RogueWave Yacht Sales of Annapolis Maryland has joined forces with David Walters Yachts, bringing together two of the industry’s leading brokerages now under one banner! Your choice for blue water boats!

For over twenty years, sailors throughout the Chesapeake Bay area have been warmly greeted and frequently assisted by the dynamic team of Bernie Jakits and Kate Christensen of RogueWave Yacht Sales based in Annapolis. Together, and true to their moto for “Your Choice for Blue Water Boats” they have dedicated their experience and passion for sailing towards assisting fellow sailors in the purchase and sale of their blue water sailboats. While their boutique style brokerage may seem small in appearance their success in the industry is anything but miniscule. Having sold over 800 boats valuing at over $125 million, they’ve built a small powerhouse of a company based on their own personal passion for sailing, the beautiful boats they represent, and the loyal clients they’ve helped along the way.

Both humbled and proud of their success, the true story, as Bernie and Kate would say, belongs to the people who they’ve helped along the way and the dreams they’ve achieved. Hundreds of their clients have put thousands of miles under the keel, circumnavigating, cruising, and just sailing lazily around the bay. So, after twenty years and a constant presence, Bernie and Kate are proud to announce their “small” boutique brokerage is joining forces with their long-time industry partners at David Walters Yachts, a Florida based brokerage equally well known throughout the sailing community.

The merger of RogueWave Yacht Sales and David Walters Yachts is really one bourn naturally overtime. Just as port and starboard are as common in sailing, David Walters and RogueWave are spoken and heard just as frequently in conversation regarding the brokerage industry. Together, the two brokerage houses have captured the lion’s share of the market for many of the finest boats on the water including Hylas, Little Harbor, Valiant, Alden, Hallberg-Rassy, Bristol Channel Cutter and Oyster yachts. In total, the two companies have sold over 1,700 boats and served thousands of clients.

Together David Walters Yachts and their new partners Bernie and Kate, and the rest of the Annapolis team, look forward to carrying on a long tradition of dedication and focus towards their clients and the beautiful boats that grace the waters. With offices in Fort Lauderdale and Naples Florida, Newport Rhode Island, Annapolis Maryland, and soon Santa Barbara California, the two brokerage companies that sailors have known and trusted for over 20 years, now under one banner, offers the greatest selection for blue water boats in the United States with a full team of expert brokers ready to assist clients in the purchase and sale of their quality boats. Yet, despite the change, the company’s passion remains the same, just a new sign above the door. You’ll likely find a few new faces on the docks but you’ll still find Kate and Bernie ready to assist sailors at the new RogueWave office of David Walters Yachts located at the Port Annapolis Marina. Still, and as always, “Your Choice for Blue Water Boats!”.