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DWY Dock Talk: EP1 Sail Technology & Design with Quantum Sails

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DWY Dock Talk
Hosted by Jamie Gilman

Dive into the world of yachting with the DWY Dock Talk Webinar Series. Lighthearted and entertaining, this webinar series will explore the vast and varied aspects of the yachting industry, tailored for an audience that values expertise and in-depth insight. Each episode featuring a unique topic explored alongside experts from the industry promises to blend educational content with an entertaining format. Whether you're keen on exploring the latest in motor yachts, sailing vessels, or innovating yachting technology, there's something in store for you.


Episode 1:
Sail Technology with Andrew Waters [Quantum Sails Annapolis]

Live Webinar
Tuesday, March 19
7:00 PM EST

Kicking off the DWY Dock Talk Webinar Series, Episode 1 promises an in-depth exploration into the world of sails, featuring the unparalleled expertise of Andrew Waters from Quantum Sails. This session is designed for yacht enthusiasts eager to deepen their understanding of the sail-making process, learn about the latest technological advancements in sail design, and discover how to select the perfect sails for their yachting adventures.

We'll delve into the intricate process of crafting sails, from initial design concepts to the selection of materials, highlighting how modern technology has revolutionized sail manufacturing for enhanced performance and durability. Andrew Waters will share invaluable insights on the factors to consider when choosing sails, ensuring participants can make informed decisions based on their specific yachting needs and preferences.

Moreover, the webinar will equip you with practical advice on optimizing sail performance, covering maintenance tips and adjustment strategies to get the most out of your sails, whether you're cruising leisurely or competing in high-stakes races. You'll gain valuable insights to enhance your yachting experience by joining us. This engaging and informative episode combines professional insights with a passion for sailing, providing a comprehensive overview for novice and seasoned sailors alike.



Special Guest: Andrew Waters
Quantum Sails Annapolis

Andrew Waters

Phone: (312) 533-6662

About Andrew Waters

Born in the North East of England, Andrew Waters started sailing when he was seven years old and began racing when he was nine. During college he worked at a local sailing school, and it wasn't long before he left college to devote himself to sailing. By the time his peers were graduating from college, he’d logged more than 100,000 offshore miles doing deliveries, racing, and training.

His professional career started in South Africa before he sailed to the Caribbean in 1996 on one of the first Catamarans to be chartered. When he wasn't working as a sail instructor, operations manager, or marine surveyor, Waters competed in various regattas throughout the Caribbean and US regions. His recent wins include the 2010 St. Martin Heineken Regatta, the 2011 and 2013 IC-24 Quantum International Championship, St Thomas International Rolex regatta, match racing, and the 2014 Gordon's Bay Yacht Club Lipton Cup Challenge.

In 2016, Waters joined the Quantum Sails team as a Sail and Service Consultant in Annapolis, Maryland. "I had been a customer of Quantum for many years, and I've always liked the vibe from the people associated with the group," said Waters. "My customers can expect honest dedication in helping them find the best Quantum product for their needs, as well as the service they deserve as they navigate their own sailing adventure, whether that's fulfilling a lifelong dream of cruising the Caribbean or reaching the podium of that one regatta they’ve been chasing down."


Episode 1 Host: Jamie Gilman
DWY Yacht Broker

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About Jamie Gilman

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