Italia 9.98 'Relentles III' Arrives in FL

'Relentless III' arrives in US waters!
'Relentless III' arrives in US waters!

By Marina Neal

Dec 11, 2020

' Relentless III', a custom-built Italia 9.98 Sport, was offloaded in the port of Palm Beach yesterday, December 4, 2020.

After the boat was unloaded, the rigging process began while she set sail on her journey south to Fort Lauderdale with her new owner at the helm. 

The commissioning went smoothly, and the boat will be ready for the crew to start practicing for their SORC racing debut on January 21st - the race to Key West. 

The race to Key West from Fort Lauderdale is approximately 160 nautical miles; and is a test of the crew's ability to communicate, coordinate, and perform under pressure to ultimately achieve a strong finish. This can be a difficult race for even the most experienced sailors, particularly because of the Gulfstream that hugs the coast of Florida. The swiftly moving northbound current forces racers to stay close to shore - or lose a tremendous amount of boat speed.

The crew of 'Relentless III' is very excited to get to know the ins and outs of the new boat and make the first race a fabulous start to the newest chapter of their racing career. 


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