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HYLAS H57 - Simply the Best!

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The HYLAS 57 H57 WINS...

Cruising World - Boat of the Year

SAIL - Best Systems

Best in Show Newport, RI

Taiwan Boat Building Association Award


The first renderings of the Hylas H57 created a buzz of excitement in the yachting community. Industry experts have now been on board, and they are very impressed. Hylas has a well-established reputation for quality workmanship, customer support and working with world class designers. Bill Dixon has worked his design magic and really aligned Hylas with the desires of today's voyagers. The target market being a shorthanded cruising couple whose aspirations may well take them across oceans and who have no desire to compromise on comfort or performance.

The new Hylas H57 was winning awards before hull 1 left Taiwan, home of Queen Long Marine who manufacture exclusively for Hylas and are proprietors of the Hylas brand. The Taiwan boat building association (TBBA) has become increasingly influential as Taiwan has become a center of excellence for yacht manufacturing since the industry really took hold in the 70's. The Hylas H57 won the "best boat being built' as awarded by the TBBA.

 With boat shows returning to full swing in the fall of 2021 industry experts were able get a good look at this game changing new yacht. She won "Best in Show" in Newport 2021, not just in her class but best overall. At Annapolis the Cruising World judges took a long hard look and awarded her "Best overall 2022" and in the last few weeks we have had the results of SAIL magazine awards with the Hylas H57 picking up "Best Systems 2022." 




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