Cambria Yachts

Designed and built by David Walters 1983-1990, Built in Portsmouth, RI

The Cambria series was developed to offer the cruising sailor a balanced design, properly engineered and custom built of the finest materials and craftsmanship to meet the demands of shorthanded cruising and have the ability to make fast passages. Design objectives specify a strong, safe and sea kindly yacht with a graceful sheer and spirited performance. Computer testing and comparative performance data were utilized to perfect and confirm the design objectives. The lines of the Cambria combines hull form stability with an appropriate ballast-to-displacement ratio. The keel length and shape is designed to provide directional control and good performance with minimum effort. Cambria's are classic designs that are standouts wherever they sail. 

The David Walters Yacht design and building company built Cambria Yachts in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. The Cambria Yachts are featured in Ferenc Mate The World's Best Sailboats A Survey with many of New England's finest semi-custom yacht builders including Hinckley, Alden, and Little Harbor and some notable European builders Nautor Swan and Hallberg Rassy. Cambria's have been cruised by couples and families extensively along the east coast of the east and west coast of the US and Caribbean and some others ventured to Europe, the Pacific Rim, Alaska, Greenland, etc. They also continue to successfully compete in regional and international offshore racing events including the Newport to Bermuda race.

To build each Cambria 40 averaged 7,500 hours and the 44' and 46' 10,000 hours these hours to achieve the highest quality semi-custom yacht standard. Exceptional strength and exquisite teak joinery and professional system installation are a testament to the excellence of New England's craftsman. Best of all is the joy of sailing Cambria's along the coast or across oceans.