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DWY European Tour 2024

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Boot is the world's largest yacht and watersports show in Duesseldorf, Germany, showcasing the latest advancements, technology, and innovation in the yachting business. As a prominent international gathering, Boot 2024 brought together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to explore and discuss what's new in 2024: seventeen buildings and 2,200,000 square feet of water sports fun. 

The DWY Custom Construction Team in Action



DWY brokers Ted Lockwood, Josh McLean, Erik Haaland, and Mark Andrews attended this year's show to see new product trends and meet with industry leaders. A pair of clients interested in purchasing a new boat accompanied us. The DWY Custom Construction Team set up meetings with various manufacturer reps, which were very productive for us and our clients. We had presentations from some of the industry's top boat builders, including Italia, Swan, Grand Soleil, CNB, Solaris, Hallberg-Rassey, and Hall Spars. Viewing various boats at a major show allowed the buyers to sort out unique differences among manufacturers, which was extremely helpful in identifying what met their needs and objectives accurately. It was time well spent. We also had opportunities to meet with sailmakers, electronics, and spar experts to discuss sail plans and configurations for our clients' new boat.

Ted Lockwood led the way in planning and organizing the itinerary for the client's visit to the various shipyards. If you are interested in attending a major European show next year or in the future, Ted has the experience to assist you in your search and make the most of your trip. Contact Ted Lockwood for more details.

Visting our Partners at Italia Yachts



We also visited the Italia shipyard, which was a captivating experience. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Italy, the shipyard showcased a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern boat-building technologies. We witnessed the entire line of Italia Yachts, from the 9.98 to the 20.98 metre. Eight boats in production at the yard were for DWY clients to be delivered shortly in the US. The attention to detail in design and the quality of finishes were outstanding. Exploring the Italia Shipyard provided a firsthand glimpse into the heritage and heart of Italian nautical expertise.



We also had the opportunity to spend the day with world-renowned naval architect Maurizio Cossutti. With a career spanning several decades, Cossutti has established himself as a visionary in the marine industry. His designs seamlessly merge innovation with performance, creating vessels that excel in aesthetic appeal and functionality. Cossutti's expertise spans various sailing categories, from high-performance racing yachts to elegant cruising vessels. Through his passion for sailing and commitment to pushing boundaries, Maurizio has left an indelible mark on the world of naval architecture, shaping the future of sailing experiences. Italia also contracts with Mirko Arbore, one of the top Italian interior designers in the world. 


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Building Relationships

Mirko and Daniele De Tullio, CEO of Italia Yachts, are childhood buddies. The efforts of designer Mirko are appreciable when you go below on an Italia yacht. The materials, layout, and lighting are intentional and stunning; it is a bit of an aha moment when we learn he is an award-winning designer of penthouse interiors in New York, Paris, Dubai, London, and Marrakesh. In 2019, Forbes Magazine called Mirko the "The Coolest Italian Designer You've Never Heard of." Mirko's energy and humor are a bonus for all involved! The time we spent with both Mirko and Maurizio gave us a sense of the synergy that Daniel De Tullio has created at Italia. Italia is truly designing and building some of the finest yachts in the world. "Sail Your Dream" – Italia Yachts.


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Contact Ted Lockwood at (231) 218-5186 or through the form below to create your personalized path if you are considering a new boat purchase or a brokerage vessel soon. At DWY, we are not just brokers. We are experts in paving the way!



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