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DWY Caribbean Office February Update

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Check out the latest updates and events at the David Walters Yachts "Southern Most Office" Caribbean Office headed up by DWY catamaran and multihull expert Richard Findlay!

Our First Year in Action

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My, how time flies! Just about a year ago, we received the keys to our office in Saint Martin. After the paint and furniture, it became a welcoming space to work and conduct meetings. The view from our back patio of the Simpson Bay Lagoon is beautiful and inspiring, and if you look to the left, you can be impressed by the long row of superyachts at the marina pier behind us. If you’re in Saint Martin, please stop by; there’s almost always a cold beverage in the fridge and maybe some sweet David Walters Yachts swag for you to take away. The Caribbean office is on Airport Road, halfway between the Dinghy Dock Bar and the Soggy Dollar Bar, so you needn’t fear becoming dehydrated.



Living on Island Time

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It took a long time and quite an investment for two Canadians (and a Spaniel) to become legal residents of Saint Martin - specifically, the Dutch side, Sint Maarten. Though we’ve spent most of the last five years here, it became official in August last year. We have since been enjoying being a part of the island in a different way. After five years of cruising, living on land has been a big adjustment, but you can see why many people live in houses rather than boats.


The post-holiday season travel lull is over, and the High Season is in full swing here on the island. The streets, shops, and restaurants are full of people taking their annual escape from winter.   Perhaps when I have been here longer, I might become jaded and complain about the tourists being underfoot, but for now, I get a huge kick out of running into people who are only here for a week and so are HAVING THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES! It reminds me of how lucky I am to be here, and how I should never take this beautiful place for granted.


Caribbean Multihull Challenge

We’ve just passed an exciting weekend here as far as Multihulls go, with the conclusion of the 6th Caribbean Multihull Challenge.   37 Boats took part in the racing (though thanks to wonky weather, Saturday’s racing was canceled) for some speedy long and short-distance runs. Maybe the most exciting class is the one-design Diam 24 trimarans, which have a slight tendency to bury the nose and pitchpole and fling their brave crews through the air into the sea.




SXM Carnival



One great aspect of living on an island shared by two countries it a chance at not one, but two Carnivals. There’s a French side Carnival for a week later this month, then in April, the Dutch side Carnival carries on for two entire weeks of activities. Both Carnivals feature the most beautiful and creative costumes and make-up as the revelers take to the streets to strut their stuff in the exciting grand parades. There are also many jump-ups - parties organized outdoors at dawn and late into the night. Food, calypso contests, beauty pageants, community concerts, and kids concerts exist. There is so much going on for both these celebrations, and everyone turns out! Most noteworthy is the music - especially for the grand parades. The Carnival parades feature loud music that makes The Who of the 1970s seem tame. There’s only one setting on the amplifiers on those big parade floats: “11” and you may as well rip off the knob, you won’t ever be needing it again. The Carnivals are a great time for tourists and locals alike to get out and enjoy this fun cultural event all over the island.




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