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A Selection of 10 Well-Built Sailing Yachts on the Brokerage Market

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These well-built excellent sailing yachts, built in Maine, are all good performers. They combine performance and quality at a reasonable price. Sabre 36’- 45’ are frequently on the market and make a very good choice for a mid-size racer /cruiser. They are popular, well known and often found on the club racing circuit up and down the US east coast.

A well-kept experienced 36-footer can be found with an asking priced at about $130,000.



The Hylas brand name is almost an advertisement by itself. Built to high standards by Queen Long, seaworthy, fast, well fitted and finished, these craft have a long history of sailing the oceans. They are built and come onto the used market in a variety of sizes, in several locations around the world. The most popular size is the 46’-54’ range although others between 42’-70’ are sometimes available.

Depending on year and condition, used 46 footers are listed in the mid $300,000 to mid $400,000 range.



Canadian built, in a small Lake Huron town a little north and west of Toronto, not mistaken for a racehorse, but highly regarded for their "old fashioned" construction. By this I mean that they started building these boats when fiberglass was new to the art. The practice in those days was if the designer thought 1 " was adequate then 2" with this " new" material would be better! The result was and is a very strong build, in a traditional looking vessel, heavy but very sea kindly and a brand that circumnavigates routinely. Available in sizes from 31’-44’ the most popular being mid to high 30's LOA.  

A 37’ model is currently listed and in good condition at $150,000.



The Bristol Boat Yard built many designs from the board of the famed Dieter Empacher who was the creative genius behind the twelve meter "Independence" and the Canadian Cup winner many years ago "Dynamite". The Bristol’s are a part of yacht history and many are available on the used market today. They were built in sizes from the low 30’s to 60' and beyond. Well regarded, built as in yesteryear and respectable in speed, they still offer very comfortable cruising.

A 1994 example, 57’ is currently on the market for $375,000.



Maine craftsmanship, beautiful lines, magnificent finish in a hull that is fast and comfortable. Close to heaven! It is hard to overstate the qualities of this brand. They are reminiscent of another high-end New England built yacht in many respects but without the price tag. As well regarded as any of the white shoe builders, this company has produced some truly stunning vessels. They build custom and production (really almost semi production) in sizes ranging from 26' to 60' and beyond, with the most common models in the 30' to 45' range.

A current offering of a very beautiful well maintained 46' at about $395,000.



Every club in the US probably has one or more of these popular vessels. Very competitive for club racing, comfortable as a family coastal cruising boat and available on the brokerage market at a price that will not cause a purchaser to break out in a bad case of the financial vapors! They were built from the mid 20's up to 60' plus. A broad range of sizes are now available used, in a variety of vintages. The construction has stood the test of time and as a cruiser/ racer at what are now extremely reasonable prices, the value equation is hard to beat.

A very popular 38' model comes on the brokerage list at about $125,000.



For those of us who used to be racers but lost that intensity as we lost our hair, this brand is very respected and popular. Excellent construction, commodious, heavily rigged, stable at sea, wonderful easy motion, are all terms that the IP deserves. The spaciousness is difficult to anticipate until one steps below! Even the most enthusiastic of us in the sport still spend far more time at anchor, mooring or dock than at sea. In my experience, keeping the first mate happy is terribly important. These boats do that with storage, large galleys, hanging closets and most, if not all, of the comforts of home.

The very expansive IP 485 model (about 51’) is a very popular choice with people living aboard, for extensive cruising. A pristine example of this is currently listed under $400,000.



Most sailors know of the PS. Very good build, sea kindly, performance-oriented cruiser, built on the US west coast but sailed and found in every corner of the globe. They have a reputation of being strong, simple and reliable and have been consistently ranked among the best sailing yachts year after year. These boats are relatively plentiful on the resale market and come in sizes ranging from the mid 20's to mid 60's. They hold their resale value well, with many having gone all around and still capable/ ready for the second or third go.

A very popular Crealock 37' model (one of these experienced circumnavigators) is ready and advertised at under $100,000.



Ah the Valiant! Big, strong, looks like she was built to take on an ocean and, and does. Designed by Perry, one 47 ' model sailed by Pinkney around alone, (the third to do so) they are brutally efficient at sea, but without a fuss! The vessels were built with sailing in mind and the rather important concept of returning safely to the point of departure. From the high 30's to the 50's these boats have taken a lot of people, many of them beginners when they set out, on to high adventure. A traditional look with a modest sail plan and well thought out layout below, they are made for sailing. Some very nice ones return to the market with a long list of experiences. The quality however was built in to assure a long life.

Current offerings are a 1982 47’ at $150,000 and a couple of 2003-4  42’s around $200,000.



Tayana built a significant range of vessels for over 40 years from 30’-70’. They have enjoyed a good reputation as a well-constructed little ship. Some models built for speed, some for more leisurely sailing but all to a good design. Many are still sailing today, and most have been well maintained. Some of the models were reminiscent of the Valiant look but many were of a more modern line. These vessels have stood the test of time, particularly as some are still sailing at age 45 years. A good-looking model is the Tayana 55-T. She came in several formats from rear to center cockpit.

A refitted 1989 vintage in beautiful condition is offered currently for about $420,000 with older less pristine examples available at less.


We have many of these vessels available.


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