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Randy Greenfield

Fort Lauderdale, FL

(954) 205-6300

Randy has a love of boating and the ocean developed during his college years in Santa Barbara, California majoring in Economics and exploring the Channel Islands. His first long distance voyage was delivering the beautiful, teak construction, Sparkman and Stevens designed sloop "Orient" from Los Angeles to Guaymas Mexico for the film "Lucky Lady" starting Gene Hackman, Lisa Minnelli and Burt Reynolds. After a few years working, Randy started a Yacht Brokerage and Dealership in California selling both Power and Sailing Boats, built in the USA and Europe.

Randy has spent many years cruising and racing on the Pacific coast competing in all the Mexican races, two Transpacs and one Victoria to Maui race. He moved his family to South Florida 14 years ago and developed as a Yacht Broker traveling to many of the manufacturers in Italy, France and Holland to view new construction and understand the evolution of Yacht Design in larger Motor and Sailing Yachts. In 40 years as a Licensed Yacht Broker, Randy has always gained a great deal of satisfaction from understanding his client's wants and needs.

Now based in Palm Beach, Randy enjoys the complete process of listening to the Buyers and Sellers as he continues to provide the best possible service now and in their future buying and selling their boats.


It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Randy Greenfield at David Walters Yachts. First off, Randy is very responsive. He answered my questions, addressed my concerns, and got back to me promptly (even with a three hours difference in time zones) with information. Randy is a knowledgeable and personable guy, providing education as well as sound advice. He also went above and beyond on numerous occassions to accommodate me and make the sales process run smoothly. Randy is a good guy and I recommend him highly to represent anyone on either end of the sale. Thank you, Randy!

- Beneteau 40 - Buyer Kevin L.

We are repeat customers with Randy - which probably says it all. We greatly respect his knowledge and experience in the boat industry. His endearing quality is that he really cares and makes that clear to us. We sincerely believe that his is looking out for what's best for us, not trying to sell us a boat.

- Mike Kuperberg - Seller of Nordic Tugs 32

"We would like to record our heartfelt thanks for the assistance Randy has given to make this happen. With COVID restrictions making it very difficult for us to give the normal assistance to Randy, as a broker, with regards to ensuring Nychea was at her best, the whole exercise would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, was it not for Randy’s willingness to go above and beyond what might reasonably be expected.  So, whilst many sellers may feel the brokerage fee was not fully earned, we feel Randy earned every cent!"

- Tony & Jill Cunningham - Sellers of Hylas 46 NYCHEA

Just wanted you to know that Jeanne and I are loving our Nordic tug. We motored up the Chester River today to a cool little place called Kennersley Point Marina. It’s a throw-back to 1960.

We’ve been out every weekend this season and love it. A mix of marinas and anchorages. All systems are working fine. George (former owner) is a good friend and valued advisor.
Jeanne keeps looking at bigger boats (think Nordic Tug 42), but we have lots to learn from Karisma.

Thank you again for being our “boat whisperer” - we think and talk about you often.

- Mike Kuperberg- Buyer of Nordic Tug 32

We write to share our past and recent experience with Mr. Randy Greenfield, Senior Yacht Broker, and express our highest regard for his handling of the sale last week of “WineR”, 55’ power catamaran. We first met Randy nearly five years ago as we began our search for “the boat” to cruise The Great Loop. Randy was our broker for the purchase of “WineR” four years ago. The process from start to finish proceeded flawlessly under Randy’s direction and oversight, from initial offer, through negotiations, sea trials and closing in December 2016. Randy’s obvious knowledge of the brokerage process and his attention to detail, as well as his decades of boating experience with all kinds of boats, helped calm our nerves surrounding this major luxury purchase, a first for us of this size and complexity of vessel.

With the completion of The Loop (on January 5, 2020) in sight we sought out Randy to broker the sale of “WineR”. Our experience with him and his obvious knowledge of “the business” had instilled in us the confidence that “WineR” would be in the best of hands for sale. And she was! From Randy’s suggestions of how best to prepare “WineR” to show her strengths, cruising with us for two days from Ft. Myers to Stuart to personally experience and be able to attest to her ride and handling, to immediate notification of an offer (while in Taiwan) and continual communication through acceptance and culmination of the sale, his outstanding broker skills were apparent.

We signed the official listing agreement on December 6, 2019, had the first showing to the buyers’ broker on January 3, and closed on February 7, 2020. We don’t know if this is a record for time between listing and close or not, but clearly Randy’s dogging of the process and clear and timely communication played a major role in the speedy and successful outcome of the sale.
There is no question that Randy’s extensive knowledge and expertise, his ability to read people and understand and respond to their needs (both the buyers’ and the sellers’), his own personal well-honed boating skills, and his attention to crossing every t and dotting every i assure that his clients are well served. He kept us, the buyers, four years ago and the sellers these past few weeks, focused on the critical path toward success and the process moving forward. Randy is simply the best! David Walters Yachts is fortunate to have him representing the company!

It has truly been our pleasure to know Randy and have him represent us, both as buyers and sellers. We highly recommend him to others, and should we be in the market for another boat in the future will, of course, seek him out.

- William Andrews and Vicky Carwein - Sellers of Malcolm Tennant 55

Contact Randy

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