New listing for sale FIRST LIGHT 35 Hallberg Rassy 1983

By David Walters Yachts

Mar 12, 2014

New listing for sale FIRST LIGHT 35' Hallberg Rassy 1983…Asking $120,000


First Light is a 1983 Hallberg-Rassy 352, hull #299, which has been owned since 2006 by a couple that are both professional mariners holding unlimited ocean licenses issued by the United States Coast Guard. With a lifetime of sea experience they outfitted her extensively for blue water cruising with commercial quality gear. Nearly everything save the mast, boom and hull are new. They have sailed her through the San Juan and Gulf Islands, around Vancouver Is. twice (2008 and 2011) in the Pacific Northwest, down to Baja Mexico and back (2008-9) and up to Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands 2012) before trucking her to Florida in December 2012.  First Light, classed Ocean with Lloyds Register of Shipping Hull Construction Certificate, is well laid out for ocean sailing; however health issues necessitate her sale.


Contact Scott Duncombe (954) 383-1888 or (954) 527-0664 for details.

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