Do You Want a Big Boat but have a Little Budget? We Can Help

By Amanda Noon

Nov 15, 2016

If your goal is to purchase a larger sailboat but your budget is a bit tight you have options. There are many budget friendly opportunities to purchase sailboats that will fulfill your needs. One option is a semicustom sailboat with an older model year. Although some of the equipment may be a bit dated but still functional this is a small sacrifice that will save you a lot. As time goes by you may have to slowly update items such as electronics but doing so slowly over time is much easier on the pockets than purchasing a newer vessel with more up to date equipment with a much heftier asking price.  

Good build quality like that of the Tayana will give sailors a lifetime at sea. The Tayana 55 is a great example; there are quite a few on the market that are priced from the mid 100’s. Some Tayana 55’s offer a shoal draft which is great if you plan on sailing the Caribbean.  The Tayana is a semi-custom sailboat which means the interior joinery and workmanship is exquisite and will offer liveaborad and long distance cruisers the comfort and space they are looking for.

David Walters Yachts offers a variety of large sailing boats that are high in quality but don’t necessarily have a high price tag. Brands such as Gulfstar and Jeanneau offer large designs that are built with quality features, comfortable interior arrangements and perform well when sailing. When in the right hands purchasing a large high quality sailboat on a budget is easy. With the assistance of one of our skilled brokers you will be hoisting your sails with the ocean breeze in your hair before you know it, all while not breaking the bank. 

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