Bringing Your Dream to Life


Embarking on the journey of constructing a semi-custom sailing yacht with David Walters Yachts is a voyage into the realms of precision, passion, and personalization. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you from the very inception of your vision through to the delivery of your dream yacht, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience every step of the way. This process is not just about creating a vessel; it's about bringing to life a lifestyle that many aspire to, but only a select few achieve.

A Unique and Tailored Experience


Embarking on the journey of creating a semi-custom sailing yacht is a unique and thrilling adventure that combines personal expression with the pinnacle of maritime engineering and craftsmanship. This process is meticulously designed to bring your nautical dreams to life, from the initial spark of imagination to the exhilarating moment of setting sail on the open waters. Here's an overview of the key steps involved in bringing a semi-custom sailing yacht from vision to voyage:

  1. VISION: The starting point where dreams and ideas are gathered to form the foundation of your yacht's design.
  2. EXPLORATION: A deep dive into the possibilities, selecting the right partners, designers, and shipyards to bring your vision to life.
  3. DESIGN: Translate your vision into detailed plans, discuss customization options, and refine the yacht's specifications.
  4. CONTRACT: Negotiating terms and ensuring all aspects of the build are clearly defined and agreed upon, protecting your interests.
  5. CONSTRUCTION: The physical building process, where your yacht takes shape under careful supervision and expert craftsmanship.
  6. COMMISSIONING: Involves testing and fine-tuning the yacht's systems and performance through sea trials to ensure everything is in perfect working order.
  7. DELIVERY: The moment your yacht is officially handed over, marking the beginning of your ownership and adventures at sea.
  8. OUTFITTING: Personalize your yacht with the necessary gear, supplies, and interior design to reflect your style and needs.
  9. SET SAIL: Embarking on your journeys, fully supported by a team dedicated to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable sailing experience.
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Italia Yachts 20.98 Mini Maxi - -20
Stage 1: Developing the Concept


The foundation of every great yacht begins with a vision. Our process initiates with deep, exploratory conversations designed to uncover your aspirations, preferences, and the ultimate purpose of your yacht. Whether you dream of circumnavigating the globe, competitive racing, or leisurely cruising with family and friends, every detail is considered. We delve into questions about how you intend to use the yacht, desired performance characteristics, and the essential amenities that will make the yacht truly yours. This stage is crucial in developing a clear and actionable blueprint for your custom yacht, ensuring that every aspect of the design reflects your unique vision and lifestyle.

Understanding Your Vision

At the heart of the Vision stage, we engage in a deep and exploratory dialogue designed to uncover the essence of your dream yacht. Through a series of thoughtfully curated questions, we aim to grasp not just the specifications but the soul of your desired vessel:


  • Intended Use: How do you envision embracing the open seas? Is it leisurely cruising, competitive racing, or a mix of both?
  • Destinations: From the tranquility of the Caribbean to the rugged landscapes of the Arctic - where do you plan to venture?
  • Performance Characteristics: What sailing capabilities do you prioritize? Speed, stability, or perhaps a balance of both?
  • Crewing Requirements: Will you command the yacht with a close-knit crew, or do you foresee a need for professional hands on deck?
  • Charter Potential: Is chartering part of your vision, adding a commercial aspect to your sailing dreams?
  • Design and Amenities: What must-have features define luxury and comfort for you aboard?
  • Aesthetic Preferences: From sleek, modern lines to classic nautical elegance, what design language speaks to you?
  • Decision Makers: Who will be the key voices in shaping the project's direction?


Crafting a Conceptual Brief

Armed with insights from our conversations, your dedicated team at David Walters Yachts will meticulously craft a conceptual brief. This document outlines your yacht’s core objectives and primary requirements, embodying your vision and serving as the guiding beacon throughout the construction journey.


Unique Approach to Manufacturer Selection
  • Unbiased Partnership: Unique to David Walters Yachts, our approach is free from bias toward any single manufacturer. This ensures that your vision is the sole determinant of our path.
  • Wide Range of Options: With access to an extensive array of premier yacht manufacturers, we guarantee a match that resonates with your unique preferences and technical specifications.
  • Guided by Expertise: Our experience, expertise, and deep industry knowledge are the pillars in selecting the right manufacturer and sub-components to breathe life into your vision.


Commitment to Your Interests

Above all, our commitment is to you - from the earliest stages of conceptualization to the majestic moment of launch and beyond. We pledge to honor your vision, champion your interests, and ensure that every step of the journey meets and exceeds your expectations.

Italia 20.98
Iyalia 20.98
Stage 2: Selecting the Right Partners


The journey from vision to reality in the construction of your semi-custom sailing yacht enters a crucial phase with Exploration. This stage is where the conceptual groundwork laid in the Vision stage begins to materialize through the careful selection of partners who will bring your dream yacht to life.

In this Exploration stage, David Walters Yachts acts as your navigator, leading you through the complex landscape of yacht construction. Our goal is not just to build a yacht but to craft an experience that is as enjoyable and rewarding as the lifestyle it promises. Through meticulous selection and personalized engagement, we ensure that every partner, from shipyards to interior designers, is perfectly aligned with your vision, setting the stage for creating a yacht that truly reflects your aspirations.

Dynamic Development of the Concept

The concept we develop is not static; it evolves. As we explore the myriad of possibilities in yacht construction, your vision document serves as a compass, guiding each decision and adaptation. This evolving concept becomes the foundation for discussions as we introduce you to the craftsmen, designers, and shipyards capable of turning your dream into a reality.


Leveraging Our Network

David Walters Yachts is proud of its robust network, built on years of collaboration and trust with the world’s leading yacht manufacturers. Our intimate knowledge of their capabilities, coupled with firsthand experiences aboard their vessels and visits to their shipyards, positions us uniquely to recommend the perfect fit for your project.

Understanding your specific requirements enables us to curate a list of manufacturers whose vision and craftsmanship align with yours. We stay abreast of the latest offerings and innovations in the yachting world to ensure you have access to the best options available.


Boutique Approach to Yacht Building

We believe in the value of face-to-face interactions wherever possible. Whether that means arranging for you to meet with shipbuilders and designers directly or bringing them to you, we ensure that these crucial conversations happen in the most conducive manner. Recognizing the importance of flexibility, we also facilitate video conferences, allowing for continuous engagement and decision-making, no matter where you are in the world.


Introducing Key Experts

Beyond shipyards and designers, our exploration extends to the specialists behind the components that will define your yacht’s performance and aesthetics. From the sails that will catch the wind to the luxurious interiors that will define your living spaces, we connect you with industry-leading experts in every field.

Sail and spar manufacturers, electronics and electrical experts, and interior designers are all part of the vast network we bring to your project. These introductions are carefully selected to ensure they align with your vision, providing insights and options that enhance your yacht’s design and functionality.

Stage 3: Putting Your Vision to Paper


Transitioning from the Exploration stage into Design is a fluid process, marked by a gradual sharpening of focus towards the specifics of your yacht's form and function. This phase is where your dream starts to take shape in more concrete terms, guided by the insights gained and the possibilities uncovered during the exploration.

Focusing on the Details

Narrowing down the field to one or two manufacturers, we engage in deep discussions about the general arrangements and areas ripe for customization. This stage is pivotal in aligning your vision with the builders' technical and aesthetic capabilities. Each manufacturer offers a different level of flexibility in customization. We navigate these waters together, exploring the extent to which your desires can be realized, from layout modifications to bespoke features.


Development of General Arrangements and Build Sheets

We develop detailed general arrangements and build sheets for the shortlisted manufacturers using the vision document as a blueprint. This process clarifies aspects such as pricing, availability, and delivery timelines, making the path towards realization more tangible.


Objective Clarity and Decision Making

The ultimate aim of the Design phase is to identify the manufacturer that aligns with your vision and demonstrates the capability and enthusiasm to bring it to fruition. A well-defined general arrangement and build sheet, coupled with a clear timeline for completion and delivery, are the milestones of this phase.

It's essential to understand that decisions made during this stage are not set in stone. Semi-custom yacht construction is inherently flexible, accommodating changes as your vision evolves and becomes more defined. Manufacturers are prepared to handle change requests, ensuring the final product remains true to your initial dream. Of course, there are deadlines and cut-off times for specific decisions, but guided by our team, you will be kept well informed of any decisions that need to be made.

The Design phase is a collaborative effort, leveraging the strengths and expertise of chosen manufacturers to refine and solidify your vision. It's a time of excitement and anticipation as the abstract becomes concrete, and your dream yacht begins to emerge from the realm of imagination into the realm of possibility. David Walters Yachts handles every step of this journey with care, expertise, and a deep commitment to making your vision a reality.

Stage 4: Securing Your Interests


The transition from design to contract marks a pivotal moment in bringing your semi-custom sailing yacht from vision to reality. With the selection of a manufacturer, our focus shifts towards formalizing the partnership and ensuring that your interests are fully protected and advocated for.

At David Walters Yachts, we bring our extensive experience to bear on this critical phase, ensuring that the confidence matches the excitement of the build in the agreement.

Negotiating the Deal and Details

Our role is to stand beside you, lending our expertise and experience as you negotiate with the chosen shipyard. This stage is crucial for laying down the terms that will govern the construction of your yacht, and our presence ensures that your voice is heard loud and clear.

Key Contractual Elements

We meticulously negotiate crucial elements such as the base price, build sheet option pricing, and the payment schedule. Each of these factors plays a significant role in your project's financial planning and management. Ensuring the contract includes clear quality standards and realistic delivery timelines is essential. We advocate for clauses that provide protection against delays and ensure the yacht is delivered according to the agreed specifications.


Navigating Critical Elements

Our team guides you through setting up secure payment processes, including escrow agreements that safeguard your funds. This ensures that payments are released based on verified build progress, offering you peace of mind throughout the construction phase.

We pay close attention to the delivery protocols and the warranty terms included in the contract. These aspects are crucial for ensuring that the transition to ownership is smooth and that you have protections in place should any issues arise post-delivery.


Securing Your Interests

The contract phase is about more than just formalizing the build; it's about ensuring that your investment is protected and that the shipyard fully aligns with your expectations. Our expertise in contract negotiation enables us to secure favorable terms for you, covering all bases, from the financials to the finer details of the yacht's construction and delivery.

Navigating the contract phase with David Walters Yachts benefits you from a partnership committed to securing the best possible terms for your project. Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of the agreement serves your interests, allowing you to look forward to the construction and eventual launch of your yacht with confidence and excitement.

Stage 5: Bringing Your Vision to Life


The Construction phase marks a pivotal point in the journey of your semi-custom sailing yacht, transforming your meticulously planned vision into a tangible, sea-ready vessel. This stage is where dreams are crafted into reality, overseen with the precision and dedication that David Walters Yachts is known for.

The shift from the theoretical framework of spreadsheets, contracts, and negotiations to the physical build marks the beginning of a new, exciting chapter. It's here that your vision starts to materialize, layer by layer.

Through meticulous oversight, regular engagement, and a commitment to excellence, we ensure that the yacht not only meets but exceeds your expectations, setting the stage for the adventures that lie ahead.

Comprehensive Project Management

Your dedicated David Walters Yachts team remains available throughout the construction, ensuring seamless communication between you, the shipyard, designers, and naval architects. Our primary goal is to oversee an efficient, cost-effective build process tailored to your preferences, with a keen eye on preempting any potential surprises.


Regular Updates and Engagements

We monitor the project's progress closely, organizing monthly progress meetings with the shipyard to discuss advancements, address concerns, and ensure that the build remains on schedule. We provide regular updates through photos, videos, and detailed reports to keep you closely connected to the build, offering a transparent view of the construction progress.


Quality Assurance and Client Involvement

Our proactive approach aims to minimize issues before they arise, ensuring a smooth construction process. By staying actively engaged with the shipyard, we navigate the complexities of yacht construction, avoiding common pitfalls.

Key moments during the build are marked by planned visits to the shipyard, allowing us to verify the quality and adherence to your specifications firsthand. These visits ensure that every aspect of the yacht meets our rigorous standards. We highly encourage and facilitate your visits to the shipyard, particularly during significant phases like rough carpentry. This opportunity allows you to see the emerging interiors, offering a glimpse into realizing your dream.

H57-03 on truck
H57-03 on truck
Stage 6: Sea Trials and Fine Tuning


The commissioning phase is the culmination of a journey from concept to reality, underscored by a commitment to excellence and a dedication to delivering a yacht ready to set sail. It's a testament to the craftsmanship, innovation, and partnership that defines the David Walters Yachts experience, ensuring your vessel is not just delivered but delivered to perfection. This critical juncture is where all the planning, craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail are put to the ultimate test.

Pre-Delivery Sea Trials and Inspections

As your yacht approaches completion, the David Walters Yachts team, consisting of seasoned experts, will be present for the sea trials. This phase is not merely a formality but a rigorous evaluation of the yacht's performance under real-world conditions.

Sea trials serve as the proving ground for the yacht's design, engineering, and construction quality. Our team's sharp eye for detail is essential in identifying any technical issues that may arise, ensuring everything from the engine performance to the sail dynamics functions flawlessly.


Fine-Tuning for Optimal Performance

The insights gained during sea trials inform the necessary adjustments and fine-tuning required. Whether it's tweaking the rigging for better sail performance or calibrating navigational instruments for precision, every element is scrutinized and refined.

Our collaborative approach with the shipyard ensures that any adjustments identified during the sea trials are executed to perfection. This synergy is crucial in aligning the yacht's condition with your high standards and expectations.


Readiness for Delivery

The commissioning phase concludes with a mutual agreement between you, the David Walters Yachts team, and the manufacturer that the yacht has been meticulously completed and is ready for delivery. This consensus signifies that your dream yacht is not only sea-ready but crafted to the exceptional standards you envisioned.

Catamaran Image (1)
Catamaran Image (1)
Stage 7: Taking Ownership and Flagging


The delivery of your yacht is not merely a transaction; it's the culmination of a shared vision and a collaborative journey. It signifies the beginning of your adventures at sea, supported by the thorough groundwork and personalized assistance provided by David Walters Yachts. With every detail attended to, from ownership structure to flagging and crewing, you can confidently step aboard, ready to embrace the sailing lifestyle you've envisioned.

Preparation and Planning

Planning for the delivery begins well before the yacht's completion, integrating logistics and preparatory steps into the construction timeline. This foresight ensures a smooth transition to the next phase of your yachting adventure.

Decisions regarding where to take ownership and flag the vessel are pivotal. These choices influence regulatory, tax, and operational aspects of yacht ownership, tailored to your unique circumstances and aspirations.


Expert Guidance on Ownership Details

Our team offers expert advice on the most advantageous ownership structures, taking into consideration factors like vessel registration, tax implications, and the broader nuances of yacht ownership. With the yacht ready for handover, we assist you through the closing process, leveraging our expertise to navigate registration requirements. Our in-house closing agent specializes in U.S. flagging, while our maritime attorney can address more complex scenarios, including international registrations or offshore closings.


Crewing Your Yacht

For owners who desire professional crew, our experienced team can facilitate the hiring of qualified yacht captains, crew, and yacht managers. We ensure that your yacht is not only ready in terms of construction and legalities but also fully staffed and operational.

Stage 8: Making the Yacht Yours


Outfitting your yacht is where your personal touch transforms a vessel into a home upon the water. This phase is about selecting the gear, supplies, and aesthetic elements that align with how you envision living and enjoying your time at sea. David Walters Yachts brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to ensure that every aspect of your yacht reflects your preferences and lifestyle.

Selecting the Essential Gear and Supplies

Our team offers expert advice on equipping your yacht with all the necessary items for safety, maintenance, and enjoyment. From state-of-the-art safety equipment and reliable spare parts to luxurious dive gear and versatile tenders, we guide you through choosing the best options for your needs.

We understand that comfort is key to enjoying life on board. That’s why we assist in selecting custom mattresses, high-quality linens, and other personal touches that make your yacht a comfortable, stylish sanctuary.


Personalizing Your Space

For many owners, the yacht's interior is a reflection of their taste and a space for relaxation and entertainment. We connect you with leading interior designers who specialize in maritime aesthetics, ensuring that the fixtures, fittings, and accessories perfectly complement the yacht's architecture while reflecting your personal style.

As delivery day approaches, we coordinate the logistics of shipping, importation, storage, and installation of your chosen items. This includes everything from navigational equipment and entertainment systems to artwork and decorative pieces, ensuring a smooth integration into your yacht's design.

Hylas 57 sailing-1
Hylas 57 sailing-1
Stage 9: The Right Start and Beyond


With the delivery of your new yacht, a new chapter begins — one filled with adventures, discoveries, and the joy of sailing the seas in a vessel that's a true extension of yourself. David Walters Yachts is committed to ensuring that this transition is not just about handing over the keys but about setting you up for success and satisfaction in every voyage you undertake.

This detailed approach to the custom construction of sailing yachts ensures that every aspect of your journey is managed with expertise, care, and a deep understanding of the joys and complexities of yacht ownership. With David Walters Yachts, you are not just building a yacht; you are crafting a legacy.

Comprehensive Orientation and Training

Our primary goal at this stage is to ensure that you and your crew are fully versed in every aspect of your yacht's operation. From system maintenance to maneuvering in various sea conditions, we provide the knowledge and support needed to confidently handle your yacht.

Whether your journeys take you across blue waters or into competitive racing scenarios, our team is here to support you. For cruisers, we offer assistance in long passages, ensuring you're comfortable and confident with all onboard systems. For racers, we bring in professionals to sharpen your crew's skills and optimize your yacht's performance.


Adjustments and Advocacy

It's natural for a new yacht to require adjustments and fine-tuning, especially during the warranty period. Should any issues arise, David Walters Yachts acts as your advocate, liaising directly with the manufacturer to resolve any concerns promptly and to your satisfaction.


A Partnership Beyond Delivery

Our commitment to you extends far beyond the initial purchase and outfitting of your yacht. We remain at your side as a resource and support system, dedicated to ensuring that your sailing experiences are as fulfilling as they are memorable.

Your Journey Starts Here


Take the first step toward setting your dreams in motion. Contact David Walters Yachts to schedule an initial consultation with a member of our experienced Custom Construction Team.

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