Italia Yachts Launches Hull 01 of the 14.98 Bellissima Series


By Marina Neal

Dec 2, 2020

IY 14.98 Bellissima - Hull #01 Splash

Last weekend the Italia Yachts family celebrated the long-awaited launch of the first Italia 14.98 'My Father V'.

The new étoile noticeably demonstrates the beauty of its pure and slender lines and the design is so streamlined that the interior habitability is almost surprising.

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The first lucky owner, Marco Franco, explained "Even if I have already been the owner of five other boats launching this has excited me as it was the first: I saw this born from the first drafts of the project, to whose definition the friends of Italia Yachts they made me participate and then it was as exciting as the birth of a child. I feel not only that it belongs to me but above all to belong to them! Thanks to the friends of Italia Yachts and to all those who participated in its project and its realization!".

Designers Maurizio Cossutti and Alessandro Ganz agree, "It is a boat born to sail in speed, fluency, and elegance".

The 14.98 maintains the sailing performance typical of the Italia Yachts fleet, drawing from years of learning from prior models and perfecting the design to optimize the yacht for truly superior performance.

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From Rendering to Reality

Italia 14.98 is the result of two years of coordinated project work between Cossutti Yacht Design, the Italia Yachts team, and the architects Mirko Arbore, and Emanuele Pillon for the interior design and engineering design, respectively.

For Daniele De Tullio, partner and Sales director of Italia Yachts “(The Italia) 14.98 strongly represents and underlines the concept that Italia Yachts wishes to pursue in the use of advanced technology and on cutting-edge construction techniques by focusing on the development of the design. This will allow us to take the Italia Yachts brand to far farther borders and increasingly ambitious goals”. 

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The boat will make a brief stop for a few days in Marina degli Estensi, before commencing sea trials with a series of offshore tests. After circumnavigating Italy, ‘My Father V’ will arrive in Riva di Traiano, where it will depart for countless adventures at sea.

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