Power Moves: A Sailor's Transition

Power Moves by Larry Pringle
Power Moves by Larry Pringle

By Larry Pringle

May 18, 2021

Power Moves:

Transitioning from Sail to Power

By Larry Pringle      

Many years ago, as a young, enthusiastic, and energetic sailor, I had a conversation one evening, with an old friend of my father's. 

We were sitting on the engine box of his motor yacht, quenching our thirst, in the setting sun.

His hair was all white, and he had the trademark rough skin that showed his years of experience plus the time he spent on the water, exposed to the elements. He had a distinct way of speaking which involved long and thoughtful pauses before even the shortest of his sentences were uttered.

I was no doubt naive and probably somewhat blinded, as many young enthusiasts tend to be about finding their passions, by my then unbridled excitement for ocean sailboat racing.

I was therefore intrigued and puzzled. 

Here was a man I knew who had traveled in sailing yachts, extensively across oceans, before and after the last Great War, regaling me with tales of his great passion for and his long experience with voyaging under sail. He was, rather astonishingly, telling me all this from the stern of a motor yacht which he now owned. 

Completely incongruous, I said to myself at the time, What on earth was a sailor doing on a motor yacht?! After a resourceful period of time during which I listened to another of his stories, this one involving a storm in the Bass Strait, I quietly asked him, why do you own this current vessel, when your eyes light up when reminiscing about sailing?

He smiled and then, after the mandatory long pause, replied, "You will, young man, someday if you are fortunate, come to understand." Fifty years later, I possibly do!

Over the years, my reflexes have slowed, my desire to work the foredeck on a cold and windy night has waned some, and the word "easier" has increasingly edged into my conversations. I have learned to channel my energies more selectively.

A good night's sleep in a level bunk is now far nearer the top of my mind, and yes, I must admit, a large stable platform and the ability to live below decks while underway have all worked their way into my priorities. The result is that I pay attention these days, more than ever, to a well-built, accommodating power yacht. Having sold my own larger sailing yacht, I have made the transition personally.

This personal experience, my portfolio of similar age clients making the transition, and a multitude of recent transactions have helped me come to some conclusions as to how to make it a successful change!

There are a large number of well-built power vessels available on both the new and brokerage markets for a wide range of needs and budgets.

Among the best of the new vessels are the customizable Hylas M44 and Hylas M49 designed by Dean Salthouse of New Zealand.

Let me help you find your best fit and make your transition to the joyous world of Motor Yachts!


Larry Pringle, JD

David Walters Yachts

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