Nauticat Yachts

Founded in 1966, Built in Finland

The Nauticat 33 was built and the designer of this yacht was the Finnish engineer W.Aarnipalo who was attempting to fulfill the request of a few local sailors. The sailors asked Aarnipalo to build a comfortable 10-meter motorsailer with a proper pilothouse.  The hull shape was a strong & sturdy design similar to that of the Nordic Tug.  The 33 design was a hit and sailors now yearned for a larger version.  The Nauticat 44 & 36 both designed by W.Aarnipalo later accompanied the Nauticat 33.

At the beginning of the 1980´s the Nauticat 52 was launched. It was the largest yacht to date built by the yard, and the 52 was later replaced by the Nauticat 521 and this exceptional offshore yacht got smaller sisters called 43 and 40. All three yachts came from the drawing board of Sparkman & Stephens. These yachts were quite different from the traditional Nauticats in sense of both design and performance. These yachts were the first steps in the direction of pilothouse sailing yachts that were to be introduced later. The pilothouse was lower than earlier, the hulls were more sailboat like and the entrance was in the cockpit and not from the pilothouse sides as earlier. The 521, 43 and 40 were designed with ocean crossings in mind and this could easily be seen when having a look at for instance fuel-and water tank capacities.

In 1996 the Nauticat 515 was delivered and had an unexampled combination of performance, safety, comfort, style and power. The 515 was the first center cockpit bluewater sailing yacht produced by Nauticat.

Nauticat pilothouse sailing yachts include the 321,351, 37, 385. 42, 515 and 525.