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Meet Team DWY

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A return to familiar waters for many, and a first time for some, the DWY Team is poised to lead the fleet in the 112th running of the annual Chicago to Mackinac Race. The initial plan to run the Italia 9.98 in the Mac Race was hatched by Andrew Waters from Quantum Sails Annapolis, DWY Italia Yachts program director Erik Haaland, and DWY president Josh McLean while on a work trip together in Fort Lauderdale. Aided by the effects of a dozen or so mojitos at the Boat Yard, the trio met little resistance when pitching the plan to the rest of the Team.


Shortly after returning to Annapolis, the group got to work making the necessary plans and preparations. Over the next few months, the boat was fitted with a new set of Quantum Sails, B&G Nemisis displays by Mid-Atlantic Marine Electronics, a fresh race bottom, and numerous other improvements. Preparing the boat has been a real team effort and making it to the Great Lakes would never have been possible without Ray Wulff, Mark Sweeney, and Jamie Gilman of Annapolis, and local Great Lake sailors Ted Lockwood and Patrick Norris. A big thank you to you all!


Representing David Walters Yachts in the 112th running of the Mac will be Team DWY aboard the Italia Yacht 9.98 'Vichingo'. Follow along with the race on Yellow Brick Tracking.

Check out the inaugural series of Chasing the Dream - Offshore Racing with Italia Yachts for a look behind the scenes at what it takes to compete in the Chicago to Mackinac Race! Episode 1 will be released on August 5, 2021, on the David Walters Yachts YouTube Channel. Subscribe now for the latest updates and video releases!




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