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Marty Loftus

Annapolis, MD

(973) 610-3412

Throughout his career Marty has concentrated on asset finance and building structured financial products custom designed for each client.  His career has provided him with a financial service education from Wall Street firms both large and small in locations from New York to Bermuda and Miami.

Marty has extensive blue water sailing experience including several Marion Bermuda and Newport Bermuda races as Captain on his own vessel.  In addition, Marty has delivered or helped to deliver yachts up and down the eastern seaboard and across the Atlantic.  A licensed USCG Near Coastal Master he has accompanied new owners remembering their young days as dinghy sailors as well as experienced sailors getting accustomed to another ten feet of boat.

Marty is now joining David Walter Yachts and combining a deep knowledge of financial expertise with his many years of blue water under the keel to help clients new and old to boating find the next perfect yacht.


Very pleased to have stumbled across Marty during our visit to the boat show. Very friendly and knowledgeable, and if there was something he didn’t know, he very quickly had an answer for us. He was aware that we were very inexperienced, and did not take advantage of that. He was very good explaining things in a way that we could understand, given our limited knowledge. I don’t know how he could have made things any easier for us going through this process. He went above and beyond. We consider him a friend now, as much as we do a broker. Would strongly recommend to anyone needing the services of a good broker.

- Anthony Wetmore buyer of Amel 46