Larson Yachts

Started in 1913, Built in the USA

Paul Larson, the founder of Larson Boat Works and Crestliner, Inc, began his career at the age of eleven when he built his first boat in Little Falls. As a young man Paul made duck and fishing boats for his friends, he also sold boats to property owners around Lake Alexander.

In 1922 an order for six boats, from the Minnesota State Game and Fish Department, led Paul to design the Game Warden Special. The increased demand for his boats caused Paul to erect a new boat works in 1925 on the east side of the Mississippi River.

While other companies were faltering during WWII, Paul was able to expand his company after receiving a government contract to build training boats for the war effort. During the war, the boat works also produced wooden shell cases. Slowly the company returned to building pleasure boats after WWII, making its first aluminum boat in 1946. Paul started Larson Water Craft as his aluminum boat manufacturing business. It was later renamed Crestliner, Inc.

In the early 1950’s Paul and his team started experimenting with fiberglass, first by surfacing wooden boats with fiberglass cloth and resin, then by making fiberglass molds into which fiberglass was sprayed to form boats.

In 1959, Paul Larson expanded Larson Boat Works once again. The new factory was located at its present location on the west side of the river and has expanded many times since then.

By 1976, Paul had finally retired from the boat business. Both Larson Boats and Crestliner, Inc. are now owned and operated by Genmar Holdings, Inc.