The Italia 43 Veloce


The Italia Yachts 43 Veloce, a bold fusion of a pure walkaround and a day cruiser, reflects Italia Yachts' signature aesthetics in its sporty lines and elegant design. Conceived with a focus on generous interior space and class-leading headroom, this yacht embodies an innovative hybrid concept that redefines the standards of luxury cruising. The exterior, characterized by an unmistakable sheer line and a long, wide hard top for greater protection from the elements, makes the Italia Yachts 43 Veloce instantly recognizable.

The boat features opening terraces in the cockpit, a raising and lowering stern platform for easy access to the water or shore, and two expansive sunbathing areas. Inside, the attention to lighting creates an open and welcoming atmosphere, mirroring the feeling on our sailing yachts. With three distinct layouts, the interior design ensures seamless movement and safety throughout the yacht, making the Italia Yachts 43 Veloce a paragon of comfort and elegance.

A New Breed of Powerboats


The classic hull brings a sign of modernity in the sheer line to create a stunning look and symmetry with the hardtop. The hardtop provides excellent protection from the elements and shelter while cruising. The hardtop can still provide more shade by extending with the integrated sunshade. The sheer leads to a high bow with ample flare, intentionally ensuring safety on board. Under the hardtop, the cockpit is modular to allow for the best configuration for your day on the water, with sofas that leave the side walkways free, equipped with movable backrests and a central table that can be folded down to become on large sunpad. With the cockpit terraces open and the unobstructed stern, the space multiplies to be the central point of life aboard for children or a comfortable beach for guests.

Interior Features of the IY 43 Veloce


Experience a blend of opulence and functionality as you step into the intricately designed interiors of the IY43 Veloce. The yacht, deeply influenced by Italia Yachts' signature Italian style, provides a sophisticated haven filled with elegance and comfort. The design team has meticulously crafted the interiors, drawing on a modern expression of the Italia Yachts DNA while integrating cutting-edge design principles. Special attention is given to indirect lighting and the strategic use of novel materials to add depth and dimension, resulting in a textured atmosphere that is visually stimulating and inviting. Notably, the yacht's volume is excellently utilized with perfectly-sized furniture that invites relaxation, whether for intimate family cruising or hosting lavish soirees.

The IY43 Veloce offers three layout options, playing with the forward and aft areas to suit diverse customer needs. From an expansive salon and double aft cabin to a double forward cabin with single or double bed options aft, you can personalize your yacht to match your lifestyle. The design's brilliance lies in its balance of outdoor living with enclosed spaces, providing retreat options and comfort, making the IY43 Veloce the perfect host for every occasion.

Engine Options


In the journey to build a yacht that fully caters to a diverse clientele's needs, Italia Yachts presents unique flexibility in propulsion systems for the IY43 Veloce. Recognizing that the selection of an engine is a crucial decision shaping your yacht's performance and aft deck layout, three high-quality options are provided. The Volvo IPS engine is an excellent choice for those appreciating swift, effortless maneuverability and quiet operation. For those looking for shoal draft, or use as a mega-yacht tender, stern drive's provide a clean look and ease of handling with a clean underbody. Alternatively, if high speed and power top your priorities, opt for the Mercury outboards, renowned for their reliability and strength. Whichever propulsion system you select, the IY43 Veloce ensures superb balance, weight distribution, and the epitome of Italian style.

Italia Yachts 43 Veloce Specifications

Naval Architect Skyron
Interior Design Arbore & Partners / Italia Yachts Design Team
External Design Skyron / Italia Yachts Design Team
Overall Length 46'
Hull Length 4' 1"
Beam 13' 8"
Displacement 23,150 lbs
Draft 4' 2" [Pod Drive] / 2' 8" [Outboards Up]
Outboard Option 3x Mercury V10 Verado 400 HP [1,600 HP total]
Pod Drive Option 1 2x Volvo IPS 600 [2x 440 HP, 880 HP total]
Pod Drive Option 2 2x Volvo IPS 650 [2x 480 HP, 960 HP total]
Cabins 2
Heads 1
Fuel Capacity 330 Gallons
Water Capacity 42 Gallons
Certification CE Category B
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