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1986 Stephens Deck Saloon Sea Angel
Sea Angel
Stephens Deck Saloon 1986
Waterford CT
2015 Hylas 70 Independence
Hylas 70 2015
Fort Lauderdale FL
2015 Hylas 70 Ragnar
Hylas 70 2015
Providence RI
2006 Hylas 70 Perfect Symmetry 5
Perfect Symmetry 5
Hylas 70 2006
Marina Del Rey CA
2026 Italia Yachts 20.98
Italia Yachts 20.98 2026
Annapolis MD
2003 Taswell 58 Celebrate
Taswell 58 2003
Fort Lauderdale FL
2004 Farr 56 Pilothouse Aurora
Farr 56 Pilothouse 2004
Annapolis MD
1984 Camper & Nicholsons 58 Roxy
Camper & Nicholsons 58 1984
Annapolis MD
2016 Hylas 56 The Glass Slipper
The Glass Slipper
Hylas 56 2016
Annapolis MD
2015 Hylas 56 Stellina
Hylas 56 2015
Annapolis MD
1996 Taswell 56 Cosmos
Taswell 56 1996
Portsmouth RI
2025 Italia Yachts 16.98 Bellissima
Italia Yachts 16.98 Bellissima 2025
Annapolis MD
2015 Beneteau Oceanis 55 Freedom
Beneteau Oceanis 55 2015
Lighthouse Point FL
2009 Hylas 54 Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones
Hylas 54 2009
Fort Lauderdale FL
1983 Pearson 530 ROCKY CS
Pearson 530 1983
Brunswick GA
1988 Little Harbor 53 Blue Star
Blue Star
Little Harbor 53 1988
Annapolis MD
2000 Custom Ian Franklin 53 Sloop Independence
Custom Ian Franklin 53 Sloop 2000
East Norwalk CT
1987 Irwin 52 Meander
Irwin 52 1987
Annapolis MD
2003 Island Packet 485 Priva Sea V
Priva Sea V
Island Packet 485 2003
Fort Lauderdale FL
2025 Italia Yachts 14.98 Bellissima & Fuoriserie
Italia Yachts 14.98 Bellissima & Fuoriserie 2025
Annapolis MD
1991 Stevens 50 PH Ticket To
Ticket To
Stevens 50 PH 1991
Fort Pierce FL
2003 Farr 50 Pilot House Solstice
Farr 50 Pilot House 2003
Fort Lauderdale FL
2018 Jeanneau 51 Antithesis
Jeanneau 51 2018
Cape Canaveral FL
2000 Hylas 49 Moonlight
Hylas 49 2000
Annapolis MD
2007 Beneteau 49 Maria Cristina
Maria Cristina
Beneteau 49 2007
Greenport NY
1995 Taswell 49 Flyin Low
Flyin Low
Taswell 49 1995
Annapolis MD
2000 Passport 470 MAGGIE
Passport 470 2000
True Blue
1988 Alden 46 Cara Lynn
Cara Lynn
Alden 46 1988
Unknown MD
2011 Hylas 46 LIBERTE'
Hylas 46 2011
Marina Del Rey CA
2004 Hylas 46 Hylas Southern Cross
Southern Cross
Hylas 46 Hylas 2004
Fort Lauderdale FL
2006 Hylas 46 Phoenix Dawn
Phoenix Dawn
Hylas 46 2006
Punta Gorda FL
2000 Hylas 46 Helios
Hylas 46 2000
Annapolis MD
2003 J Boats J/46 Shadow
J Boats J/46 2003
Willsboro NY
1988 Ted Brewer 45 Custom Iron Mistress
Iron Mistress
Ted Brewer 45 Custom 1988
Punta Gorda FL
2025 Italia Yachts 12.98 Bellissima & Fuoriserie
Italia Yachts 12.98 Bellissima & Fuoriserie 2025
Annapolis MD
1993 Cambria 44 Pioneer Cabin
Pioneer Cabin
Cambria 44 1993
Mamaroneck NY
2003 Bavaria 44 Ilean
Bavaria 44 2003
2001 Island Packet 420 Balabusta
Island Packet 420 2001
Annapolis MD
2019 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 Performance Leopolis
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 Performance 2019
Annapolis MD
1990 Slocum 43 Divine Miss Em
Divine Miss Em
Slocum 43 1990
Fort Pierce FL
2017 Lagoon 42 Island Hopp'r
Island Hopp'r
Lagoon 42 2017
Cape Canaveral FL
1983 Stevens Center Cockpit ESTELLA
Stevens Center Cockpit 1983
Gloucester MA
1987 Cambria 40 Crackerjack
Cambria 40 1987
Bristol RI
2010 Lagoon 400 Lorelei
Lagoon 400 2010
Hampton VA
1987 Tartan S&S 40 Night Heron
Night Heron
Tartan S&S 40 1987
Annapolis MD
2025 Italia Yachts 11.98 Bellissima & Fuoriserie
Italia Yachts 11.98 Bellissima & Fuoriserie 2025
Annapolis MD
1990 Caliber 38 Liberty
Caliber 38 1990
Falmouth ME
2003 Beneteau Oceanis 361 Lola
Beneteau Oceanis 361 2003
San Carlos
2025 Italia Yachts 9.98 Bellissima & Fuoriserie
Italia Yachts 9.98 Bellissima & Fuoriserie 2025
Annapolis MD
1978 Vineyard Vixen 34 Sloop Moonglow
Vineyard Vixen 34 Sloop 1978
Sag Harbor NY
1980 Nonsuch 30 Classic Vixen
Nonsuch 30 Classic 1980
Portsmouth RI
2025 Italia Yachts 9.98 Bellissima & Fuoriserie
Italia Yachts 9.98 Bellissima & Fuoriserie 2025
Annapolis MD
1978 Vineyard Vixen 34 Sloop Moonglow
Vineyard Vixen 34 Sloop 1978
Sag Harbor NY
1980 Nonsuch 30 Classic Vixen
Nonsuch 30 Classic 1980
Portsmouth RI
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Builders’ and designers’ reputation, sail plans and rig configurations (cutter, sloop, or ketch), hull construction (fiberglass, aluminum, steel, solid or cored), performance level, and resale record of sisterships and similar designs. A DWY yacht broker familiar with quality sailing yachts can provide the experience and advice necessary to determine the best sailing yacht for you.

Catamaran Image (1)
Catamaran Image (1)
Mono-hull or Multi-hull


While traditionally dominated by monohull sailing yachts, cruisers, and performance sailors have taken notice of the developments and advancements in multihull design, quality, and the abundance of new manufacturers and models. Many sailors know where they stand when it comes to their preferences. Still, for most, the decision requires careful evaluation of their intended use, lifestyle priorities, cruising plans, and budgetary considerations to determine which option is best.

Quality & Class


High-Quality Custom
and Semi-Custom

Middle-Priced Production

Basic Production

The primary distinctions between the three categories include the level of finish, styling detail, construction and equipment quality, and the designer’s pedigree. Others include the material selection, the level of customization available to the owner, and the yacht’s suitability for offshore sailing or distance voyaging.

High-Quality Custom and Semi-Custom Yachts are constructed at the finest yards in the world using modern materials and the latest building techniques. Custom yachts are, as the name would imply, one-off builds and therefore carry the highest cost when new. Semi-custom yachts start from an established hull and deck design but offer many levels of interior customization, systems, equipment, and rigging. The top semi-custom manufacturers include Hylas Yachts, Oyster Yachts, Hallberg Rassy, Passport Yachts, Little Harbor, Sunreef Catamarans, Royal Cape Catamarans, and more. Yachts in this category are preferred for offshore sailing.

Basic Production Sailboats are the most common, encompassing about 85 percent of sailboats on the water. Their construction is optimized for mass production and efficiency; therefore, the level of fit and finish is lower quality but suited for their intended coastal and island cruising purposes. They are generally lighter displacement boats with pre-built liner structures, cabinetry, and furniture. The systems are more basic, and their installation is less robust than found in custom and semi-custom yachts. Basic production sailboat manufacturers include Beneteau, Jeanneau, Catalina, Hunter, Bavaria, Island Packet, Hanse, Lagoon, Leopard, Fountaine Pajot, Bali, Excess Catamarans, and more.

Middle Priced Production Sailboats offer higher quality construction and finish than basic production sailboats without the level of customization provided by custom and semi-custom yachts. Middle-priced production sailboat manufacturers include Tartan, Italia Yachts, X-Yachts, Balance Catamarans, Outremer Catamarans, and more.

Hylas 70 Cockpit-1-1
Hylas 70 Cockpit-1-1 Little Harbor Deck-1-1
Little Harbor Deck-1-1
Style and Design


Traditional, contemporary, or modern. Reverse or counter stern and bow profiles. Despite their differences in styling, all sailing yachts possess natural beauty. Propelling themselves through the waves under the power of nothing more than the wind in their sails. However, what makes a yacht stand out is as much a factor of personal preference as the design. 

The high gloss varnish of a New England kept Little Harbor, the sleek low profile of a flush deck Swan or Baltic, or the broad beam and powerful rig of today’s performance cruisers each capture the eye differently. Determining your preference for style and aesthetics is key to finding the yacht of your dreams.

Mid cockpit designs locate the steering station and cockpit forward of the owner’s aft cabin, providing room for a more extensive full-width private owners suite. This is a very popular design for modern cruising yachts. Aft cockpit designs generally offer larger cockpits on yachts under 50’ and lower, more sleek profiles, particularly on smaller designs. Traditional yachts, in the opinion of many, are more attractive and offer less interior volume due to lower freeboard and reduced beam.

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Catamaran Lagoon 39 Sapphire Sol
Lagoon 39 Sapphire Sol
Buying a Catamaran


The two-hulled design of the catamaran has been in use for millennia in the island nations of Oceania but only began to be incorporated in Western boat designs in the relatively recent past. Despite the residual reluctance of some sailors to consider catamaran sailing "real sailing," it's undeniable that the popularity of these stable, spacious vessels is surging in the long-term cruising market thanks to the lifestyle upgrade and higher degree of comfort they afford.

The Appeal of Multihulls

  • Tremendous amount of living space
  • Speed & performance
  • Stability & comfort
  • A true lifestyle platform ideal for the islands

Are you interested in catamarans? Connect with a David Walters Yachts catamaran expert today to discuss the pros and cons of multihull sailing.

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