Italia Yachts 11.98 Dominates at ORC Worlds Event

Italia Yachts 11.98 Sugar 3
Italia Yachts 11.98 Sugar 3

By Erik Haaland

Jun 5, 2019

Just months after being introduced, the Italia Yacht 11.98, the latest Sport model by Italia Yachts took home the bullet for the first event of the 2019 D-Mann ORC World Championship, a 126NM distance race on the waters of Sibenik, Croatia. The boat and her crew battled challenging conditions including variable winds and constantly changing velocity.

The designer of the Italia Yachts 11.98 attributed their success to the skilled use of their headsail-set flying sail tacked on the bowsprit, a masthead specialty sail designed for legal use in ORC competition that has a midgirth dimension of <75% but >55%. This sail is designed and rated for use at close reaching angles between an asymmetric spinnaker and a non-overlapping job.

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