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Introducing the Italia Yachts IY43 Veloce

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Italia Yachts takes another exciting step forward in the brand's evolution with the unveiling of the bold new Italia Yachts IY43 Veloce at this year's Miami International Boat Show. This latest development comes on the heels of the brand's successful launch of the gorgeous IY 12.98 sailing yacht last year, and the opening of their innovative new shipyard in Fano, Italy, where the IY43 Veloce models will be built entirely in one location thanks to the yard's revolutionary approach to shipbuilding. As the press and public get their first looks at the new motor yacht model this week, we're breaking down how this new direction is a natural extension of the Italia Yachts legacy.



Building a Lasting Legacy

The Italia Yachts brand is renowned for their elegant and high-performance vessels that are equally beloved by racing crews and pleasure cruisers alike for their easy handling, security on the water, and stunning Italian style and design. In September of 2022, the launch of the beautiful and powerful cruiser, the IY 12.98 sailing yacht, was a resounding success. Along with the opening of the Fano shipyard, it was a harbinger of more new things to come from an increasingly forward-looking strategy that marries the brand's classic sailing roots with modern offerings to meet the demands of a broader yachting market. Now, Italia Yachts is building upon the success of the IY 12.98 by launching the Veloce motor yacht line, staying true to the brand's DNA while expanding their reach in the U.S. market. With the IY43 Veloce heralding this entrance into the motor yacht category, the brand is poised to solidify the Italia Yachts legacy as an internationally acclaimed premium yacht manufacturer. 

The IY43 Veloce is an innovative offering that combines Italian style and luxury with a hybrid design perfect for cruising. It’s poised to follow in the IY 12.98’s successful wake, providing clients with the same level of elegance and performance that they have come to expect from the brand. Italia Yachts is focused on innovating to ensure their lasting legacy, and the new IY43 Veloce is a step in the right direction.



Created for the U.S. Yacht Market

In strategizing for the future of the brand, it was clear that staking a bigger claim in the U.S. would be key to the company's long-term growth. Italia Yachts already has a strong presence in the sailboat market in the U.S., so entering the mature American motor yacht market was a logical next step. The Italia Yachts IY43 Veloce is built with the U.S. market in mind, offering some key attributes that American boaters look for, like multiple propulsion options, including Volvo IPS or Mercury outboards. The propulsion decision is one of the first (and most important) choices you make for your IY43 Veloce. That decision will determine the performance, and the layout of the aft deck. No matter what options you choose, you can rest assured that your motor yacht will have excellent balance and weight distribution and the gorgeous modern Italian style that you always get with anything built by Italia Yachts.


Italian Style and Innovative Design

Elegance is the name of the game with the IY43 Veloce. The design team spent a lot of time working on the lines of the boat: a smooth line with some curve that the eyes slide over to create a dynamic boat. The boat has a long top and big windows with a nice signature on the side of the hull. As with the IY 12.98 project, it was very important to infuse the design with the brand's signature Italian style, but to find a modern expression of the Italia Yachts DNA. The interior designs play with indirect lighting and a mix of new materials to add depth and dimension you can see and feel. The resulting textured atmosphere is supported by layouts that make excellent use of the yacht’s volume with right-sized furniture that invites relaxation and enjoyment, whether cruising with just the family or hosting a soiree.

The boat is built as a hybrid concept between a pure walk-around vessel and a cabin cruiser, with a clear, maneuverable deck layout and good use of space allowing for various areas in which you can settle and enjoy the water. Big wind-stopper glass and a long hardtop give a great amount of shade on top. Beyond the large cockpit area, you can choose to create two or three living areas, and a relaxing area for sunbathing aft of the boat, with a folding side terrace you can open to enjoy an aperitif with a friend and the sea. Move easily from the first living area to the dining area, with a big table with space for six with comfortable seating. Everything is situated to allow for easy circulation throughout the boat, which has the bonus effect of making it very easy to clean.

The forward of the yacht is a little higher than the cockpit area, increasing the space inside for cabin options. Three types of layouts play with the forward and aft areas, allowing you to set your yacht up how you will use it. If you prefer more space, you can take a salon and double aft cabin and use the rest of the yacht for general lifestyle activities. Or choose a double forward cabin with two singles or one double bed aft to have more space for overnight guests. All the layouts are designed to allow you to have outside living along with enclosed spaces to retreat to whenever you'd like. The yacht sleeps four, with plenty of space for six to eight to go day cruising. It can be an excellent family boat, but it's also perfect for hosting cocktail parties.

Beyond the elegant design and excellent use of space, this yacht is equipped for comfortable cruising with carefully considered appliances and equipment. From the refrigerators to the gas tank, you can go a long time before refueling thanks to their generous capacities. The galley features two fridges, a big induction burner, and seating, making this a yacht you can really use. For boaters who like to bring their toys along, an optional "transformer" aft platform is integrated into the floor of the boat on the inboard version, which allows you to lift a jet ski onto the boat, or raise the platform to allow for easy stepping up to the dock, opening further ways to cruise and play with this boat.

In designing the IY43 Veloce, Italia Yachts endeavored to make a yacht that would be a unique addition to the motor yacht market, with plentiful options so owners can craft a singular yacht that is like nothing else on the water. No copies here. Just pure Italia Yachts style.


Made in Italy, Launching in Miami

With the new shipyard in Fano up and running, Italia Yachts has unprecedented control over the shipbuilding process for all their models, including the IY43 Veloce. Everything is done in-house, from the design team to the production line. In developing the IY43 Veloce, it was very important to work out the hull construction with the architect to have an excellent balance between the hydrodynamics and the engines, whether inboard or outboard. With a strong structural design guiding production, the build begins in Fano with infusing the hull, and each and every component is then carefully manufactured and assembled all in one place for maximum quality control.

And now at the Miami International Boat Show, Italia Yachts is proudly presenting the fruits of its labor with this, the Italia Yachts IY43 Veloce, a representation of the brand's sterling past meeting its innovative present to create a dynamic future. We can't wait to see what comes next.

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