Italia 11.98

Optimized for racing in both ORC and IRC world-championship competition, the Italia 11.98 is the latest development in the Sport Series by Italia Yachts. Building upon the success of the 9.98, the new Italia 11.98 is a proven force to be reckoned with on the racecourse. Just two months after the launch of Hull Number 1, "Sugar" claimed the title of 2019 ORC World Champion. The customization of the Italia 11.98 is what truly makes this yacht unique among its peers. Professional demands and the owners wish are nearly the only limits to what can be customized. Each Italia 11.98 reflects the individual's specific requirements.

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Bellissima Series

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Sport Series

9.98 / 34 | 11.98 / 39

Designed to provide the performance-oriented sailor with a vessel that is not only deceptively fast but also exceptionally comfortable and safe. The Bellissima series features deck plans and cockpits configured for shorthanded sailing, ideal for a couple or a family, and refined interior designs with all the luxuries demanded long-distance cruising.

The Sport Series is Optimized for performance and built with a first-place finish as the primary design objective. Both the Italia 9.98 and the new 11.98 have claimed the title of ORC World Champion. There is nothing faster than an Italia Yacht in the hands of a capable sailor.


The Italia 11.98 comes offered in two versions, the Sport and the Bellissima. The Sport is for the purest who has nothing less than first place in mind. Designed to dominate in ORC and IRC competition, this is a boat where every aspect of the design is geared to win. The Bellissima, which is almost identical in construction and performance to the Sport, offers a few additional refinements which make it not only quick on the racecourse but also comfortable and fun for the family to cruise.


Envisioned to surpass even the high bar set by the success of the 9.98, the Italia 11.98 brings together the design prowess and decades of experience of the Italia Yachts Design Team led by Matteo Polli, Olivari Engineering, KMD Design, and Arbore and Partners Design. The concept for the Italia 11.98 was to create a yacht that can compete and win in world-class ORC and IRC competition all the while remaining fun and easy for the family to enjoy, both racing and cruising. The performance objective was to create a well-balanced boat that is responsive and stiff with excellent speed and handling in both upwind and downwind conditions.


The construction of the Italia 11.98 ensures a lightweight and rigid hull without sacrificing reliability and safety. The hull and deck are constructed of GRP laminate with a variable density PVC foam core and incorporates a gelcoat finish. The outer laminates utilize a combination of biaxial and unidirectional glass fibers impregnated with vinyl ester resins for optimal strength and protection against osmosis.

The internal frame is constructed of carbon fiber unidirectional tape combined with glass fiber laminates. The frame is then laminated into the hull utilizing Ultimate Lay Up Technology to produce a structural grid that ensures rigidity, incredible strength, and minimizes the weight of the vessel. Bulkheads are built of solid marine ply which is then laminated to both the hull and deck by structural adhesives and fiberglass. The deck is molded nonskid with the Bellissima version offering the option of synthetic teak.

The Secret Is Below the waterline

With years of regatta and world-class competition experience between them, the design team relied upon their knowledge of what makes for a fast yacht and combined it with the utilization of the most modern computational fluid dynamic design tools available. The result of which is a keel, bulb, and rudder that is perfectly balanced for performance and handling.

The Italia 11.98 comes customized with either a T-Shaped keel with torpedo style bulb optimized for ORC or a deep fin keel which designed for IRC competition. The foil sections minimize drag and demonstrate excellent flow stability in all conditions and hydrodynamic efficiency. The generous rudder area and high aspect ratio result in superb maneuverability and a helm that is exceptionally responsive and well balanced.


The Italia 11.98 is an unquestionably beautiful yacht with modern lines and a sleek profile, with a design, driven by form and function. The deck of the Italia 11.98 is configured to be clean and unobstructed. Maintaining a low profile reduces wind resistance and enables safe and easy maneuvering in and out of the cockpit as well as fore and aft along the side decks.
The race configuration of the Sport version keeps the cockpit organized and the deck uncomplicated, with everything just where it should be for crew efficiency. The Bellissima version has a few additional refinements for the family such as larger bench seats, twin wheels, and synthetic teak in the cockpit, as well as an integrated bowsprit. A stowable cockpit table and folding transom gate are popular options as well.


The Italia 11.98 Sport and Bellissima share the same sail plan. The foresails have a powerful aspect ratio and a generous amount of volume without overlapping. The mainsail has a moderate square head with a considerable roach, eliminating the requirement for a split backstay or runners. The 9/10 fractional sail plan offers the possibility for both symmetric or asymmetric sails both fractional and at the masthead.


Configured for competition, even as a base model, the Italia 11.98 is for the serious competitor. The high-performance rig includes a 9/10 fractional aluminum mast with a tapered profile, and two spreaders swept back at a 21-degree angle to maximize jib roach. The aluminum boom features an internal outhaul. For the serious racer, the optional carbon fiber mast and boom, as well as the retractable bowsprit, are popular options.

The rigging is discontinuous for optimal strength, and as well as the forestay constructed of 1x19 stainless steel wire with turnbuckles. The chainplates are integrated at the broadest part of the beam for maximum mast support and to ensure unobstructed access to the foredeck. The forestay also includes a foil for added performance. The running rigging is all high quality, low-stretch Dyneema, as is the backstay with tensioner. The Bellissima version contains an integrated bowsprit as standard equipment.


The sailing qualities of the Italia 11.98 embody an easy-to-handle and very balanced boat that does not require much effort at the helm, is flexible and shows excellent speed in both the Sport and Bellissima versions. Reactive and responsive, the Italia 11.98 is a fun boat to sail in both light wind and stiff breezes. The yacht responds as you'd expect and accelerates quickly after tacking. Reliable and stable, the Italia 11.98 is a tamed pure-bred.
Utilizing the latest in computational fluid dynamic design as well as velocity prediction programs (VVP) to model and maximize the competitive advantage in both ORC and IRC competition, the Italia 11.98 is an ideal choice for the serious sailor.


The Italia 11.98 features three spacious cabins, each with a double berth and generous storage and lockers. To starboard is a large head, adjacent to port a comfortable separate stall shower doubles as wet storage for foul weather gear. The L-shaped galley with gimbaled stove, single basin sink, and lots of cold storage is both functional and well equipped. To starboard is a forward-facing nav station with chart table and access to the yachts systems and electrical panel. The main salon has two large settees and a centerline table with two folding leaves.

The Sport interior is designed to optimize performance and comes specifically tailored to the unique requirements of a race crew. Special features include a lightweight table design, improved storage space with side storage for sails, removable soft lockers, and large settees which convert to very comfortable sea berths.

The Bellissima is business on deck, with many of the same race optimized features of the Sport, but below it's about luxury and comfort. The Italian design is evident in every touch. High quality, matched grain joinery work, superb stainless steel accents, and elegant Italian leather trim and upholstery are a few of the finer details. With a variety of interior options available including, teak, stainless, and carbon fiber accents, each Italia Yacht can be configured to the owner's exact specifications to suit their unique taste.

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