Antigua 60 - Soolaiman
Antigua 60 - Soolaiman

By Josh McLean

Dec 10, 2021


Often, when a client and I sit down to outline their core list of requirements for their ideal liveaboard cruiser, the conversation concludes with a discussion about compromise and concessions. The fact is, very few boats genuinely have everything that liveaboard sailors desire. However, SOOLAIMON is among the few exceptions. 

Here are just a few qualities that tend to come up when I discuss the ideal liveaboard cruiser with most couples and how SOOLAIMON exemplifies each one:

Quality: Every buyer prefers quality, but not everyone can afford it. SOOLAIMON took 12 years to construct by hand. The level of precision, choice of top materials, and pure ingenious cleverness of the yacht's design put her on a level above any sailing yacht I've seen under $2,000,000. At just $675,000, SOOLAIMON is a better-built, higher quality vessel and far greater value than anything else on the market in her size, without exception.

Comfort: There are more standout features on SOOLAIMON than you'll find on any yacht under 100'. The galley alone is enough to impress with more high-quality appliances in the galley than what would be expected in a yacht of her class! The refrigerator and freezer are commercial grade. There is a large pullout pantry. The cabinets have pullout sections segmented for dishes, glasses, pots, and pans. There's even a garbage disposal, trash compactor, ice maker, etc., a full-size dishwasher, along with an espresso-machine cabinet. There are separate full-size washer and dryer units, and to top it all off, even an infrared sauna in the forward head!

Limitless Cruising: With a long fin keel and a draft of just 5' 8", SOOLAIMON can get in and out of shallow anchorages that would otherwise be off-limits to a yacht of her size, but with 22,000 of lead ballast, she still stays upright. For cruisers with an affinity for the turquoise waters of the Bahamas and the Florida Keys, there is no other yacht in this size range that can get to where you want to go. 

And when cruising up and down the East Coast, with SOOLAIMON's intercoastal waterway friendly mast, you can duck in and out of the ICW when the weather is not favorable or explore waterways otherwise not possible with most yachts in her class. But the sail area is kept large with the 29' boom and fully battened mainsail.

The yacht is also very self-sufficient, enabling you to go far without limits or concern. Four solar panels are mounted out of sight above the hardtop with two more and two wind generators on the arch. When desired, the large 10kW Phasor generator outputs enough power to run all the major systems, including air conditioning. To give you the legs to go where you want, the yacht has 450 gallons of fuel and 530 gallons of water, which can be replenished at a rate of 17 gallons per hour by the Spectra Newport water maker!

Serviceability: Nothing frustrates cruisers more than being stuck due to maintenance downtime. Therefore, nearly every component aboard SOOLAIMON is of the highest quality yet chosen from manufacturers for ease of availability and service. And from an accessibility standpoint, with all major components located beneath the four easy-to-access butterfly doors in the main salon, you'll never contort yourself again to swap out a pump or change the oil.

Functional Deck: The numerous benefits to the center cockpit in a cruising yacht. The protection from the elements, being more central to the yacht's motion, and the spacious aft cabin with its centerline berth are among the top reasons. However, the cumbersome nature of stepping over the coaming is always problematic, especially as sailors age. For this reason, SOOLAIMON has a walk-thru center-cockpit design that not only makes the cockpit more accessible but the rest of the yacht as well. The seating area is fantastic, with large benches, port, starboard, and a wide helm seat. One clever feature is the foldout berth incorporated into the starboard cockpit bench. Perfect for starry nights or cat naps while underway!

Up top, one of the best features is the aft deck and swim platform. Just the size of the space alone is impressive. It's a whole social area in and of itself with fold-down bench seats, a BBQ station, and acres of deck space. Every time I've sailed on SOOLAIMON, this is where people tend to socialize.

Safety on deck is a top concern for many liveaboards. Therefore, SOOLAIMON was constructed with safety at the forefront. The expansive side decks are lined with oversized 32" stanchions, with massive oversized stainless-steel lifelines, and handrails that span the length of the coach roof, and safety bars at the mast offer a welcome handhold or brace when operating at the rig while underway.

The Perfect Island Boat: For those who love the water, sailing upon it, or playing in it, SOOLAIMON is the perfect boat. Just drop down the swim platform to water level, and off you go. There's a rack with two paddleboards, fishing rod holders off the transom, a dive tank rack, a dive compressor, and an ingenious davit system with push-button controls for raising and lowering the tender. And with the shallow draft, you'll be able to go where most yachts cannot. That means more privacy and secluded anchorages!

Sailing is a Breeze: A good cruising boat should be relatively effortless and uncomplicated to sail, safe to handle by two people, and maneuverable in tight spaces. SOOLAIMON is unique in that she has an ICW friendly mast and a shoal draft keel. Generally, these are features not common on a 60' yacht. 

Does she sail like a Swan? Well, no, but you've never taken a 60' Swan and anchored so far in you could jump from the bow to the beach, either. That said, she does sail well. With 22,000 lbs. of ballast to compensate for her shoal draft, she stays upright and can easily handle the seas. And to make up for the shorter rig, the boom is drawn out to 29', providing an increase of sail area in the fully-battened main to keep the speed up.

As for managing the yacht, SOOLAIMON has a Leisure Furl boom, furling genoa and staysail, and sensible placement of the primary electric winches, mainsheet winch, and cockpit winches. The staysail also has a self-tacking system. The sightlines from the helm are fantastic, and with redundant such robust and sensible systems, it's impossible to make sailing any easier.

The reality is, SOOLAIMON is not a boat that ends up on most people's radar simply due to the fact they've never heard of an Antigua, are intimidated by a custom yacht, or are drawn to the allure of brands more common among sailing circles. However, I challenge you to find any other sailing yacht under $1,000,000 that has better cruising equipment, higher quality construction or offers as much comfort and luxury as SOOLAIMON. You won't find one.

So, if you're looking for a big, capable, well-built, exceptionally equipped sailing yacht that can take you in and out of shallow waters or anywhere along the East Coast of the US, you must see SOOLAIMON in person. She is seriously for sale and available for showings and demonstration sails for prospective buyers. SOOLAIMON is a yacht you must see in person to appreciate.


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