Amel Yachts

Founded in 1964, Built in France

Henri Amel (1913-2005) also known as 'le capitaine' opened up his boat building business in 1964 when he was 50 years old in La Rouchelle, France. The Amel Yard produced more than 2,000 sailing yachts including the Mango, the Santorin, the Maramu and the Super Maramu.

Amels claim to fame was that they are the ultimate standard production yacht and was the first production yacht to include bow thrusters. The company was not enthusiastic about options; buyers didn't even get to decide on the color of soft goods. The original "all-inclusive" package included electric furling & winches, watermaker, generator, washing machine and even bath robes, clothes hangers and a hairdryer.

As the years have gone by buyers now want to have a say so when building an Amel. The Amel sales team encourages buyers that an Amel is a complete boat and encourages the standard package. The company prefers in minimizing variations between the Amel sailing yachts to guarantee a higher degree of security and consistency.