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Sailing Aboard the Hylas 56 STELLINA: The Blue Water Cruising Lifestyle

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The allure of blue water cruising goes beyond the technical details of a sailboat—it’s about embracing a lifestyle. Aboard the 2015 Hylas 56 STELLINA, this lifestyle comes alive with a unique blend of performance sailing and luxury comforts. This is more than just a boat; it's an experience that reflects the ultimate in sailing adventures.




A Unique Blue Water Experience

Sailing on STELLINA embodies the spirit of adventure. A recent 24-hour trip from Ft Lauderdale to Harbour Island, Bahamas, showcased the essence of blue water cruising. With favorable winds and calm seas, swift progress was made across the Gulf Stream, a feat that often tests even the most seasoned sailors.

Performance and Comfort in Harmony

One of the joys of cruising aboard STELLINA is the seamless integration of high-performance sailing with luxurious amenities. While smooth sailing conditions are enjoyed, also appreciated are the creature comforts that make journeys aboard even more enjoyable. The spacious interiors, comfortable cabins, and well-equipped galley allow relaxation and rejuvenation after a day of sailing.

The thrill of performance sailing is balanced with a focus on enjoying the destinations reached. Whether it's the stunning pink sand beaches of Harbour Island or the vibrant marine life in Bahamian blue waters, STELLINA offers a home away from home that makes every arrival a celebration.


Sharing the Stories of Sailing Adventures

A journey aboard STELLINA is not just a trip—it's a story ready to be shared. Through videos of adventures on the high seas and the rewards found at the end of each journey, adventure’s aboard STELLINA inspire others to embrace the sailing lifestyle. STELLINA shows that luxury sailing isn't just about the boat; it's about the experiences and connections made along the way.

Upon arrival to Harbour Island, a welcoming cocktail hour at a 1900 Bahamian mansion is enjoyed, sailors exchange stories and enjoy a rum tasting. These moments of camaraderie and shared adventure are what make the sailing lifestyle so appealing.


Discovering the Joys of Luxury Sailing

Sailing on STELLINA offers the best of both worlds: the exhilaration of performance sailing and the comfort of luxury amenities. From the stunning sunsets and sunrises to the excitement of a meteor shower, each trip aboard STELLINA brings new surprises and memories to cherish.



Ultimately, the story of STELLINA is about more than just a boat—it's about the lifestyle of blue water cruising and the freedom it represents. Whether you're an experienced sailor or new to the world of sailing, STELLINA invites you to experience the adventure, luxury, and sense of community that comes with life on the open seas.

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