Burger Yachts

Founded in 1863, Built in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA

The Burger Boat Company is a builder of custom-designed, hand-built pleasure yachts. The company also produces commercial vessels. The repuatation of the company has always been compareable to North Americans premier builders including Palmer Johnson.

It produced its first welded steel yacht in 1938 and began using welded aluminum in 1952. Of the 500 yachts built in the company's history, there are about 250 still in service.

In 1993, Burger Boat Co went bankrupt.  David Ross and partner Jim Ruffolo both Chicago entrepreneurs, acquired the bankrupt company in 1993. Ross retired in 2007.  Burger is now headed by Jim Ruffolo, President/CEO there are about 350 employees who build an average of three impressive custom yachts per year.