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For us, few things are as satisfying both personally and professionally as standing at the edge of the dock, casting off the dock lines, and watching one of our clients sail off for the first time aboard their new boat. For over 35 years we’ve been fortunate to have been a part of countless such occasions.

Sailors themselves are just as unique as the boats they sail and, therefore, every client is treated as such. Our professional brokers tailor the process to the individual by taking the time to truly understand each client’s vision, dreams, and ambitions. From there, our brokers help our clients outline their requirements, identify the boats most suitable for them, accompany them throughout the buying process, and finally help them navigate through the closing procedures.

Half a world away or one harbor over, wherever your perfect yacht is our global resources can find it, and we will be by your side throughout the process. We’ve traveled countless miles in pursuit of our client’s perfect boat. With offices in Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Annapolis, Newport, and Santa Barbara, and well established overseas connections, our brokers will be by your side. Contact us today to find your next boat.


  • Size & Accommodations: To determine size, the two primary considerations are the interior accommodation requirements, including number of sleeping cabins and size of living areas, and what length yacht the owner and/or crew is comfortable sailing and docking.
  • Quality Class: Yacht quality falls into three categories: 1) High quality custom and semi-custom; 2) middle priced production and 3) basic production. Differences include level of woodwork finish, styling detail, and construction and equipment quality. Basic production designs offer, less woodwork finish, lighter construc¬tion, and are commonly used for coastal and island cruising. Quality yachts provide a higher level of structural integrity, finish, and styling. They also include improved systems, (wiring, plumbing, and hardware), and custom masts and rigging systems. They are preferred for offshore sailing. There is a limited selection in the middle-priced production category, which is also often difficult to define.
  • Mid-Cockpit or Aft-cockpit: Mid cockpits locate the steering station and cockpit forward of the owner aft cabin, providing room for a larger full width, private, aft owner's suite. This is a very popular type of design. Aft cockpit designs generally offer larger cockpits on yachts under 50' and lower, more sleek profiles particularly on smaller designs.
  • Styling: Traditional, contemporary, or modern. Reverse stern or counter stern, and bow profile. Traditional yachts are often more attractive however, they have less interior volume due to lower freeboard and reduced beam.
  • Additional important considerations: Reputation of the builders and designers, sail plan (cutter, sloop, or ketch), hull con¬struction (metal or fiberglass, solid or cored), perform¬ance level and resale record of sisterships and comparable designs.


  • Inspect yachts that meet the preliminary client criteria and represent superior design and construction in their class. South Florida offers the largest selection in most size and quality classes to start the process. Traveling is often required to locate the best value.
  • A modern proper yacht should be safe, strong, comfortable, fun to sail with a minimum of crew, and offer a level of finish and styling that pleases the buyer. During your initial visit, we will prioritize your preferences. After boarding a varied selection, the focus will narrow to those designs that offer the primary elements that come closest to your specific preferences.
  • With more defined parameters, the yacht search will be expanded to all parts of the U.S. and foreign countries for larger boats. New construction will also be considered if budget and delivery times are within the client’s parameters.


  • When a client is interested in purchasing a particular yacht, we will research the historical sales and comparable values and offer a negotiation strategy. We then closely monitor each phase of the negotiation process. A signed Purchased & Sales Agreement is required, with a deposit check to present an offer. During negotiations, the deposit check is held, and only deposited in trust when the buyer and seller agree in writing to all terms and condi¬tions. All agreements are subject to survey and sea trial.
  • The next step is signing an "Acceptance or Rejection of Vessel". Up until this time the buyer has the right to request a full deposit refund, less survey expenses if they were paid directly to vendors. If the Buyer accepts the vessel the deposit becomes nonrefundable. The seller pays all sales commissions and the buyer has no expense related to broker services. An independent, qualified documentation agent is engaged at the Buyer’s expense to handle the closing, which includes preparing Bills of Sale.
  • Sales Tax exemptions, for a specified length of time, are available in most states; Florida included, for out-of-state residents. Generally, clients pay sales tax in the state where they have a home or business with the most favorable rate. Forming an offshore corporation and registering a yacht under a foreign flag are common with larger yachts. Foreign buyers and companies qualify for tax exemptions.
  • We work very closely with our clients throughout the process with the full understanding that each individual has their own unique criteria, requirements, and desires. The services we provide are truly tailored and dedicated to our clients to ensure that their yacht buying experience is pleasant and professional. Our brokers personally accompany our clients during all showings, attend sea trials, surveys and oversee closing details.

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