Jeanneau Yachts

Established in 1957, Built in France

In 1957, M. Henri Jeanneau founded a boat company set-out to build high-quality smaller boats.  
In the 1970’s, Jeanneau of Les Herbiers, France, then concentrating primarily on producing fiberglass sailing yachts, was sold to Bangor Punta, then later to Chatellier Industry.


In 1995, an asset purchase of Jeanneau by the other French giant, Beneteau, formed the largest sailboat group to ever exist. Though now owned by a large holding company which includes Beneteau and many other companies, Jeanneau is operated as a completely independent brand with totally separate production facilities and distribution networks.  The company has a well-earned reputation for designing and building fast, comfortable, state of the art performance cruising yachts.



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