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A Look at the Tayana 48

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Tayana 48 Review

The Tayana 48 is unquestionably one of Bob Perry’s most successful production designs. Production on the model began in 1992 and has continued for going on 30 years. Tayana yachts are built at the Ta Yang yard in Taiwan, where many of today’s finest yacht builders can be found. Ta Yang started building boats in the late 1970’s with the Tayana 37, another renowned Perry design. Many of those owners that started with a 37 eventually grew into the 48 or the larger Tayana yachts such as the 55 and the 58.

The Tayana 48 is a modern design. Sporting a sharp destroyer bow to cut through the waves, sleek lines led aft to a reverse transom stern adorned by teak steps and a superb deck plan tailored with offshore sailing in mind. Available with either a 70’ performance rig or the popular ICW friendly mast, a slung hung rudder, and keel options including the 6’ standard draft or 5’ 3” shoal design, this is a boat that is just as much at home bobbing up the ICW as she is in a heavy blow offshore.

A tried a true design, the 48 received a major upgrade in the early 2000’s from designer Rob Ladd. A more modern styled deck plan, including a raised salon and elevated salon floor, were welcome improvements. This created a much more vibrant and spacious interior commonly seen on larger yachts. Being a true semi-custom boat, many options were available regarding layouts and systems configuration. Each owner could add their preference and make the boat their own.

Compared with other manufacturers, Tayana ranks among the best. Although just slightly below Hylas, Taswell, and Passport regarding price, their quality and sea-going abilities are quite comparable. The interior joinery and woodwork are simply superb, a hallmark of many of the Far East yards.

If you’re in the market for a quality bluewater yacht under 50’, you should be sure to look into a Tayana 48. With their long production run, steadfast following, and proven design, these boats are often found at varying price points. From late-model options to thirty-year-old cruisers, there’s bound to be a Tayana 48 within your budget.


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