Alden Yachts

Founded in 1909, Built in USA

Alden Yachts was an American yacht builder founded by John G. Alden and located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Inspired largely by his 1907 voyage aboard the schooner Fame, owned by the Eastern Fishing Company, John Alden found himself aboard the vessel during a rough voyage at sea with an inexperienced and undersized crew caught in foul weather. His early designs and those that followed, earned great distinction for their stability and safety at sea, all weather abilities, and the capacity to be sailed short-handed. By 1932, Alden Yachts were known worldwide in part due to the success of the popular “Malabar” design in the offshore racing scene.

Early on, Alden Yachts became best known for their fast and seaworthy offshore schooners but today their broad range of exceptional vessels have become true classics that turn heads as do many of the contemporaries that bear the Alden name.  Classic Alden Yachts are frequently available on the pre-owned yacht market and can be found ranging from the quaint 18’ Alden O Boat to the impeccable 88’ Alden Fisherman Schooner. Cruising sailboats of a more modern design include the Alden 72, Alden 54, Alden 52, Alden 50, Alden 46, Alden 45, and Alden 44, and the Alden 55 center cockpit designed by Bill Cook. These yachts draw upon the same pedigree as their early predecessors and have become highly sought after for their seakindly motion, performance, and bluewater capabilities.

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