Italian upholstery, the mirrored finish of the stainless steel, the precise fit. It all speaks to the level of care and attention lavished upon each Italia Yacht. The interior of the 12.98 is deceptively large and exceptionally comfortable, incorporating bountiful drawers and cabinets, lockers and compartments, and cupboards and shelves. There is a place for everything integrated into the overall design of the interior. In the dinette, in the galley, in the cabins. Each activity has a dedicated space.

The standard interior layout has a large galley with "L" shaped countertop, forward-facing navigation station, welcoming main salon, three lavish cabins, and two heads. Additional arrangements and unique customizations are available.

The salon exudes elegance exemplified by a rational distribution of space, a well-lit atmosphere, and superb ventilation. A plush U-shaped settee to port welcomes up to six and wraps around a brilliant table. Extend the folding leaf, and the table becomes a full-beam dining environment suitable for eight, with two relaxing upon the sizeable double settee to starboard.

The well-appointed galley includes top loading cold storage, a three burner gimbaled stove with oven and broiler, and a deep basin sink with polished fixtures. Room for provisions and cookery is superb with numerous cabinets and drawers under the countertop as well as outboard. Adjacent, the companionway to starboard, the forward-facing navigation station, with a folding chart table, makes for a practical and functional space to plan your journey or manage the yacht's systems.

The generously sized master stateroom with natural light is incredible with two hull windows and a large opening deck hatch. There is no shortage of space. Outboard shelves, two extra tall hanging lockers, and storage underneath the berth ensure everything has a place. The two aft cabins have lots of headroom, extra-large beds, abundant storage space, and a second head. All your family and friends need to feel comfortable and pampered. All finishes and fittings are of the highest quality, with extensive use of wood. The yacht is adorned with fine Italian leather and tasteful design elements to provide a luxurious and comfortable environment.

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