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Hylas Yachts Spring 2020 Update

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The Hylas H60 has arrived!

The highly anticipated new design was incredibly well received and surely swept the unofficial award for “Crowd Favorite,” at least as judged by the reactions from all those who we welcomed aboard.

There is a lot to stand back and admire this fantastic new Frers design.  The broad, powerful transom with full beam dinghy garage, expansive cockpit with twin helm stations, the seemingly uncomplicated and clean teak deck, and of course, the jaw-dropping styling of her interior done up by HotLabs design of Milan, Italy. What’s not to love?

The Hylas Team welcomed curious onlookers and serious prospects through the yacht throughout the 5-day show.  Some had signed up for our exclusive “Club Class” tour, complete with complimentary wine and personalized walk-thru, while others just wanted to see what the buzz was about.  Everyone walked away with a similar reaction. Wow!

The Hylas H60 remains at the Hylas Service Center at the Riviera Beach City Marina until June, where it will participate in the 2020 Hylas Preview Day at Port Annapolis Marina on June 26th – 27th.  From there, it will be onward to the Newport International Boat Show and United States Sailboat Show this Fall.

For test sail opportunities, private showings, or for more information on the Hylas H60, contact the Hylas Team at David Walters Yachts. (954) 527-0664.


Miami International Boat Show

While the new Hylas H60 was the Queen of the show, it certainly didn’t steal any looks away from the award-winning Hylas H48.  We had a lot of interest in the boat during the show and are happy to report that Hull #01 is on her way to her new owner, Hull #02 is well under construction, and Hull #03 will soon be laid!  Prospects are jockeying for the next available mid-2021 build slot for Hull #04.

At the show, we had the pleasure of welcoming Roger Burroughs from Hylas Yachts UK as well as Dean Salthouse and his lovely wife Treena from New Zealand.  Roger is the man behind the development of the H48 and worked closely with Bill Dixon to bring the boat to life.  Dean is the founder of Salthouse Next Generation Boats and the man to thank for both the development of the Hylas M44 and M49.  Both the M44 and M49 have gained momentum in 2019 with the first M44 now on the Chesapeake Bay with her new owner and the second due to arrive on the same waters later this Spring.  Both Roger and Dean spent 5-Days talking to prospective owners and sharing their knowledge on the boats they helped develop.  Sounds like we might see them again this Fall!

Friday night was the official Launch Party for the Hylas H60. We had about 60 guests, members of the sailing community, and the Hylas Team from both Hylas Yachts and David Walters Yachts gathered to celebrate the arrival of the yacht.  We wined and dined into the night. Great times and a beautiful new member of the Hylas line!

The New Hylas H57 is Set to Make Landfall in the US
Right on the heels of the Hylas H60, the new Bill Dixon designed Hylas H57 will be arriving later this Spring.  Set to debut at the Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show, this is the boat the sailing community has been talking about for over three years!  With three boats under construction before the first arrives, there has been a flurry of interest surrounding this new model.

Dave Powers and Josh McLean will be at the Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show to show off the new H57 and welcome the world to its first look at the new design.  Josh McLean, Bernie Jakits, John Kuony, and Randy Greenfield had the opportunity to see the boat come out of the shed for the first time during our visit to Queen Long in Taiwan last month and were there with the members of the yard and the family who has so proudly dedicated themselves to the launch of what promises to be their next home run.

Prospective buyers are registering in advance for test sail opportunities.  To schedule your visit, or to arrange a time after the show to sail the H57, contact the Hylas Team at David Walters Yachts. (954) 527-0664.


Upcoming Events

We have a full schedule of events and activities planned for 2020!  The Maine Boat Builders Show in Portland, Maine, will be kicking off on March 20-22nd, where we will have John Kuony and Bernie Jakits on hand to talk about the exciting new Hylas powerboat line. 

Then the team heads to the West Coast for the Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show in Richmond, California.  On display will be the new Hylas H57 represented by Dave Powers and Josh McLean.  Test sail opportunities are available!

We will have a Hylas H46 on display April 24-26 at the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show with the entire David Walters Yachts Crew available to meet and greet clients and customers.  After the Annapolis show, we take a bit of a break from the boat show scene and focus on the busy Spring sailing season.  Hylas H48-01 will be heading north to Connecticut, and the new Hylas H60 will sail north to Annapolis in time for the 2020 Hylas Preview Day and Rally!

This year's Hylas Preview Day is expanding in size and length! We'll start the event on June 26 at Port Annapolis Marina with a gathering of Hylas owners and their boats, friends, and prospective owners. There will be a BBQ, drinks, and of course, lots of social activities on the dock right outside our Annapolis office!

The following day, June 27, we'll open the boats and show off the full line of Hylas models.  We plan to showcase the new model line, including the Hylas M44, H46, H60, H63, and H70, and may see an H49 or H54 join the group as well!  Test sail opportunities available on all boats!  More details to follow.

August 7-9th John Kuony and Bernie Jakits will be heading to the Maine Boat & Home Show in Rockland, Maine, to showcase the Hylas Powerboat line.  Then the first Hylas H57 on the East Coast joins side-by-side with the new Hylas H60 for the Newport International Boat Show September 17-20th in Newport, Rhode Island. 


Interested in a new Hylas Yacht?

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George Eberhard - New Yacht Sales Specialist
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David Powers - New Yacht Sales Specialist
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