Baltic Yachts

Established in 1973, Built in Larsmo, Finland

Baltic Yachts was founded by five partners determined to introduce a new breed of high-performance yachts to the world of offshore sailing. The concept was to introduce state-of-the-art technology and design principles with light weight modern materials to the timeless tradition of Finnish boat building. Introduced in 1973, the newly formed Baltic Yachts introduced the Baltic 46 which was widely accepted and highly desired.

The early Baltic Yachts were built from molds and included the Baltic 35, Baltic 38 DP, Baltic 42 DP, Baltic 43, Baltic 51, and the Baltic 66. As the company grew they also became heavily involved in highly customized construction, producing many impressive custom high performance cruising designs for the most discerning sailors. Today, Baltic Yachts continues their long established tradition of building innovative performance yachts using the latest methods and advanced materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar to build semi-custom yachts ranging in size from 50 to 66 feet and fully custom yachts up to 200 feet at their modern yard on the west coast of Finland.

Baltic Yachts can frequently be found on the preowned market with their smaller yachts such as the Baltic 38 DP selling for upwards of $50,000. The popular Baltic 40 and Baltic 42 DP are selling for over $120,000. The largest of their semi-custom late model yachts are pricing upwards of $500,000. The majority of Baltic sales are logically in Europe, but with the introduction of Baltic Yachts Americas in 1991 the company has earned a strong following in the United States.

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