Fairline Yachts

Started in 1963, Built in England

Fairline Boats Ltd is a British luxury motor yacht builder.

Started in 1963 by Jack Newington, the company presently builds motor yachts in both its original Oundle base as well as in Corby, Northamptonshire, UK.   

Fairline started when Newington bought a series of gravel pits on the River Nene and built the Oundle Marina.

In 1967 he launched the first Fairline boat a 19’ handcrafted glass-reinforced plastic river cruiser.  When Newington's son Sam, a former Royal Air Force pilot and Columbia University MBA graduate, took over in 1971, the company employed 14 people. Sam expanded the company’s sales network overseas to take advantage of the expanding Mediterranean market place.

The company expanded in the 1980’s developing lines of high speed cruising yachts. When Sam retired in 1996, CEO Derek Carter expanded the company further by establishing Fairline Boats of North America Inc., creating a network of 35 dealers.

In 2002 the 10,000th Fairline was completed, together with new production facilities at the original Oundle site. The Fairlines have a well earned reputation for their rugged construction, well designed and finished interiors and attractive contemporary Euro styling. 

Some of the more popular models include 53', 58', 59', 65',