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Sailipedia: An Ocean of Resources

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When I sailed around the world with my husband Andy, and our two small children in the years before internet days, there were only a very few books that could give us any information necessary to make a successful voyage.  Andy and I would search for vital information from any source we could find.  Our wonderfully successful seven-year circumnavigation was made possible with the accumulated knowledge we gained from so many sailors before us and from people we met throughout our voyaging.

Ideas about how to make our boat, KANDARIK, the best sailing vessel she could be... ideas about how to sail more effectively under all conditions... knowledge about cruising destinations and how to live a wonderful cruising life as a family... and the refining of all our systems on KANDARIK like energy efficiency, Ham radio communication, comfort, safety and navigation, maintenance, etc. There is so much that goes into an excellent cruising life, and the truth is, we were able to accomplish so much of what we did by learning more and more from other sailors as we sailed from one anchorage to the next.

My circumnavigating years are past, but I have dedicated myself for years now on passing on to others what I learned, just as others taught me.  I have been training courses at the major international boat shows for years, and I also have maintained a private consulting business helping sailors, new to cruising, or just plain outfitting their boats,  gain their 'sea legs' for blue-water cruising.

During this crazy worldwide-pandemic time, as the internet has become our mainsail and ballast, I have decided to steer a course straight into digital training!  Together with a team of really talented people, we have built a website that I think can help so many blue-water sailors worldwide get to the information they need when they need it.

Our new website, Sailipedia (, includes:

An Ocean of Resources

Links to the best resources available on over 64 sailing topics, including websites, books, videos, courses, tools, and more.

Resource Notebook

A cloud-based note-taking system to track your ideas and notes about the resources you research and refer back to from any device, anywhere, 24/7.

Boat Manual

A cloud-based Boat Manual creation system that allows you to log specifications about your boat's systems and procedures, making a formal document instantly available to share with crew members and new owners.

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