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The Italia Yachts 43 Veloce - A New Benchmark in Yachting

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David Walters Yachts is excited to welcome the first Italia Yachts IY 43 Veloce to the United States this summer, the premiere model of an exhilarating new powerboat series designed to captivate and delight yachting enthusiasts looking for something unique. Crafted with the elegance and performance synonymous with Italia Yachts, this vessel promises to be a standout in the United States yachting scene.




The IY 43 Veloce blends timeless beauty with cutting-edge innovation. The exterior design is a marvel, featuring a classic hull paired with a modern sheer line harmonizing beautifully with the sophisticated hardtop. This design ensures optimal protection from the elements and enhances comfort during cruising. Additionally, the integrated sunshade can be extended to provide more shade. The dynamic styling extends to the high bow with ample flare, meticulously designed to ensure safety and keep the deck dry in all conditions.

One of the most striking features of the IY 43 Veloce is its cockpit, which sports opening terraces on both sides, transforming the space into a vibrant focal point of life aboard. Whether it’s a serene day at sea or a lively gathering with friends, this space adapts to provide the perfect setting. The versatile cockpit includes sofas with moveable backrests and a central table that can convert into a spacious sunpad, offering unparalleled comfort and unobstructed water access from the stern.


"With the 43 Veloce, Italia Yachts has created a dayboat with intriguing lines, luxury, speed, and a healthy set of options for owners to stylize the ride to suit their on-the-water lifestyle. It’s a yacht that has mass-appeal potential."

- Yachting Magazine



Underneath its stunning exterior, the IY 43 Veloce boasts impressive capabilities. Recognizing the diverse preferences of powerboat and yacht buyers, Italia Yachts offers various engine and drive configurations to suit different needs. Power options include high-performance triple Mercury 400HP outboards, twin Volvo IPS pods, or Yanmar stern drives. The IY 43 Veloce can also be equipped with triple COX CXO350 diesel outboards for superyacht owners seeking the ultimate yacht tender.

Depending upon the powerplant, the yacht achieves exhilarating speeds ranging from 35 to 40 knots. Its advanced hull design ensures superb seakeeping and stability, making it ideal for navigating challenging sea conditions while providing a smooth and dry ride.

Hull Number 2, which will arrive in the United States this summer, will feature triple Mercury 400HP outboards, catering to those seeking a blend of high performance and striking power.


"To make an impression you need an important mix of elements: performance is not enough, you also need livability, both on deck and below. This is the first strength that Italia Yachts 43 Veloce brings."

- Barcheamotore Motorboat Magazine



Below deck, the IY 43 Veloce continues to impress with its elegant and modern interiors. The layout is highly customizable, with a choice between a master cabin in the bow and twin beds in the full-beam mid-ship cabin, two cabins with double beds, or a full-beam mid-ship master cabin and a large living area with a table and wrap-around seating in the bow. All options are tailored to enhance the experience aboard with high-quality finishes. Two mood board options cater to different tastes, whether delicate and sporty or robust and elegant, each designed to appeal to the discerning eye.



David Walters Yachts invites you to discover the Italia Yachts IY 43 Veloce, a vessel that meets and exceeds the expectations of the most discerning boaters. With its blend of aesthetic beauty, functional design, and thrilling performance, the IY 43 Veloce is poised to redefine luxury yachting in the United States.

The David Walters Yachts Team looks forward to welcoming you aboard Hull #2 this Summer. Contact us today to schedule your demonstration ride or to discuss customization options. Scheduled to arrive mid-summer, Hull Number 2 is available for pre-delivery purchase.


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